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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Just in case you don't really know what is actually happening;

Most don't know what's actually happening because they are not told
by those who make money on providing honest advice

Got a strange feeling Nancy Vaughan working for a local LGBT outfit has something to do with Hillary Clinton

Just saying...

City Makes Offer On Heritage House

I'm waiting on the documents to come but have been told by homeowners at Heritage House that the City of Greensboro is offering them $600.oo per unit after having forced them from their homes in 2014. Sadly, property owners are still paying City and County property taxes on homes valued many times that amount.

So far I've written over 100 articles on Heritage House and Mayor Vaughan has never addressed her business partner's involvement. Why?

Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 1

City of Greensboro Attorney Thomas Carruthers was attacked by rabid dogs today in what is to be the first of many such attacks. Turns out these dogs came from the Federal government.

Do you really think our Mayor and City Council didn't know this when they hired him? And folks, we're just getting started.

How much of Say Yes to Education and the PAC endowment have in energy investments?; "Anadarko Petroleum slashes dividend; shares halted"

"Anadarko Petroleum Corp. APC, -5.22% said Tuesday it slashed its quarterly dividend to 5 cents a share from 27 cents..."
They won't say
and our leaders are purposefully clueless

At this point it's deliberate ignorance

Willful misleading of Greensboro and Guilford County residents
by elected officials with the help of City and County staff
who are supposed to be acting in the best interests of our community

They are not 

Fwd: City of Greensboro: Public Records Request # 5359

As was pointed out by Roch in his article, Playing favorites, a few days ago the City of Greensboro has a problem responding to public information requests. But apparently it's not just about playing favorites, apparently, even though Eric Robert has dropped his lawsuit against the City of Greensboro Mayor Vaughan and the City are still hiding something as evidenced by their substitution of other information in response to my public information request for receipts, receipts payable and receipts due.

Now I understand a lot of people think what I do here is a complete waste of time, that nothing will change because of my efforts. And quite possibly you are right. But in making requests and putting these public records online I leave a trail for others with more means to follow up on.

And when the City of Greensboro deliberately refuses to fill my public information requests or sends me something other than what I asked for it becomes quite apparent there is something there they don't want you, Dear Readers, to know. After all, I'm only asking for items that are by law, deemed public records.

So in response to yesterday's failure by the City of Greensboro Communications and Public Relations Department, aka the City Propaganda Machine, I give you the e-mail I just sent to City Attorney Tom Carruthers, Mayor Vaughan and others:

Below you will find the e-mail I sent to Ms Carter yesterday. Should it be truncated by the e-mail server you can also find it online at

Downsized Union Square

In compiling PIRT # 5359 I was very careful to abide by City and State policy as posted to the City of Greensboro  website here:

I didn't ask questions, ask for a public record to be created or ask that records be created that do not exist.

I asked specifically for existing public records including:
"All receipts
All receipts payable
All receipts due"

And specifically referenced to South Elm Redevelopment Street Project.

Now as City Attorney, would you, Mr Carruthers, like to explain to me why the City of Greensboro went through all the trouble of creating a document that contradicts with City Policy and NCGS 132-6.2 (e) in reply to my very simple public information request for City of Greensboro public records that already exist?

You can be sure the readers of would like to know the answer as they will soon be reading this e-mail as well.

Thank you
-Billy Jones"

City staff went through a whole lot of trouble to gather all those documents in order to compile a document they weren't required to create in the first place. It would have been easier to give me what I asked for.

But they chose not to. Why?

Eric Robert has dropped his law suit but the City of Greensboro is still hiding something. What is it and who gained from it?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016 in European Markets

How many brokers gave a call to their clients at the beginning of the month
to tell them they just got shellacked overseas?

Not many is my guess.

A brokerage client on an ongoing fee needs to stay invested 
for the financial consultant and his/her firm to keep making money
during good times and bad.

If anyone calls in, 
the best thing to tell them is to buy some more.

Hopefully a Central Bank will intervene,
which is the only thing that has kept markets propped up
over the last couple of years.

Most don't know because they are not supposed to.

That's how the game works.

It's the financial industry against everyone else.

"Guilford commissioners hear update on Say Yes"

Say Yes Guilford is exploring ways to extend its benefits to charter school students, officials with the nonprofit organization told the Guilford County Board of Commissioners on Friday.

Did Guilford County's Commissioners ask how much Say Yes Guilford actually raised?

