Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is The UNCG Moonlighting Scandal What It Appears To Be?

Yesterday, after reading my post, UNCG Using Threats And Intimitation Against Employees,
Margaret Moffett of the Greensboro News & Record wrote 3 former UNCG emplotees charged in moonlighting scandal in which she points out the charges filed against the 3 and the witness to it all:

"• David Simmons Wilson, 38, who faces six felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.
The warrant says Wilson, of 1127 Westridge Road, falsified his UNCG time sheet six times from 2012 to 2014.
Wilson,a photographer, did freelance work for Artisan Photography Group while on the clock at UNCG, according to the warrant, defrauded the university of $154 each time.
His court date is Oct. 30.
• Christopher Woodrow English, 41, who faces five felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.
The warrant says English, of 3208 Coronet Court, also falsified his time sheet five times during the same period.
His work for Artisan Photography defrauded the university of $175.12 each time.
English, a photographer, also faces six felony charges for aiding and abetting obtaining property by false pretenses.
English signed Wilson’s falsified time sheets, the warrant says.
His court date is Oct. 30.
• Lyda Adams Carpen, 48, who faces five felony charges of aiding and abetting obtaining property by false pretense.
Carpen, of 503 Woodlawn Ave., approved English’s falsified time sheets, the warrant says.
Her court date is Oct. 28."

Now I can't say as to the guilt or innocence of any of the 3. As far as I can recollect I don't know any of them but I do have some questions concerning the following part of Margaret's reporting though not necessarily directed at Margaret:

"The warrants list the witness as Paul Mason, associate vice chancellor for marketing and strategic communications.

Mason supervised Wilson, English and Carpen. Mason declined to comment on Tuesday.
Mason wouldn’t confirm the employees’ status with the university, so their status is unclear."

Without a doubt it brings into question the supervisory roll of assistant vice chancellor Paul Mason who allowed the "crimes" to continue multiple times as he "witnessed" them take place. Where was Paul Mason when all these "crimes" were going on? At the Country Club perhaps? Operating his own outside business? All questions someone should be asking as good leadership leads by example and not force.

And while these employees filled out time sheets were they in-fact hourly and not on salary? Many salaried employees fill out some sort of time sheet and yet salaried employees often come and go as they please. And if they are hourly then why not a time clock instead of easily forged time sheets? Is the expansion into Glenwood wiping out the entire operating budget? We don't know the answers to those questions.

Margaret continues:

"But a letter circulating at UNCG this week — signed by three other former employees of the university relations department — said the three were fired."

I posted that letter yesterday.

I'm also questioning the charges. Obtaining property by false pretense hardly seems like the appropriate charge for what must surely be embezzlement if true. I'm thinking these charges may be a shot across the bow of employees who are fighting another battle against the university that Chancellor Brady and the Brady Bunch would rather not see made public. Without saying anything more simply ask yourself why UNCG stats seem contrary to the UNC system.

Don't worry, even if you don't understand, Chancellor Brady knows what I'm referring to.

Update: As one of my sources inside UNCG points out: " Not sure how Paul Mason could have witnessed this massive conspiracy of time sheet shorting beginning in 2012 since he's only been around since April of this year."

That is confirmed by the Triad Business Journal.

As a matter of fact, today's N&R article UNCG says staffers stole time pokes many holes in UNCG claims with statements like:

"Chancellor Linda Brady and other UNCG officials would say little about the criminal case on Tuesday, citing personnel issues.

They also didn’t tell the News & Record why the employees were fired, information that state law says the university must make public."

And this:

" Mason referred questions Tuesday to Imogene Cathey, UNCG’s attorney.

 Cathey confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the employees had been fired, but she said she couldn’t answer other questions immediately."

Translated: UNCG never thought this would go public and wasn't prepared to discuss the matter. Their plan was to scare their employees into submission. Problem is, they missed 3 things: Someone told me. Margaret Moffett reads my blog religiously. And 3, Margaret is a long time friend and coworker of Betsi Robinson. And when Margaret saw Betsi's name on the letter her reporter instincts kicked in and told her there was more to the story than the Brady Bunch was telling. A lot more.

Now what could it be. Are these firings taking place because these long time employees are taking a stance against UNCG's gentrification of the Glenwood neighborhood and the excess spending on facilities that the majority of staff and students will never use?

Are the firings taking place because tenured professors are being replaced by lessor qualified individuals willing to work for much lower pay.

Could it be these firings are taking place because these has become an organized effort of students, professors and staff at UNCG who are actively working to fight excessive executive pay while layoffs and firings are taking place at every other level?

Or could it be for reasons I've yet to disclose or don't yet know?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heritage House Public Information Request

 Ben Holder would never have the brains to look this deep into an inspection. Sent just seconds ago.


The City of Greensboro released a July 2014 3rd party engineering study that indicated structural deterioration at 310 West Meadowview.

Your mission should you chose to accept it: (Cue Mission Impossible theme song.)

I would like to see the following:

RUCO inspections-- all years.
3rd party engineering studies-- all years.
Documents pertaining to structural inspections done by the Code Enforcement and/or Building Inspections Department(s) going back to the year 2000.

This PIRT will self-destruct blowing up the City's excuse that it was the HOA's fault that the building had structural damages in 5 seconds or as soon as I receive your reply-- whichever comes later.

Stop music, play commercial.


It really doesn't make sense that a building remodeled and approved by City of Greensboro Code Enforcement and Building Inspectors in 2008-- a 6 story steel framed building first opened in 1974 and designed to last at least 100 years-- could be as deteriorated as the City of Greensboro is claiming it to be in 2014 if City of Greensboro inspectors had done their job correctly. Now does it Mayor Vaughan? Mr Barber?

Could that be because someone bribed City of Greensboro inspectors to look the other way? Are those same contractors and developers still bribing inspectors on other projects today. Would that be probable cause to open yet another investigation Chief Holder?  Being the developer was from South Carolina that automatically qualifies for the FBI, does it not, Chief Holder?

Any delay in getting this information to me will be seen as a continuation of the whitewashing of the investigation the City has been claiming to have been conducting and another reason Federal investigators should be called in.

Why only Federal investigators? Because Mayor Nancy Vaughan's husband, retired State Senator Don Vaughan is close personal friends with North Carolina Attorney General and SBI Commander Roy Cooper. Greensboro Police cannot be entrusted to carry out the investigation because Greensboro City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson's daughter, Lisa Johnson-Tonkins is Guilford County Assistant District Attorney.

Monday, September 29, 2014

UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees

It has come to my attention that UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady and her Executive staff have possibly been using threats and intimidation against employees, possibly even going so far as to drum up false legal charges against employees.

The following e-mail and attachment was distributed among University of North Carolina-- Greensboro employees earlier today:

"As recent employees of UNCG’s University Relations Department and people who care deeply about the university, we would like to share with you the attached communication we sent to members of Chancellor Linda Brady’s Executive Staff. With the university’s well being in mind, we are sharing this communication to express our deep concern regarding recent events involving three SPA employees. We feel it is important that you, as campus community leaders and members, be made aware of actions taken against these employees, as these actions have the potential to damage UNCG’s reputation and do not align with the university’s commitment to a safe, inclusive and equitable environment.


Betsi Robinson, former Director of Communications, 2 years
Debbie Schallock, former Director of Marketing, 13 years
Andrea Spencer, former Copywriter, 11 years"

Previously I was forwarded this spread sheet showing some rather interesting facts concerning Employment and Student Enrollment that I'm almost certain Chancellor Brady would rather wasn't made public knowledge considering recent expenditures.

Perhaps it's time Ms Brady and the Brady Bunch began answering a few questions of their own.

East Greensboro's Lost History

This is something we could capitalize on. I can show you entire neighborhoods built from the lumber salvaged out of ORD and many of the houses and apartments built by the Army for officers remain in use today.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Faked Heritage House Police Investigations

After yesterday's e-mail conversations with Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Mike Barber in which both of them called on GPD Chief Anita Holder to investigate Heritage House City Council and I received a reply and an attachment from Chief Holder:

"Mayor and Mr. Jones, I did ask our detectives to investigate the claims of criminal activity as it pertains to the HOA’s operation of Heritage House.  Please see the attached document regarding same.  We consulted with others to make sure our interpretation of the law was as clear as possible.  In brief, this is a civil issue, not a criminal one based on information we have at this time.

Anita Holder"


 Read that attachment very carefully. Notice it says that

"$80,440 paid towards water, sewer and garbage collecting since July 2014."

July 2014? That wasn't a typo. From the City of Greensboro water liens website: Click on the photo to view it full size.

Someone has been paying off the Heritage House water bills. As a matter of fact: as of now the bill is current. Who would pay off the bill on a condemned property? The Heritage House Homeowners Association? No mention about it on their blog. As a matter of fact: according to every media account published thus far the Heritage House HOA is broke. A good Samaritan? Or a rich developer planning on buying the building for pennies on the dollar and in a hurry to get the job done?

Correction: Monday morning I was mistaken in writing that someone is paying the Heritage House bills. The attachment shows it is the Greensboro Police investigators who are implying that $80,440 has been paid since July 2014. The screen grab from the Water and Sewer Department says exactly the opposite. This puts the validity of the GPD investigation in question. Return to original post:

I replied with the following e-mail to Captain Holder.

Can your investigators explain Paul Mengert's involvement or why checks used to pay the Heritage House water bill bear the address of Mr Mengert's company, AMG?
Why was Heritage House using 2 property management companies at the same time?
Why are payments to AMG not listed in the document given to the N&R by the Coffeys:
I've posted the dots, tell your people to draw the lines....
And yes I know Nancy is full of crap and really will not force an investigation. I've already trapped her and Barber so lay low and wait it out. Sooner or later the Feds will step in.

She never replied. 

I again e-mailed Captain Holder to send her the information about the water bill and ask her who was paying it off.

Again, she never replied.

Today the News and Record writes: Police won't charge Vestal:

"Barber said that because investigators and lawyers issued their opinions before new information about Vestal’s role came to light, the police department shouldn’t consider the matter closed.

“I applaud the effort of those police officers in the field,” he said.

“But our administration has displayed a half-hearted effort to investigate malfeasance or misfeasance regarding Heritage House."

You know what's really strange, Margaret Moffett, who wrote that News & Record article was live witness to the entire chain of e-mails I'm speaking of and never used any of the quotes from the Mayor, Councilman Barber and Chief Holder that I've been presenting to you-- she continues to keep the Mayor's name out of it.

Well, to be fair, she did use this one from Mike Barber which I reported yesterday:

“I’m certain a thorough investigation has not been completed because I’m aware of a number of people that have not been contacted or interviewed,” Barber wrote Friday in an email to Holder and other City Council members.

“For me, going through the motions is unacceptable.”

But she didn't mention that I initiated that chain of e-mails with the following e-mail to Mayor Vaughan and the rest of City Council because they don't want everyone knowing who is really pushing for the real answers.

  "Why isn't Sonny Vestal scared of an investigation? Because he, like Mayor Vaughan, knows the Greensboro Police Department will never risk it:

But lots of people read my blog and while I might not have the story 100% correct, I keep putting up more and more dots for others to connect.

Eventually lines will be drawn.

Think about it.


And Mike Barber's e-mail? I replied to that as well:

"Councilman Barber,
Is it then safe to assume you will add a complete and thorough Heritage House investigation to the agenda of the next City Council meeting?
-Billy Jones"

Barber never replied either. This whole thing was staged just as everything the City has done with Heritage House has been staged but they weren't counting on Jeffery Faith discovering that the water bill had been paid and reporting it to me. 

And remember: to date, not one of 9 members of the Greensboro City Council has made any public effort to stand up for the rights of individual property owners. There is no intention to investigate and a cover-up is being perpetuated right before our eyes and not 1 of the 9 members of the Greensboro City Council is willing to speak to the issue truthfully.

