Monday, May 22, 2017

When And Where Was The Last Flood In Downtown Greensboro?

From WFMY News2:

"To reduce flooding in downtown areas we are upsizing from a 36 inch pipe to a 54," says Melinda King, a construction engineer with the city."

Anyone remember a flood in downtown Greensboro? Ever?

Yes, much of Downtown was built on a swamp but when have we witnessed a flood? Ever?

The same article quotes Downtown Greensboro Incorporated President, Zack Matheny:

"Growing is good," says Zack Matheny, President and CEO of Downtown Greensboro, Inc.  "Because if you're not growing, you're not growing which means folks aren't going to come see you."

John Hill isn't happy. Already access to his business,  Auto Trends was cut off by the permanent closing of Lindsey St for the building of Roy Carroll's monument to himself next door and now customers can't make their way to John's Triumph Motorcycle Dealership.

If you've ever come to know John Hill you know him as an honest, tough, down to earth, hard working, blue collar business man who started out and still gets his hands dirty turning wrenches and doing the hard jobs that no one else can do. His reputation is solid and his customers keep coming back.

Acropolis Restaurant has been in business since before I was born over 60 years ago, watched well over a hundred downtown restaurants come and go, serving great food all the while.

Notice WFMY neither mentioned the previous restrictions to access to these same businesses nor did WFMY mention any real history of flooding downtown. From the article:

" The pipe construction is expected to be completed the first week of July."

But will it be completed by then? Then what? Repaving the streets? New brick sidewalks? Don't forget, Roy Carroll has already announced another new project diagonally across the corner on Eugene at Lindsey. How long will Greensboro close streets for that?

There was no mention of flooding downtown because there has never been ant flooding downtown. Don't believe me? Google "Downtown Greensboro Flooding" Or Better yet, use the North Carolina Flood Risk Information System.

No mention of when construction actually started, of when the City of Greensboro closed Lindsey St and began their attack in the businesses in that area. After all, It's only been 3 years now that the businesses in that block have been suffering.

How many years can these small business owners be expected to survive these constant attacks by Billionaires and the City of Greensboro?

And sources are telling me the plan is to force these long time, small businesses, out of business.

There is another possibility. Perhaps the pipe isn't a storm drain at all. Perhaps the flooding concerns are inside downtown buildings as people begin to flush. The addition of hundreds of bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchens in Roy Carroll's new construction is bound to add a great deal of effluent to the downtown waste flow.

And this wouldn't be the first time Roy Carroll managed to get the City of Greensboro to secretly install free water and sewer into one of his projects.

City Council Give Away; June 16, 2015; $188,280.87 of water and sewer for Roy Carroll hidden in item 9 of the consent agenda for Greensboro's City Council meeting

That's right, City of Greensboro Construction Engineer, Melinda King, lied on behalf of Roy Carroll and WFMY let her get away with it.

How the Rhino Times' John Hammer reports news about Roy Carroll's businesses, one of which own the Rhino Times

"The rezoning request for a new Bee Safe Storage facility on Martinsville Road just south of the Lawndale intersection was approved by a unanimous vote of the Zoning Commission on Monday.  But it was an unusual hearing in that one and a half people spoke against it.  One neighbor listed the usual complaints for a rezoning request, traffic, noise, crime, etc., and then a woman went to the podium to speak against it.  After a few minutes the city staff realized she was speaking against a different rezoning request.  When the error was pointed out to her, she said she was against this rezoning also, but went back to her seat to save her speech for a rezoning request for land at the intersection of Pisgah Church Road and Lawndale a block away.

Notice any disclosure of what's being reported?

It's unusual to have two unrelated rezoning requests so close together, but it is far more unusual to have someone come to the podium to speak against the wrong rezoning request."

Let's not forget what the Rhino Times really is under the hood

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Clownshow Do-Over

I love Roch Smith jr's introductions to articles at so much so that I save a few of the introductions.

Who Owns Greensboro Mayor Nancy Wilkins?