Say Yes Guilford, the local chapter of New York-based Say Yes to Education, is establishing a Charter Schools Joint Study Committee to look into the matter, according to Mary Vigue, the local organization’s executive director.

Did Guilford County's Commissioners ask how much Say Yes Guilford 
is going to let Greensboro and High Point's Community Foundation 
is going to charge to manage the monies?

“This came as a recommendation from the county commissioners, and we’re working on a pathway to see what that looks like,” Vigue told the board on the second day of its annual retreat. “We’ll keep you posted as to what’s coming out of that study group.”

That information could be available as soon as May, she said.

Did Guilford County's Commissioners ask what Say Yes Guilford 
is going to allow Greensboro and High Point's Community Foundation 
to invest the money in?

The inclusion of charter schools was a sticking point for a majority of commissioners when they endorsed the Say Yes program in September. Commissioner Justin Conrad, who serves on the organization’s scholarship committee, said he was pleased with the way things are progressing.
“I feel we’re moving in the direction of inclusion for all kids attending public school in Guilford County,” he said. “And that’s the most important thing.”

Are Guilford County's Commissioners okay with Say Yes Guilford 
and Greensboro and High Point's Community Foundation 
to invest the money in?

Say Yes Guilford is working to establish a college scholarship and educational resource program for students in Guilford County Schools through an endowment funded by private donors and a $15 million grant.

Where is the $15 million coming from
and over what time frame?

To date, the organization has raised about $35 million, has visited 23 high schools and met with almost 4,000 students and families, Vigue said.

Pledged about $35 million.

Raised means delivered, 
and a Guilford County School Board Commissioner 
confirmed the money is due over a period of years
as Say Yes starts paying out money to graduates this year 

Misleadingness by Mary Vigue,
a former City of Greensboro Assistant manager
who fucked Greensboro's employees for ICMA-RC
and now appears to be conning Guilford County's Commissioners

The organization offers last-dollar tuition scholarships to North Carolina public colleges and universities. Those scholarships are meant to cover tuition costs that remain after other financial aid, and do not cover other college fees or expenses.

Say Yes plans to roll out scholarships for the graduating class of 2016, Vigue said.

Downsized Union Square

Just got the following e-mail in reply to a more than month long public information request I sent to the City of Greensboro concerning Union Square, the South Elm Redevelopment Project and the lawsuit filed against the City by Eric Robert:

"Hello Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your public records request (PIRT 5359) for records of what the City received or spent on the South Elm Street redevelopment project.

Please find the attached record which was also presented to the Court in the matter regarding the same property.

I hope this is helpful to you.


Katherine Carter, Public Records Administrator
Communications and Marketing Department - 336-373-3282
City of Greensboro
PO Box 3136, Greensboro, NC 27402-3136"


If by chance you are like me you probably found the attachment too small to read. I wonder if it was presented to the court in this fashion. I decided to e-mail Ms Carter back.

"Ms Carter,
For starters, this is too small to be read even after expanding the text.
Secondly, this isn't my complete request. I asked for the following:

"Union Out Of Square

My latest PIRT (Public Information Request) to the City of Greensboro:
I would like copies of all the monies the City of Greensboro received or spent on the South Elm Street redevelopment project as mentioned in the following News & Record article:

All receipts
All receipts payable
All receipts due

And as you are already gathering this same said information I foresee no problem with your being able to produce said receipts and billing info on or before 10:00 AM Monday morning.

Thanks -Billy Jones"

As was previously noted here: and in the City of Greensboro PIRT System on the screen grab I have attached showing the PIRT on the City of Greensboro PIRT system. 

 As you can see I clearly asked for copies and not an executive summary or list of expenditures.

Someone had to have the receipts in order to compile the list. These receipts are public record. Tell them to make copies of everything and send them to me.

Thanks again.
 Please reopen this PIRT and do not ignore this e-mail as you have done others in the past.

-Billy Jones"

Once again, the City of Greensboro Communications and Marketing Department operates as if they've something to hide.  And in this instance we are talking a case that involves Federal funding-- will the FBI finally step in?


Bomb Squad Called To Downtown Preschool

I just left downtown Greensboro where the Greensboro Police Department Hazardous Devices Team, aka, Bomb Squad, was deployed at the Methodist owned nursery/preschool on the corner of Eugene Street and Friendly Avenue.

The entire parking lot is blocked off and what appears to be parents or daycare workers and tiny children are standing next to Eugene Street outside while Police work to remove whatever was found inside.

The incident could not be found on the Greensboro P2C website and no media was on the scene.

Update: From that other News & Record: