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Roy's Rhino Times getting crushed by Yes Weekly and Triad City Beat; Advertising Edition; first week of October

By my count;

Triad City Beat - 36 pages; 47.5% appear to be paid ads.

Yes Weekly - 40 pages; 37% ads, including one paid for by Marty Kotis.

Rhino Times; 40 pages; 16% ads
Roy's funding a money loser to control Greensboro's City Council with endorsements and negative press against Carroll's opponents..

Not one political ad in the Rhino the week before a primary.

The Rhino would have made bank if redistricting passed.

Are You Headed Out To Vote Today?

Perhaps you'd like to know that Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan has 3 convictions in criminal court before you cast your vote?

Wow, she's almost the criminal her hubby Donald Vaughan is!

Sorry, I rely on other people to send me this information or I would have gotten it sooner. Of course, Eric Ginsburg and Brian Clarey of Triad City Beat could have gotten it to you months ago if they had wanted to. Why don't you e-mail Brian at brian@triad-city-beat.com so that he can forward them to Eric Ginsburg and get that lame ass, shit for brains reporter to do some real journalism for a change. Or call their office at 336-256-9320.

Not to mention the rest of their poorly researched garbage.

A comment on Eric Ginsburg's Triad City Beat poorly researched journalistic garbage on Greensboro City Council campaign contributions

Is it worth mentioning George Carr’s business with the City?

Is it worth mentioning Koury Corp’s hand outs from the City?

Is it worth mentioning Betty Cone’s profits via DGI?

The article leaves out pictures of two of the three candidates
running for District 3.

How about Shirley Frye’s husband’s law firm doing the City’s redistricting legal work and her connections to the Civil Rights Museum giveaways?

How about Tom Hall’s “shovel ready” loans Nancy voted for?

How about Ross Harris’ taxpayer funded profit from the TPAC deal?

Cyndy Hayworth’s continued income via DGI?

Does the name Isaacson ring a bell?

How about Jim Melvin’s $2 million plus for the Megasite project and his connections to Mike Barber’s income via First Tee of the Triad?

Donna Newton and TPAC.

Jim Phillips is representing the City for Council at taxpayer expense for redistricting at Brooks Pierce. Doesn’t that justify some kind of mention?

How about Sam Simpson’s commissions for Jim Melvin’s Megasite deal? He’s up a couple hundred thousand off Greensboro’s taxpayers.

Brian and Eric sold out.

And Arthur Winstead, Mike Barber’s campaign treasurer who gets paid 0 but makes 700% more than First Tee’s last accountant. Not worth noting?

How about Don Vaughan, who has made hundreds of thousands from the White Street methane deal while his wife Nancy served on the solid waste commission?

How about all the signs on Marty Kotis’ properties?

How about Marty's support for a Democratic candidate
who will most likely support handouts for Kotis,
facing two Republicans?


Monday, October 5, 2015

Was Donald Vaughan Never In The Property Management Business?

When the Heritage House issue was making the front pages over a year ago, Greensboro Mayor Nancy "Grasshopper" Barakat Vaughan denied that her husband retired state Senator Donald R Vaughan was or ever had been in the real estate or property management business.

Others had previously denied Mr Vaughan's involvement in the real estate business back in 2013 when I posted  Don Vaughan Developer And Real Estate Tycoon.

So what kind of business was Management Solutions and Consulting Inc. as lifted from the website of the NC Secretary of State:

And what about that address 5804 Scotland Road? Look what I found at the Guilford County Register of Deeds:

Why was Donald Vaughan running a business from a home, a residential property he never lived in and never owned? And is Michael S Vaughan, who owned that home in 2001, related to Donald Vaughan?

And what does Michael Vaughan do?

Most importantly, was Management Solutions and Consulting Inc a property management company operated in conjunction with Don and Nancy's business partner, Paul Mengurt, owner of AMG Property Management located in the same building with Vaughan Law.

We don't know the answers to these questions but here's what we do know, Donald R Vaughan has faced criminal charges before our courts no less than 9 times. Don't believe me? Donald Vaughan's Criminal Record.

And we've got more for future posts.

Donald R Vaughan is a habitual criminal and he's married to Greensboro Mayor Nancy Baracat "Grasshopper" Vaughan. Now you know why the Grasshopper picked him.

Oh, and why not, instead of sharing and liking my blog posts on Facebook, why don't all of you start e-mailing my blog posts to Brian at brian@triad-city-beat.com so that he can forward them to Eric Ginsburg and get that lame ass, shit for brains reporter to actually do some journalism for a change.

Marty Kotis angling for more city of Greensboro money, using taxpayer funded Zack Matheny as his lobbyist; "City might help"

"Zack Matheny said Kotis is aiming for the geographic and philosophical heart of downtown revival.

At taxpayer expense, promoted by the News and Record
 who now take advertising money from Kotis' Red Cinemas.

Matheny, president and chief executive officer of Downtown Greensboro Inc., center city’s [City of Greensboro taxpayer funded] development group, said that his group and the city should work together to improve lighting and walkways between Kotis’ property and those around Lewis Street.

With the help of Kotis owned City Council members,
like Jamal Fox who lied via omission on his campaign finance reports 
leaving Kotis' contributions absent.

And Greensboro's News and Record,
who is now a Kotis' paid for cheerleader.

Kotis said his company might do some of the work and share costs with the city, which would then own the new infrastructure.

New infrastructure to make Kotis money
paid for by City taxpayers
at the expense of other business owners
who would have to fund Kotis' venture
with their own tax payments so Marty can take some of their business.

Matheny, a former Greensboro City Council member, said, “I have met with city staff in and around the location talking about how can we bring that connectivity.”

"connectivity" supplied by everyone else
for City Council's biggest campaign contributor,
which Triad City Beat didn't bother noting this past week, 
as Marty is now running Red Cinema ads,
thereby keeping Eric Ginsburg and Brian Cleary's mouths shut.

Matheny called last week from San Francisco, where he was attending the International Downtown Association conference.

Matheny's trip compliments of Greensboro's City Council funding
which his former colleagues voted for 
so Zack would disappear to somewhere else 
if the redistricting bill passed.

He already has picked up a few ideas for Greensboro.

At taxpayer expense 
for the benefit of those who control City Council votes.

“Walkability is what people want,” Matheny said, “making sure we have connectivity behind that bridge and connect everything.”


Brian Cleary and Eric Ginsburg should be ashamed of themselves.

They sold out just like the rest.

There is no difference between Triad City Beat, the News and Record, 
Yes Weekly or the Rhino Times.

One could ask Mike Barber or Nancy Vaughan,
but don't bother as the same news outlets 
won't report on Barber's taxpayer funded First Tee of the Triad
or Vaughan's taxpayer funded methane take.

This is Greensboro,
where the population is lied to on a regular basis
by those charged with reporting the truth.

Time To Put City Marketing Staff To Work

One of the biggest successes in recent years has been GoFundMe-- a means by which people and businesses can raise much needed capital from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Any time you mention needing money for something someone is bound to tell you to try GoFundMe.

But having done some research into GoFundMe I've learned a few facts:

Only the slickest campaigns are successful.
Only the best managed campaigns are successful.
Most successful Go Fund Me campaigns hire professional marketing companies to produce, market and manage those campaigns.
That shit ain't cheap and professional marketing companies get paid up front.
If you're broke you probably can't afford Go Fund Me anymore.

Maybe it is time the City of Greensboro Marketing and Public Relations departments actually did something useful for a change and put their skills, equipment and college freaking degrees to work doing something other than propaganda for the City Council. Maybe it's time their job became promoting local start-ups, existing small business and building Go Fund Me Campaigns for those in need.

Yeah, it crosses the lines of government and business but fuck 'em our community is desperate and all the status quo wants to do is keep screwing us more.

I hope our next City Council, whoever they may be, will take this idea and run with it. After all, nothing else you've done thus far has worked. 

Oh, and why not, instead of sharing and liking my blog posts on Facebook, why don't all of you start e-mailing my blog posts to Brian at brian@triad-city-beat.com so that he can forward them to Eric Ginsburg and get that lame ass, shit for brains reporter to actually do some journalism for a change.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Economic, Monetary and Political Must Reads

Shorting the Federal Reserve


Part Deux ‐ Shorting the Federal Reserve

This is what the good folks at the News and Record keep crying for.

This is what the folks at the top want more of.

This is a big part of how Marty Kotis and Roy Carroll made so much money since 2008.

