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"Julian Shakespeare Carr (October 12, 1845 – April 29, 1924) was a North Carolina industrialist and philanthropist.  Carr was the son of Chapel Hill merchant and slave owner John Wesley Carr...

...At the dedication of the Silent Sam monument to Confederate alumni on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, to which he was the largest single donor, Carr addressed the crowd, urging vigorous support for white supremacy, and bragged of having personally horse-whipped an African-American woman "until her skirts hung in shreds" because, according to him, she "publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady". He found this act a "pleasing duty." front of a garrison of 100 Federal soldiers after she sought protection at the university....

...Julian Carr played an essential role in bolstering white supremacy in North Carolina during the era of Jim Crow. He publicly endorsed the Ku Klux Klan, argued that African Americans should not be allowed to vote, and helped promote racial unrest and turmoil in the late 19th century to defeat an interracial "Fusion" political party. Carr helped promote racial strife through his influence in the media, particularly the Raleigh News & Observer, and celebrated the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, where at least 60 black North Carolinians were murdered. In numerous speeches, he suggested that African Americans were better off enslaved and celebrated violence, even lynching, against black citizens.

His studies at the University of North Carolina (today the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), were interrupted by service as a private in the Confederacy, serving with the Third North Carolina Cavalry. Later in life, he was known as "General Carr," the rank having been bestowed by the state veterans' association due to his long service in veterans' affairs and generosity toward widows and their children... 

In 1923, UNC bestowed an honorary degree upon Julian Carr.

Carr was also instrumental in the founding of Duke University (where the history building on East Campus is named after him).

...A long-time advocate for the welfare of Confederate veterans, the "high-private," as he liked to refer to himself, was Commander-in-Chief of North Carolina's United Confederate Veterans. At the 1913 dedication of the Civil War Monument (known as Silent Sam) on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carr gave a speech wherein he credited the Confederate soldiers of having "saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the South," and as a consequence, "the purest strain of the Anglo Saxon is to be found in the 13 Southern States"...

...Carr was instrumental in the Western education of Charles Soong and the financing of Soong's Shanghai Bible-publishing business, who later was active in Sun Yat-Sen's attempts to establish a modern republic in China. Though it is largely forgotten today, Carr was a major financial backer of the Chinese Revolution.

...Julian Carr’s broader body of work indicates a long career of vile and violent white supremacism.... In the broader view, Carr’s life was filled with abhorrent activities and rhetoric that are not only deplorable today, but were illegal and belligerent in his own time. Carr committed treason against the United States of America, advocated the murder and disfranchisement of African Americans, and helped lead a racially divisive and violent political campaign that shattered democracy in North Carolina for over 60 years.

...He was an enemy of enlightenment and democracy whose rhetoric and actions, both then and now, cast dark shadows over the civil and political life of the state and retard our ability to move forward from the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow."

...The Durham Board of Education voted to remove Julian Carr's name from a building at the Durham School of the Arts and to adopt a new dress code specifically prohibiting items that "intimidate other students on the basis of race." Mentioned were the Confederate flag, the Nazi swastika, and the Ku Klux Klan.

“Unveiling of Confederate Monument at University. June 2, 1913”

...This noble gift of the United Daughters of the Confederacy touches deeply and tenderly the heart of every man who has the privilege of claiming the University of North Carolina as his Alma Mater. the gods transformed Niobe into a marble statue, and set this upon a high mountain, as our native goddesses erect this monument of bronze to honor the valor of all those whom fought and died for the Sacred Cause, as well as for the living sons of this grand old University.

...The present generation, I am persuaded, scarcely takes note of what the Confederate soldier meant to the welfare of the Anglo Saxon race during the four years immediately succeeding the war, when the facts are, that their courage and steadfastness saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the South – When “the bottom rail was on top” all over the Southern states, and to-day, as a consequence the purest strain of the Anglo Saxon is to be found in the 13 Southern States – Praise God...

...though I might speak with the tongue of men and of angels, neither song nor story could fittingly honor this glorious event. The whole Southland is sanctified by the precious blood of the student Confederate soldier. Their sublime courage has thrown upon the sky of Dixie a picture so bright and beautiful that neither defeat, nor disaster, nor oppression, nor smoke, nor fire, nor devastation, nor desolation, dire and calamitous, and I might with truth add, the world, the flesh nor the Devil has been able to mar or blemish it. The tragedy of history fails to record anywhere upon its sublime pages anything comparable to it. All the time will be the millennium of their glory.

The canopy of the South is studded with stars which shall grow brighter and brighter as the ages in their endless procession succeed each other.

No nobler young men ever lived; no braver soldiers ever answered the bugle call nor marched under a battle flag.  They fought, not for conquest, not for coercion, but from a high and holy sense of duty.

They were like the Knights of the Holy Grail, they served for the reward of serving, they suffered for the reward of suffering, they endured for the reward of enduring, they fought for the reward of duty done. They served, they suffered, they endured, they fought, [and died – crossed out] for their childhood homes, their firesides, the honor of their ancestors, their loved ones, their own native land.

...How often the tender, the brave, and the true,
Stood feet on the fields of their merited glory,
A thin line of gray ‘gainst the legions of blue.

O! what if half fell in the battle informal?
Aye, what if they lost at the end of the fray?
Love gives them a wreath that is fadeless, eternal,
And glory investeth the line of gray.

...And how she lived for him, that patient widowed mother of the South; what a man she made of him; how she has kept true in his breast the best traditions of his race...

...Of the students and alumni of the University of North Carolina, about 1800 entered the Confederate army, of whom 842 belonged to the generation of 1850-1862. The University had in the service 1 lieutenant-general, 4 major-generals, 13 brigadier-[page break 8] generals, 71 colonels, 30 lieutenant-colonels, 65 majors, 46 adjutants, 71 surgeons, 254 captains, 161 lieutenants, 38 non-commissioned officers and about 1000 privates.

I regard it as eminently appropriate to refer briefly at his point to the magnificent showing made by our state in the military service of the Confederacy. North Carolina furnished 84 regiments, 16 battalions and 13 unattached companies, besides the companies and individuals serving in commands from other states, and 9 regiments of Home Guards. Losses on the battlefield and by disease indicate that her contribution to the Confederate army was somewhat more than 1 to 5, while here military population stood in the proportion of 1 to 9. The entire Confederate loss on the battlefield was 74,524, of which North Carolina’s share was 19,673, or more than one-fourth; 59, 297 died of disease, and of these, 20,602 were North Carolinians.

...I have participated at the unveiling of several Confederate monuments, and have intimate knowledge of a great many more...

The duty due to our dear Southland, and the conspicuous service rendered, did not end at Appomatox[sic]. The four years immediately following the four years of bloody carnage, brought their responsibilities hardly of less consequence than those for which the South laid upon the altar of her country 74,524 of her brave and loyal sons dead from disease, a grand total of 133,821.

...I trust I may be pardoned for one allusion, howbeit it is rather personal. One hundred yards from where we stand, less than ninety days perhaps after my return from Appomattox, I horse-whipped a negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds, because upon the streets of this quiet village she had publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and then rushed for protection to these University buildings where was stationed a garrison of 100 Federal soldiers.

...Permit me to refer at this point to a pleasing incident in which that distinguished son of the South, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, had the leading part. A year or two ago diplomas were given by our University to all the students who had interrupted their studies to enter the military service of the Confederacy. Mr. Wilson, then President of Princeton University delivered these diplomas. One man only of the Class [handwritten – that Matriculated in 1862] wearing the Confederate uniform, came forward to receive that highly prized token. It was the humble individual who now addresses you. At the dinner, later in the day, Professor Wilson greeted me with the remark that in many years nothing had so much touched and warmed his heart as the sight of that Confederate uniform.

...That for which they battled in memory of this monument is reared, as well as for the survivors of that bloody drama, was not achieved. But the cause for which they fought is not lost, never can be, never will be lost while it is enshrined in the hearts of the people of the South, especially the hearts of the dear, loyal, patriotic women, who, like so many Vestal Virgins (God’s name be praised), keep the fires lighted upon the Altars. Nay, as long as men anywhere pay tribute to the self-sacrificing spirit of a peoples’ ideals.

...Daughters of the Confederacy,  I thank you in the name of the eighteen hundred brave, loyal, patriotic, home-loving young student soldiers who went out from this grand old University to battle for our Southern rights and Southern liberties, five hundred of whom never came back."
Greensboro City Councilman Mike Barber on Charlottesville riot, the KKK and when Jim Melvin was Mayor

"1969 Greensboro uprising"

FEDERAL CIVIL TRIAL; March 11, 1985 to June 7, 1985; "What happened after November 3, 1979?"

John Locke Foundation's Sam Hieb, and the N&R's Joe Killian and Susan Ladd; "Ask Mike Barber about the Klan-Nazi shootout"

Dear David 'Brantley' Craft; "Former North Carolina Gov. Charles 'Brantley' Aycock, in his own words"

Dear David Brantley Craft; "[C. Brantley] Aycock’s vile legacy", by the Editorial Board of the News & Record

"The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black" in Greensboro, North Carolina; "A version of this article appears in print on October 25, 2015, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: The Disproportionate Risk of Driving While Black."

A Hypothetical Adaptation; "Bloody Greensboro"

"Greensboro’s Carpetbagging, KKK-Combatting Judge, Part 1", by YJ Miller


"The Rise of the Unprotected"

"We are now in the fourth stage of the cycle of insurgency"

John Locke Foundation's Sam Hieb, and the N&R's Joe Killian and Susan Ladd; "Ask Mike Barber about the Klan-Nazi shootout"

12 3 2016; "KKK just came through Roxboro. Battle flags & shouting "WHITE POWER!"

"Federal court orders new NC legislative elections in 2017"

lawmakers had unconstitutionally relied on race when they drew 28 state House and Senate districts.

More lost jobs for North Carolina; "Deal to repeal NC bathroom law falls apart"

Dear businesses looking to relocate or expand in Greensboro, North Carolina

Art Pope and other funders of HB2 legislators cry uncle

"North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy"

"...North Carolina’s overall electoral integrity score of 58/100 for the 2016 election places us alongside authoritarian states and pseudo-democracies like Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone.

If it were a nation state, North Carolina would rank right in the middle of the global league table – a deeply flawed, partly free democracy that is only slightly ahead of the failed democracies that constitute much of the developing world.

"Companies scorned HB2, but donated to lawmakers who passed it"

A question about John Hardister's character by Eric Preston at Greater Greensboro Politics without complaining, negative or purely partisan information

By financially supporting John Faircloth after HB2 on March 23, 2016, Robbie Perkins put hatred and bigotry before economic growth

Post HB2 North Carolina state level campaign finance reports are flowing in

These folks, along with some down in Charlotte 
cost North Carolinians thousands of jobs
along with those who funded them after March 23, 2016;

Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Jon Hardister, John Faircloth, John Blust and Trudy Wade confirm they are bigots

The saddest part of this whole affair other than lost jobs is the News and Record and other 'mainstream paper's overtly purposeful inability to call out those business leaders supporting the economic decimation of our state. Roy Carroll and other funders of these elected officials are advocating bigotry, discrimination and fewer worker rights in North Carolina, and the news industry isn't pointing out who the real villains actually are behind the curtain.

Consumers who could be objecting with their wallets are being prevented from the opportunity to do so.  Marty Kotis just hosted a John Blust fundraiser at one of his restaurants.  He supports Phil Berger and the rest of our local delegation.  He serves on the UNC Board of Directors as an R.  Marty supports HB2 and is going to make more money from it by being able to fire pregnant women etc... and no one seems to want to point it out.

Proof Marty Kotis is all in on hate and bigotry in North Carolina

Back story on HB2, explaining how Pat McCrory fell on his own sword provided by Phil Berger and friends

Pat McCrory tried to use hate and corporate wishes to get reelected
to the detriment of North Carolina's work force protections

Phil Berger, Paul Stam, Chad Barefoot, Trudy Wade, John Faircloth, 
Jon Hardister, John Blust, Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis and friends 
were on board with the strategy of using hate and screwing poor, old etc... workers
to get themselves and Pat McCrory reelected
and Roy and Marty's employment costs to fall, thereby increasing their profits,
and Tony Wilkins is okay with it

"Governor Pat McCrory’s Executive Order 93 doesn’t fix or even put a band aid on HB 2." Meaning Pat McCrory lied to the public on March 25, 2016

This is what Blust, Faircloth, Berger, Hardister and Wade voted for;

On the possible motives to have voted for and/or signed HB2 into North Carolina law
Maybe McCrory is using it as a job creation initiative for slave like labor jobs.

Bring back some of the slave jobs from China to North Carolina's factory owners who fund him.

Duke Power/Energy probably wouldn't mind making more money from more profitable businesses
who don't have to pay more for labor than absolutely necessary.

North Carolina may become an abusive employer magnet if the issue is affirmed by the election.

I suppose congratulations will be in order.

Hb2 will be good for fields of work exploiting women.

Good for business owners who like relations with the help.

Easier to fire pregnant women who slow down productivity.

McCrory's healthcare industry donors would make more money
from more poor, uneducated low paid workers paying more out of pocket for healthcare
from parasitic doctors and insurance companies.

Bank of America is saying they oppose the legislation
without asking for their Pat McCrory PAC and other donations back,
meaning they are actually for it, while keeping up appearances.

Maybe they get an automobile manufacturer now that they dissolved North Carolina's employment law risks.

Big money won't have to pay maternity care leave and save on insurance costs
by firing pregnant women without cause before birth.

Before birth.

It's the American way.

Marty Kotis appears to be saying he doesn't want any gays anywhere near his properties
or eating at his restaurants because they are gay or trans
by not asking for his money back from those in North Carolina's legislature
who have lost thousands of jobs for our state

I wonder is all the City Council members in Greensboro 
are going to give Marty the money he purchased them with back
because he favors discriminatory legislation

Both sides are at fault on the HB2 mess that just cost North Carolina a couple thousand more jobs

Roy Carroll's John Hammer on HB2; "NC Restrooms: Same As They Ever Were"

"Rep. Dan Bishop Applauds Overwhelming Passage of the “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,” [HB2] Urges Governor McCrory to Sign the Measure" and some of his 2016 campaign contributors, who, by not asking for their money back, are supporters of bigotry and employment discrimination in North Carolina

Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Jon Hardister, John Faircloth, John Blust and Trudy Wade confirm they are bigots

"Inside HB2 author's legislative emails on LGBT issues"; Rep. Dan Bishop and some of his contributors

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Last few headlines from @MarketWatch /// $7.5 billion worth of graduates seduced by #FakeNews

Brainwashed automatons

Not only most of the kids, but most of their parents

Most regurgitate conditioning from our owners

The trick is to get you to think you thought of it

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Labor Day Thoughts; Publix' new state-of-the-art in Eastern Guilford County will likely employ relatively good paying truck driver and robot mechanics, but not very many warehouse workers, until they can replace most human labor

"FedEx announced it is ratcheting up its commitment to augmenting employees with mechatronics.

The cargo hub is a shining example of the synthesis of humans and machines.

...the shipper is using Vecna’s autonomous “tuggers” or rovers to move odd-shaped cargo through its North Carolina distribution center.

Galen Steele, FedEx senior manager at the North Carolina facility, remarked, “I understand people thinking this will take their jobs.

Good paying manufacturing jobs are being taken by robots

"Honeywell and Carnegie Mellon University will use artificial intelligence and robotics to improve productivity and order fulfillment in distribution centers...

The Platform will deploy advanced robotics in unpredictable, ever-changing environments "to enable critical decision-making capabilities, intelligent motion, collision avoidance and reliable sensing."

Complexity increases the likelihood of complication

"With bright yellow paint, high ceilings and robots zipping across sprawling floors, Amazon's newest distribution center in Salt Lake City evokes a tech Wonka factory.

When in operation, 6,000 "drive units," robots that look like oversized orange Roombas, will carry the stacks of yellow pods to Amazon's workers.

"We'll have associates working at stations like this," Taylor said, motioning to fenced off workstations with computer screens, "to either store that inventory, or to pick it for a customer order."

From there, [an] elaborate distribution maze, ending with spiral slides that drop packages into the hands of workers to place on trucks..."

The flapping of a single butterfly's wing today produces a tiny change…
…so, in a month's time
a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn't happen
or maybe one that wasn't going to happen does

Ian Stewart
The Mathematics of Chaos

Why have so many people shown up in the last 262 years?

10,000 BC.1 million semi modern humans
8000 BC...5million, or five times more in 2,000 years
6000 BC...10,000,000...x2
4000 BC...20,000,000...x2 +10,000,000 in 2000 years
2000 BC...35,000,000...x1.5
1750......791,000,000...x3.95 in 1750 years
2000......6,070,581,000...x30.35 in 2000 years
2005......6,453,628,000...+383,047,000 in 5 years
2008......6,700,000,000...x33.5 in 2008 years
11/2011...7,000,000,000...+929,419,000+ in 11 years
4/2016....7,416,900,000...+426,900,000+ in less than 5 years
9/2018....7,647,344,879...+647,344,879 in less than 11 years

Non-random events cause random effects

Inside Alibaba's new kind of superstore: Robots, apps and overhead conveyor belts

Alibaba is also opening robot-using restaurants, where food is ordered entirely through an app and delivered by machines.

Economic unreality leads to higher levels of real instability

"March 18, 2018; KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — As soon as the first robot arrived at a FedEx shipping hub in the heart of North Carolina tobacco country early last year, talk of pink slips was in the air.

Workers had been driving the “tuggers” that navigated large and irregular items across the vast concrete floor of the 630,000-square-foot freight depot since it opened in 2011.

Their initial robotic colleague drew a three-dimensional digital map of the place as it tugged freight around. A few months later, three other robots ...arrived...

In a recent report, the McKinsey Global Institute, a business research organization, predicted that about one-third of workers in the United States will have to switch occupations because of technology-driven automation by 2030.

“What people underestimate is the time needed for this to happen,” said Michael Chui, a partner with McKinsey.

...more than 80 percent of packages move across the facility through a system of conveyor belts, scanners and sorters that needs no human labor.

...When a truck filled with packages arrives, workers load the bulky items onto trailers hitched to a robot. Once these trailers are full, they press a button that sends the vehicle on its way.

...FedEx is already exploring the use of robotics in the concrete yards outside its hubs, where workers move freight with forklifts and other vehicles

...On the second floor of the North Carolina hub, where most packages race down conveyor belts, the company is preparing to install a system that can automatically recognize packages that need special handling. In the past, that also required a paid worker."

Oil = modern food

Money = Oil and other finite physical resources

You won't read it in the paper

"Conveyor belts, scanners, and even autonomous rovers are ultimately built to maximize employee output, but humanoids are expressly created to replace humans. 

...long-term goal of making “robots that have mobility, dexterity, perception and intelligence comparable to humans and animals, or perhaps exceeding them,”

The government of Japan envisions an even more robotic future of replacing its dying citizens with machines, particularly humanoids, to maintain its current standard of living and care for its geriatric citizens.

The economy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the environment,
not the other way around.

Gaylord Nelson

If fossil fuel, pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified seed, 
irrigation, exponentially productive technology, arable land and fresh water
created enough food to keep pace with population growth so far,
is Earth’s industrialized civilization dependent 
on ever increasing supplies of what appears to be finite resources?

The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency,
the second is war.

Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. 

But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.

Ernest Hemingway

If some economies fall like dominoes, with wealth transferring away from instability,
while large, relatively younger populations descend into more chaotic times,
what could happen 
if a generation of underemployed, underpaid, educated and indebted young adults
become disillusioned by their elders’ financial mismanagement
and seek to remedy the predicament?

Think of the Earth as a living organism…being attacked by billions of bacteria,
whose numbers double every forty years.

Gore Vidal

Resource consumption, food production, population, and fiat money creation,
all rose faster in the last 50 years than the preceding 5,000,
as we consumed more than replenished.

Zugzwang is when a chess player at a disadvantage
is forced to choose between two or more moves, 
all of which end in a severely weakened position.

Mark Hartzman

Do fewer Gazelles = fewer Cheetahs?

If Gazelles need water and grass
and Cheetahs need water and Gazelles
and an abundance of sustenance leads to more Gazelles,
should more Gazelles and water lead to more Cheetahs?

If too many Gazelles relative to water and grass lead to fewer Gazelles,
do fewer Gazelles = fewer Cheetahs?

There are probably already too many people on the planet.

We need to continue to decrease the growth rate
of the global population.

The planet can't support many more people.

Dr Nina Fedoroff
National Medal of Science Laureate
Professor of Molecular Biology
Science and Technology Advisor
to the US Secretary of State 

Mold continues to multiply after eating half a piece of cheese
and eventually eats the cheese and itself until there isn't any mold or cheese left.

If human beings are the mold and Earth is the cheese,
we appear to have past the point of possible sustainability
and now there are too many who want relatively high advertised standard of livings,
meaning globally, it's down to who get’s what’s left, who gets cut off when
and how and where who is most likely to survive.

As mold can't collectively prevent the procreation of a larger generation
that can’t be fed by the remaining cheese,
the human population of Earth appears to have done the same.

People who have what they want 
are fond of telling people who haven't what they want,
that they really don't want it.

Ogden Nash 

If need is sustenance and a temperate climate,

don't do what you don’t want done to you unless you need to.

You're captives of a civilizational system
that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to live.

Daniel Quinn
Postulated correlations between population growth and natural resource consumption

What do you do if you possess a brief case that may contain either $0 or $1,000,000
and are offered $200,000 for the case?

What if the majority of a civilization collectively chose the case and lost
but most don’t know?

Have most revolts been instigated by some with less who want more
against those with more?

Have the educated underemployed caused most rebellions?

I’ll tell you what war is all about

You’ve got to kill people, 
and when you’ve killed enough, they stop fighting

General Curtis LeMay

If technological civilization has advanced more
in the last 10,000 years than the previous 1,000,000
the last 1,000 than the previous 10,000
the last 100 than the previous 1,000
including industrialization and exponential population expansion
and the last 20 compared to the last 100
now what?

The major advances in civilization
are processes which all but wreck the societies in which they occur.

Alfred North Whitehead

If non-material want can provide a high quality of life,
while material want doesn’t necessarily create happiness,
is it better to be miserable with a high standard of living
than unhappy and poor?

Two fundamentally different stories have been enacted
…during the lifetime of man.

One began... some two or three million years ago by the Leavers,
and is still being enacted by them today, as successfully as ever.

The other began to be enacted here some ten or twelve thousand years ago
by the Takers,
and is apparently about to end in catastrophe.

Ishmael, a wise fictional gorilla

Sunday, March 27, 2016; There are too many people

Too many people and at some point, not enough food

We are in the first age since the dawn of civilization
in which people have dared to think it practicable
to make the benefits of civilization available to the whole human race.

Arnold Toynbee

When the industrialized world's population growth slows, 
and economic activity can't be increased with ever greater consumption
by larger numbers of actual people,
central bank intervention, debt based fiscal policy etc...
become the means to placate the masses and preserve power at the top

Once off the cliff, there is still hope if you keep running.

By running ever faster you may not fall.

Wyle E. Coyote

If Earth became uninhabitable,
and 'we' had a spaceship big enough for some people and enough supplies
that could go 250,000 miles per hour,
and it would take about 11,276 years without stopping or hitting anything 
to get to the nearest star, 
where the chances of there being a habitable planet may be at most 
one tenth of one percent, should we take better care of what we have?

The opposite of a fact is falsehood,
but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.

Niels Bohr

If Earth is spinning at about 1,043 mph at the equator
revolving around the sun at about 66,660 mph
moving around the Milky Way Galaxy at about 489,600 mph
headed towards Andromeda at about 180,000 mph
while the Local Group of galaxies is pulled toward the Local Super Cluster at about 540,000 mph
how fast are we surfing through the cosmos?

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star.

But we can understand the Universe.

That makes us something very special.

Stephen Hawking

If Earth is spinning at about 1,043 mph at the equator
revolving around the sun at about 66,660 mph
moving around the Milky Way Galaxy at about 489,600 mph
headed towards Andromeda at about 180,000 mph
while the Local Group of galaxies is pulled toward the Local Super Cluster at about 540,000 mph
how fast are we surfing through the cosmos?

Were you to board a spaceship,
head out from earth at 99.999999 percent of light speed,
travel for six months and then head back home at the same speed,
your motion would slow your clock, relative to those that remain stationary on Earth,
so that you’d be one year older upon your return,
while everyone on Earth would have aged about 7,000 years.

Brian Greene

We are in the process of failing to provide our offspring a better chance to succeed 
than our grandparents gave our parents
and our parents gave us.

Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio.

Subsistence only increases in an arithmetical ratio.

Thomas Robert Malthus
Suggested populations could increase faster than food supplies

The wants of a few who know outweighed the needs of many that didn’t 
until the majority figures it out

The natural cycle of laissez faire capitalism
which is supposed to revolve between risk and aversion
has been pervertred by intervention via government and the 1%
to forestall short term economic pain

Nations are not ruined by one act of violence
but quite often, gradually, and almost imperceptibly
by the depreciation of their currency through excessive quantity

Nicolas Copernicus
Discovered Earth was not the center of the Universe

A few stabilized financial markets in the short term 
to defend political legacies and financial interests
by sacrificing more severe long term consequences for everyone else

Corruption of our political, capitalist and information systems negatively influenced behavior
through legislation, budget appropriation, regulation and taxation
which has benefited a select few at the expense of many

The economic and political leadership of both major political parties
in the greatest nation in the history of the world
sold our children's economic future in exchange for a more pleasant present
as most politicians pacified the electorate with platitudes
while delivering legislated benefits to the status quo
at everyone else's expense

It was not justifiable for the baby boom 
to promise themselves trillions worth of unfunded benefits
like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for future generations to pay for,
but it happened anyway, and we are going to have to pay a price for it at some point

Today's older generations
covertly confiscated our younger generation's wealth

Most economic and political leaders bailed themselves out of mistakes
with trillions of debt and newly created money
to be handed down to the unaware of following generations across the globe

The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly,
is to fill the world with fools.

Herbert Spencer
Coined the phrase “Survival of the fittest”

It's just a question of time when rebellions start occurring
in the debt riddled welfare nations
whose populations have been pacified with artificial stability and unsustainable subsidies.

"Normal" jobs with benefits are increasingly harder to acquire.

Corruption is rampant.

I don't care if I follow your rules, if you can cheat, so can I

I won't let you beat me unfairly, I'll beat you unfairly first

Ender Wiggin

Fictional Military Strategist

Dissent the highest form of patriotism

On the famine inflicted by the Soviet Union on Ukraine, 1932-1933

"Japan's sustainable society in the Edo period (1603-1867)"

I don't have a clue of what weapons
will be used in World War III
but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones

Albert Einstein

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax, by Richard J. Maybury


Is attachment suffering?

If most believed Earth was the center of the universe
before Copernicus theorized otherwise in 1514
and most people didn’t know the Milky Way was made of stars
before Galileo theorized in 1609
and most didn’t know about dinosaurs before 1855
while most were unaware of other galaxies before 1923
and we found the first planet outside our solar system in 1992,
do we probably not know much more than we think we know?

There is a theory which states
that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here,
it will instantly disappear and be replaced
by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001),
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

If life on Earth were one day...,
land based plants showed up around 10 P.M., or about 450 million years ago,
or at about 90.1% of Earths’ age,
asteroids big enough to cause large losses of life has hit about every 3 minutes,
or about once every 9.48 million years,
insects showed up around 10:30 PM, Dinosaurs - 11 PM,
'Humans' since somewhere between 200,000 to 2,500,000 years, about .04% of the age of the planet, 
about 20 seconds before midnight
while ‘Modern’ humans go back about 10,000 years, or about 0.0001% of Earth’s age,
...and what started everything showed up,
would he/she/it be very happy with what we’ve done with the place?

When they discover the center of the universe,
a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it.

Bernard Bailey

If about 50 million years after Earth formed about 4.55 billion years ago
an asteroid about the size of Mars crashed into Earth
leaving the moon, which is about a quarter the size of Earth,
led to different kinds of  non 'air' breathing life about 3.9 billion years ago
until something started excreting oxygen, like our current vegetation,
which killed off whatever couldn’t adapt,
and about 99% of the thirty billion or so different kinds of everything that has ever lived on Earth 
doesn't exist anymore and left no descendants,
what are the chances of modern humans lasting how long?

Nothing in the entire universe ever perishes…but things vary, and adopt a new form.

Though this thing may pass into that, and that into this,
yet the sums of things remains unchanged.

Ovid (43 BC - 17 AD), Metamorphoses

If most 'everything' is made of many atoms
which may have very possibly been around before this universe,
which may continue to exist after the current universe is gone,
when something living dies or when an inanimate object disintegrates,
do the atoms become part of everything else?

Every atom you possess
has almost certainly passed through several stars and been part of millions of organisms
on its way to becoming you.

Bill Bryson

If all the atoms in a human body are completely replaced with other atoms about every 9 years
and a child gets about half its DNA from each parent,
a quarter from each grandparent, an eighth from each great-grandparent and so on,
and the genetic code of everything alive and has ever lived is essentially the same only different, 
is everything on Earth relatively interconnected?

Is everything everything?

So when we say that 80% of the population can expect to be ancestors of all surviving individuals,
we are talking about their 22nd great-grandchildren…
[or] one four-millionth part.

Richard Dawkins
Professor of the Public Understanding, Oxford

If the genetic code of everything alive and has ever lived on Earth
is fundamentally the same but a little different,
did every living thing  basically come from the same beginning?

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe
is that none of it has tried to contact us.

Bill Watterson
Calvin and Hobbes

If there is more unknown than known
like what started everything and why or if what started everything is still around,
and we don’t know for certain what happens before life or after death,
what is the purpose of cognitive existence?

Should we be able to think and do what we want
as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else doing the same?

The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.

T. S. Eliot

Don’t think you know what you don’t, conclude what you want because you want to,
say you can if you cant, obfuscate or say you’re going to do and don’t.

Don’t self fulfill prophesy.

The true measure of a man
is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.

Samuel Johnson

Do the right thing when no one’s looking,
leave others better off for having known you and the world a better place than you found it.

Forget what you give, value what you get,
return what you borrow, replace what you break and forgive quickly.

Hope everything happens the way it does
and leave unanswered questions.

Have as much fun as soon as possible
with the least risk for as long as you can
while leaving others better off for your having existed

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.

Ralph Waldo Emerson