As always, I saved all the e-mails just ask.


EZGreensboro Team Member Goes Nationwide!!

Least George think I've abandoned him, I wanted to let everyone know our very own George Hartzman has filed suit against Wells Fargo for $31 Million Dollars in an attempt to:

"The purpose of the lawsuit isn't the money. The purpose of the lawsuit is for [former Wachovia CEO] Robert Steel and [Wells Fargo Chairman, President and CEO] John Stumpf to go to jail," Hartzman told SNL on Sept. 25. "And to have Wells Fargo stop lying to their customers on their monthly statements" for their Envision plans, he added."

The reason? They helped to create the 2008 worldwide financial collapse and deliberatly ripped of working class investors of the company's Envision plans of which George was Vice President of the Envision Division and knows what he's talking about.

And when George tried to stop it they fired him.

Hey George, still want to found that new car manufacturing company in Greensboro? I've found a car we can copy that gets 65 miles per gallon highway and it's not a hybrid.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

He Said, She Said, The Coffeys Talk Heritage House

When our team began investigating events at Heritage House most everyone you talked to was ready to swallow the City's version of events hook, line and sinker. Now, not so much. This week even the story told by Charles and Nina Coffey is beginning to unravel as everyone attempts to put all the blame on Sonny Vestal and Vestal Property Management.

Take for example Jeri Rowe's blog post The Ripple Effect Of Nothing Said where Charles Coffey was quoted as saying,

"No money was stolen."

 Or as Nina Coffey is quoted in saying about Vestal Property Management in Jeri's article, From association leaders: Hard memories of Heritage House:

"The Coffeys contend is that the shutdown of Heritage House was not their fault, and the Vestal Property Management – contrary to what the owner said a few weeks back – collected the money and paid the bills for Heritage House. But no money, Nina says, was misappropriated.

"They did a fantastic job for us," she says."

But in the most recent article, Coffeys: Vestal In Control,  the Coffeys have changed their tune:

"Coffey said the couple’s personal financial situation was so bad in April that they didn’t pay the dues on their own units, which would have amounted to thousands of dollars.

He said Vestal Property Management never tried to collect that money.

“Sonny was not doing his job,” he said. “You cannot pay the bills if you don’t collect the dues.”

So was money stolen or wasn't it? Did Vestal do his job or not?  And how can Charles and Nina Coffey explain no mention of  Paul Mengert, and Association Management Group, Inc. on their Financial Breakdown as supplied to the News & Record when the Heritage House HOA checks as shown below bear AMG's address 614 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro?


And will the News & Record make all their archives again disappear from the Internet as this story gets closer and closer to the highest positions of Greensboro government?

Don't worry, this time we made copies.

Update: Friday morning. The News & Record continues their assault on Sonny Vestal but fails to point out the obvious connections to Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan like her 2009 Disclosure Form on which she admits to being a partner in a company called VM LLC.

And who else is a partner in VM LLC? According to the North Carolina Secretary of State that would be none other than Paul Mengert, who also owns Association Management Group whose address, 614 West Friendly, can be found on the check above.

According to the News & Record Editorial Sonny Vestal says,

"Bring it on."

when asked about an investigation but Sonny knows the Greensboro Police Department will never investigate anything with possible connections to any Greensboro mayor or city council member. GPD Chief David Wray, the last police chief to attempt to investigate crimes tied to City Council, ended up fired, lost everything he owned and for a time blackballed. Chief Wray told me personally that his mistake was trying to investigate in-house but calling in the SBI also came with risks if he was wrong and retaliation was sure to follow. Understandably, since then, no police officer in the City of Greensboro has dared look into anything done by members of Greensboro City Council and the office of Chief of police has turned into a revolving door, musical chairs job with chiefs only filling the position long enough to finish collecting their retirement and get the Hell out of Dodge unscathed.

And who could blame them? After all, not everyone is like me and has the luxury of having already lost everything and no chance of getting it back only to turn to a life of Tyrannicide so the rest of you don't have to.

Update 2: Friday afternoon. I e-mailed the following the Mayor Vaughan and City Council:

 "Why isn't Sonny Vestal scared of an investigation? Because he, like Mayor Vaughan, knows the Greensboro Police Department will never risk it:

But lots of people read my blog and while I might not have the story 100% correct, I keep putting up more and more dots for others to connect.

Eventually lines will be drawn.

Think about it.


Mayor Vaughan replied to myself, City Council and GPD Interum Chief Captain Anita Holder:

 "Mr Jones, I would welcome an investigation. And then I will await your apology. 

Chief Holder, I encourage GPD to take a detailed look at the heritage house financials and any other associated matters. The sooner the better.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan"
I then replied to all and added a few recipients:
"Be sure to include things like why GPD walking patrols were abruptly ended at Heritage House and the fake crime reports Mike Barber waved in front of the media.
Be sure to include Tom Carruthers' statement that Meridian only got their own water meter in August.
Be sure to include Sharon Hightower's relationship with Drew Brown and her past criminal history of fraud (haven't posted that one yet but it is quite interesting how someone on food stamps just a very few years ago could afford to be retired today when she is far too young to collect social security. Disabled maybe, retired no.)
Make sure you include the reasons the increase in crime at Heritage House coincided with the changing of the Commander of the Southern Division.
Make a note to look into why the City of Greensboro ACTUALLY sold that property in the first place.
Ask yourself how a building that passed City of Greensboro building inspections in 2008 could have so many structural flaws in 2014? Were the inspectors bribed in 2008 or was the latest inspection a fraud? How does a steel framed building deteriorate so quickly?

Don't forget to have your document forensics experts look into why Ben Holder listed Skip Alston's name first, followed by Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Mike Barber on his application to become a contract mercenary code enforcement officer for the City of Greensboro. What? GPD doesn't have experts in document forensics? I bet the FBI does. After all, we've got lots of e-mails of Ben Holder bad mouthing Skip, Nancy and Mike, don't we Nancy?
Don't forget the audio recordings of Ben Holder. We've been holding them for later but you'll probably want them now.
Don't forget the 89 posts I've written to date just filled with links to documents, e-mails and more:
Oh, and don't forget what the others who "reply all" add to this list as I prepare to update my blog post a second time and start a new local media feeding frenzy.
And Nancy, since you've a long history of lies and promises I challenge each and every member to hold the Mayor to her word and add this investigation to next week's City Council Agenda so that all 9 of you can vote in favor of the FULL INVESTIGATION myself and others have been calling for since day 1.
Well Mayor Vaughan, how does it feel to be hooked in the mouth and reeled up towards the surface?
May the feeding frenzy begin.


PS, Notice I didn't refer to the Mayor as a sucker fish..."

Will Nancy Vaughan keep her promise? Why did it take me almost 2 months of goading her to get her to call for the investigation we've known was needed all along? Sure, if the investigation proves Nancy innocent then I'll apologise but she will still need to answer as to why she postponed the investigation for so long, putting people on the street and taking property away from its rightful owners before any investigation ever took place.

For that Nancy owes us an apology.

By the way, I don't think I've made mention of it before so here goes: The City of Greensboro claims to have helped the Heritage House refugees they forced from their homes but when I submitted a public information request asking for redacted case management files of the over 400 people forced out of Heritage House the City's reply was that no such files existed.

In other words: out of sight, out of mind, just as I predicted they would become.

Look for more updates to come as e-mails are still coming in.

Update 3: Friday afternoon, Councilman Mike Barber sends the following reply:

" On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Mike Barber <> wrote:
I'm certain a thorough investigation has NOT been completed because I'm aware of a number of people that have not been contacted or interviewed. 
For me, going through the motions is unacceptable. 

Sent from my iPhone"
To which I replied:
"Councilman Barber,
Is it then safe to assume you will add a complete and thorough Heritage House investigation to the agenda of the next City Council meeting?
-Billy Jones"

As of  4:30 PM I've received no confirmation from Councilman Barber. Did he drop his iPhone in the water hazard or lose it in a sand trap on the golf course? Or is Councilman Barber, like Mayor Vaughan, full of shit? I still have the e-mails and can forward them to anyone who asks,

Eat Mor People

I wanted to thank Liv of Greensboring for redesigning the logo on my rustled cow. It's a lot better than the one I had. She made it for me months ago and I was so busy I couldn't get it switched out. Then I lost it somewhere in the depths of my computer only to find it a little while ago so rather than chance loosing it again I went ahead and made use of it.

Liv also made a smaller version that I use for my avatar on the top right of the page in a 120 x 120 pixel size. Thanks Liv for a job well done.

Ben Holder Resigns, Is The Troublemaker Back?

An unconfirmed rumor was circulating throughout City of Greensboro offices today that Ben Holder has resigned from his position as a mercenary code enforcement officer for the City of Greensboro. Mr Holder's whereabouts are currently unknown. Rumors that he might be starting his blog, the Troublemaker, back up, are being fueled by confirmed sightings of Public Information Requests awaiting Mr Holder's pick-up in Greensboro City offices just yesterday.

City Council members contacted today were unable to confirm.

Could it be Mr Holder is preparing to spill the beans on the entire Heritage House affair and finally tell us the roll of Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and Councilman Mike Barber, thereby redeeming himself and proving he was working under cover all along to expose corruption at the highest levels of Greensboro government?

There's still time for hope, right Ben?

Update: We have since confirmed it was but rumor. Ben Holder remains a mercenary code enforcement officer for the City of Greensboro.

How To Bring Greensboro Out Of Poverty: Part 4

As I wrote in Part 2 of the series, How To Bring Greensboro Out Of Poverty this is an evolving plan subject to updates and changes to meet changing needs. I remember former Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins publicly defending the proposed Florida Street extension across the A&T University Farm saying, "It's been on the books for 40 years." and thinking to myself, We didn't need it 40 years ago and we're not going to need it 40 years into the future-- change the plan.

And so with that I added #8

"Employ the long time unemployed first. Providing new jobs to people who already have jobs really doesn't do much to help unemployment and reduce poverty and tends to recruit workers who commute from out of town. Those workers contribute little to our local economy."

to the list of ground rules in Part 1 If you think something else needs to be added I'll be happy to discuss it.

In Part 3 I suggested investing the City's $272 Million Dollar "Rainy Day Fund" in local businesses as a means of getting our local economy moving, putting people to work and putting money in workers' pockets. I mean it's not like the City of Greensboro isn't already investing in stocks and bonds with that money, why not invest some of it locally instead of giving all the profits to Wall Street?

The City could determine which local businesses it would invest in based not only on profitability but in what that business can return to the community in the long run. Having such a program in place might well attract exciting start-ups and the possibility that pissed-off politicians might dump large numbers of shares of corporate stocks on the market thus driving down share prices might be enough to cause a company to reconsider leaving town. After all, money talks and bullshit walks.

Greensboro might want to be quicker to invest in companies that pay higher wages, provide better benifits or both.

Greensboro might want to be quicker to invest in green businesses. Investing in this way would give Greensboro a certain amount of control over the kinds of businesses that locate here thus allowing us to become more sustainable economically and ecologically.

The City could work with local businesses and business start-ups to help them through the hurdles of going public. That should be the roll of our economic development agencies rather than spending vast fortunes galavanting alround the globe chasing the same dreams every other city in the first world is chasing. Like I wrote in Part 1:

"Stop doing what everyone else is doing. No one ever became a leader by playing follow the leader."

Jim "The Bobblehead" Melvin has been pushing for Greensboro to be like Charlotte for the last 50 years, I say be the city Charlotte wants to emulate.

What kind of City would you like Greensboro to be? Answer that question, add $272 Million Dollars that we already have and you'll have the answer as to how to bring Greensboro out of poverty. The one thing I can tell you with all certainty is that construction and real estate development are not economic drivers and cannot be depended on to get us out of this mess.

To be continued...