No the title wasn't a typo. Read on.

Have you ever wondered who really calls the shots here in Greensboro, who really pulls the strings of the puppets we elect to the Greensboro City Council? Well thanks to some very observant readers of who passed this information along to me we now know that Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan is owned by none other then Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins.

Or does Mayor Vaughan own Tony Wilkins?

How do we know this?

Take a look at the website

Now look at who controls Nancy's website. According to Whois Lookup Results the administrator is none other than Tony Wilkins.

Either way, Tony Wilkins and Nancy Vaughan are tied together. You can't bullshit your way out of this one Tony.

Now this begs the questions:

1. How did Tony Wilkins, who is rumored to be running against Mayor Vaughan, manage to become the administrator of Mayor Vaughan's campaign website which has been in existence since 2009?

2. Has Tony Wilkins been working with Mayor Vaughan since 2009? The website was first created in 2009?

3. Does this explain how Councilman Wilkins manages to make a living despite apparently being unemployed? Hey, we all know he can't be selling enough furniture out of a mini storage warehouse to pay the bills.

4. If we were to ask the Mayor and Council members to make public their tax returns, would they do so?

5. How many other members of City Council have apparent conflicts of interest involving their business arrangements with Councilman Wilkins?

6. Who actually owns Is it Tony Wilkins? Marty Kotis? Roy Carroll? Donald Vaughan? Mike Barber? Nancy Hoffman? Who? And why would he or she keep the actual ownership of an election website private unless there is in-fact a conflict of interest?
7. Have laws been broken?

8. Will there be an investigation?

9. Will the State Board of Elections step in to investigate?

10. Will Donald Vaughan magically manage to make it all go away.

Share with your friends, I'm sure they will be curious just as our other readers were. And rest assured, as we learn more we'll tell you.

Stuff 5/21/2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Imagine believing something is going to happen and acting on it before it does,...

It's a curse

When extraordinary events occur to placate the masses,
initiated by those who had something to lose by the status quo failing,
reversing inevitability of economic horror with  artificially created unsustainable pleasantness,
greater levels of instability follow

That's where we are now

"Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity"

"Endeavor to persevere"

Good luck

To whomever has been reading this stuff for so long, thank you

Thoughts on an opening statement


More Problems For Tanger Performing Arts Center?

In a post titled Tanger Center for the Performing Arts site work grinds to a halt, someone called Gate City Pundit writes:

"A fee dispute has brought years of planning and engineering work on the proposed Tanger Center for the Performing Arts to a standstill.

City of Greensboro officials notified council members Friday that negotiations for a guaranteed maximum price for site preparation have broken down with Skanska Rentenbach, the construction firm selected in 2014 to serve as the project’s construction manager at risk.

Greensboro’s City Council voted in late April to split work on the delayed project into two phases. Phase I work was approved by council in April and was to include site preparation for a fee not to exceed $2.5 million.

Greensboro Coliseum Director Matt Brown notified council on Friday that the contract negotiations had broken off because Skanska Rentenbach is unwilling to remove two sets of fees from their Phase I proposal."

Oh, and like myself, this guy provided actual links to documents.

My predictions: After being sold at a huge loss to taxpayers, that big empty lot in the middle of Downtown Greensboro is going to make a great location for that trendy grocery store on the first floor of a mixed use building just as soon as Kotis and Carroll put their personal differences aside, team up together and decide to become long awaited saviors of Downtown Greensboro.

With incentives, of course.

Perhaps they can even talk Steven Tanger into putting one of his outlet malls on one floor.

I look forward to seeing more from Gate City Pundit and added the site to the aggregator to the left bar here at

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Night Greensboro News Dump of 'private/public' Incompetence; "Tanger Center needs new contractor for 'Phase 1'"

"The city will start looking Monday for a new contractor for "Phase 1" of the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

Someone needs to be removed from involvement in the project

The move comes more than three weeks after donors and city leaders broke ground on the $78.1 million center, held before the city had finished negotiating a contract with Durham-based Skanska-Rentenbach.