This is how we've betrayed our children.

This is why those who've been purchased by Kotis and Carroll are still in office.

Macro to Micro.

The Food Desert

What is a food desert?

“Food deserts are defined as urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Instead of supermarkets and grocery stores, these communities may have no food access or are served only by fast food restaurants and convenience stores that offer few healthy, affordable food options. The lack of access contributes to a poor diet and can lead to higher levels of obesity and other diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.” - United States Department of Agriculture (1) 

Plenty has been written on how to solve the problem. For example:

“In order to fix the food desert problem in urban areas in the United States, local communities and organizations have taken steps to combat the problem by creating their own plans and agendas to implement change. Based on an interview with the Director of the Steans Center and an anthropologist, Howard Rosing, most of the efforts that haven been taken are community-driven and are run by local community-based organizations. In general, small-scale community projects that have been implemented in various communities throughout the United States have been designed to operate on small budgets. These programs are usually mission rather than market-driven; they are usually funded by small government grants and donations (Lydersen). In this section, it is important to consider the changes that have taken place, the effectiveness of the changes, and the problems and failures of why these programs have not made significant changes in food desert communities.” (2)

The problem with the “fix” narrative is that one is entering the argument in the middle. It would be a much better exercise to begin at the beginning and understand how a food desert forms. Concentrating on urban food deserts, one reason, among many others, that food deserts exist is that they are the result of government failure -or- more succinctly politicos through the mechanism of government and the associated failure thereof. How so?

Urban renewal, public housing and greenways sound warm and fuzzy as the do-gooder is going to help the less fortunate and make utopias of what is seeming a blighted area. However, the end product is to usurp the rights of the poor in order to displace the poor and their neighborhoods. (3)

Believe it or not, lower income people need a “neighborhood” to reside in that has grocery stores, other retailers and importantly, are a reasonable distance to commute to their job. These lower income neighborhoods are not a blight, rather they are vibrant communities like any other community, albeit at a lower income level.

Moreover, people move into and out of such neighborhoods. New lower income job seekers move into the neighborhood and more successful lower income people move to other neighborhoods. Regardless of mobility in or out, or merely staying put, it is a “neighborhood”.

As a neighborhood people network, know one another, and treat the area as home. Hence interrelationships exist that are valuable relationships. Those relationships are also related to self-policing in that no one wants to live in a crime infested neighborhood. In the main, people including lower income people want peace, tranquility and not to be disturbed.

Enter urban renewal and greenways. The do-gooder and associated ilk view the lower income vibrant neighborhood not as what it is, rather as being blighted. The neighborhood is generally foreign looking to the self-appointed do-gooder who lives in neighborhoods unlike the one they are viewing as “blighted”. Stated alternatively, the neighborhood viewed as blighted necessarily needs to look like the do-gooder's neighborhood.

Yes, in order for the lower income vibrant neighborhood to look like the do-gooders neighborhood some nice urban planning needs to come to bear. Meanwhile, the do-gooders ideal of a utopia for the seeming blighted area is hijacked by politicos as they can show “they are going something” for the poor.

Hence central planning under the guise of urban renewal, public housing and greenways is deployed. The neighborhood is to be bulldozed under and replaced with shiny new public housing with a greenway for all to enjoy. Sounds good huh?

Problem is during the bulldozing/building phase all the occupants are displaced including business owners. Yes, the business owners that provided the grocery stores and retailing. These business owners can’t wait years to reopen and move on to other locations.

The dislocated workers must now find housing that is affordable since their neighborhood is now destroyed. Many find that only rural locations have a price of housing they can afford. However, moving to rural locations cause an additional price for the lower income worker in the form of commuting further to work. An additional price lower income individuals can ill afford.

Note: The same politicos that destroy affordable housing for the poor will turn around and frame "affordable housing" as a hand wringing problem ......when to one degree or another it is a problem of their own making.

Years go by and the utopia of public housing/greenway is ready for use. The new inhabitants of public housing are usually a different group than was dislocated by the central planning. The old group’s interrelationships have ended with other x-inhabitants and they care not the expense of moving yet again. Further, the public housing is not as attractive to the dislocated vs. the rental home or apartment they previously had before being dislocated. (4) (5)

The previous businesses owners, in the main, do not return as they have found other endeavors. New businesses are reluctant to located in public housing areas due to a crime rate that is inherent with warehousing people.