Our leaders lied, and are likely to be reelected 
by a community of mostly dumb-ass voters,
as few step up to inherit this fucked up city

The company was supposed to start "Phase 1" work — $2.5 million worth of site and utility-line preparation — a few days later.

But negotiations broke down between the city and the company earlier this month over professional fees.

Over budget Kathy Manning?

Hiring the new contractor means that work won't start until July 15, according to an email Coliseum Director Matt Brown sent City Council members Friday.

...He said the city will advertise for bids for "Phase 1" of the work Monday, and accept bids June 20. The city will hire a contractor June 30, he said, and start work July 15.

Something is very wrong with this non-transparent process
driven by egotistical rich donors, meddling in a process
which should have had a venue built by now 

There could be a larger problem looming: Skanska-Rentenbach's continued work on "Phase 2" — everything else that it will take to build the limestone and glass structure.

The city believes the company should move forward with "Phase 2."

Skanska says it won't do that without a contract for "Phase 1."

Negotiations about that dispute are ongoing, the city said Friday.

Total Fuck up by Greensboro's mayor, City Council and executive management

...The project is a public-private partnership. The city, the “public” part of the equation, will spend $39.6 million — $10 million from a tax on hotel rooms and $29.6 million from ticket fees and parking revenue.

Not including interest, which Margaret Moffett understands but won't report

Margaret and the News and Record's executives know the math to justify the borrowing
is garbage, and report this shit anyway 

The “private” end of the partnership, managed by Kathy Manning, a local attorney, and Walker Sanders, the president of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, is what sets apart this process. The two say they've raised promises for more than $39 million from private donors.

"promises" are not cash in hand

...In March, the News & Record published articles that said some private donors were considering withholding their pledges because of those delays.

Brown, Sanders and Manning announced the groundbreaking shortly after those articles appeared.

Sanders and Manning need to step away, 
and if Matt Brown is found to have messed this up, 
he should resign along with City Manager Jim Westmoreland

At a special meeting April 25, just 18 hours ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony, the City Council voted to spend up to $2.5 million on “Phase 1.”

But there was a problem: the city hadn't finished negotiating the "Phase 1" contract with Skanska-Rentenbach.

The council voted 8-1 to approve it anyway..."

Tony Wilkins voted yes

Outling voted yes

Barber voted yes

Hightower voted yes

Vaughan voted yes

Johnson voted yes

Hoffmann voted yes

Fox voted yes

Disgraceful this is

White People Are Safe In Greensboro

Source: Greensboro Police Department

"The court ordered the City Council not to talk about the videos because Charles was a juvenile when he was arrested."

"...It's easy to see why the City Council hid behind the court order, because the people in the room wanted the City Council to take action and the majority of the City Council had decided not to take any action and to let the Charles case go forward.

...But on Wednesday, in front of a select group of media who were notified or found out about the press conference, Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilmembers Marikay Abuzuaiter, Nancy Hoffmann and Justin Outling deemed that the restrictions on speaking about the videos no longer applied and they could make a statement about their decision to uphold the findings and conclusions of the city manager and police chief.

...the city manager and police chief found that no disciplinary action should be taken against the police officers making the arrest.  In essence, that no laws or city policies were violated.

The judge's order had not changed.

If it was illegal for the mayor and city councilmembers to talk about their decision on Tuesday night, as they said, then it was illegal on Wednesday afternoon.
...Outling, who is an attorney, said that in his opinion his statement concerning the City Council's decision about what action to take after viewing the police body-worn camera videos of the arrest of Charles did not violate the judge's order not to speak about the video.

City Councilmember Mike Barber, who is also an attorney, strongly disagreed.  Barber said that the City Council was ordered not to talk about the video and the statements made by Vaughan, Outling, Hoffmann and Abuzuaiter violated that order.

...If the court order not to talk about the video outside of closed session means that they can't talk about the video then four councilmembers should not have held a press conference to talk about the video..."