Also, the nice “greenway” that was constructed where a previous low income housing area once stood, it not really for the use of low income people. Huh? Oh yes, more times than not middle income people use the greenway to jog, bike and walk their dog. Was the greenway an altruistic endeavor for the value of the poor or merely an additional value for the middle class? (6)


(1) https://apps.ams.usda.gov/fooddeserts/foodDeserts.aspx

(2) https://lshkurti.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/research-project-rough-draft/

(3) The Tyranny of Experts, William Easterly, 2013, Basic Books

(4) Ibid

(5) The Other Path, Hernando DeSoto, 1989, Basic Books

(6) Aaron Director, directors law



Donald R Vaughan's Criminal Record

Donald R Vaughan is retired North Carolins State Senator Donald R Vaughan, attorney, member of the NC Bar and husband of Greensboro Mayor Nancy "Grasshopper" Barakat Vaughan.

Donald Vaughan operates Vaughan Law where he is most well known locally as a ticket fixer-- someone who bribes the courts to get charges reduced so that the guilty can get out of their legal troubles.

And nothing proves it any better than Donald R Vaughan's Criminal Record filled with speeding ticket after speeding ticket and violation after violation all reduced to lesser charges while Don Vaughan uses his money to remain above the law.

And the boat he hadn't paid his taxes on? He was ticketed in that too. Have you caught up those taxes, Mayor Vaughan? Wait, I can answer that:

Nope, Nancy still hasn't paid her taxes and set an example for the citizens of Greensboro to follow. But my family has all paid our taxes in full. So has Sal Leone and Devin King. Aren't elected leaders supposed to lead by example? Think of how much money it would save the City of Greensboro if everyone paid their taxes on time.

In 28 years and over 3 million miles of driving tractor-trailers I didn't accumulate as many tickets as Donald Vaughan has gotten since 2008. And I never had a chargeable accident. As a matter of fact: the only non chargeable accident I had was in my first year of driving. I made it 27 more years without even a scratch. And obviously I never drove away from the scene of an accident.

It is very obvious Mr Vaughan maintains a complete disdain for the laws by which we are all bound and his only limits are his wallet-- his big fat wallet.

This man is married to our Mayor, do you not believe she shares his same values? Or lack thereof.

Here in East Greensboro where I live poor people go to jail for less. Don and Nancy Vaughan live in a Million Dollar home in Irving Park-- North Carolina's most exclusive neighborhood.

Another thing I found very strange about Donald Vaughan's record is the way his address keeps changing. Now to be sure I checked with the Guilford County Register of Deeds website and confirmed that all of these addresses belong to our Donald Vaughan or companies he owns.

3/31/2010      902 Sunset Dr
4/04/2010      902 Sunset Dr
7/15/2008       612 West Friendly Ave
6/16/2008      612 West Friendly Ave
1/20/2008      902 Sunset Dr
 4/29/2007       902 Sunset Dr

I didn't list nearly all of Don's tickets there but I thought it curious that some of them listed his office address as his home address. Is that normal? Is Mr Vaughan using multiple drivers licenses as part of some sort of scheme to trick the DMV so that he doesn't accumulate points so quickly or are the rumors of Don and Nancy's infidelity true? Can a woman living an unstable personal live be trusted to manage the affairs of our city?

And another thing you'll want to note: Many of Mr Vaughan's tickets were reduced to improper equipment violations, namely, speedometers, and listed as the responsibility of the Lesser thereby granting Donald Vaughan a waiver by the clerk of court. No one leases old cars with broken speedometers! Most leases end at 3 years. And if the speedometer is wrong it is because Donald Vaughan is putting over-sized tires on these cars. These various clerks of court, especially the Clerk of Court of Montgomery County where Donald Vaughan has gotten off many time via the same means, should be investigated by the SBI.

Shouldn't our city be run by people who believe the law is more than something to buy? Something to get around? This is corruption-- there is no other way to look at it. Donald R Vaughan fixes tickets for a living. He even fixes his own tickets. Long ago Donald Vaughan lost sight of what is ethical and moral and decided the law is about what he could buy his way out of.

His driving record proves it. Could wife Nancy be any better?

The Ten Commandments of Logic