Thursday, December 5, 2019

Another Ringer In Local Political Circles?

Anyone know this face? I'm told he is an Alabama attorney by the name of Burton M Sullivan, PO Box 14673, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27415-4673 telephone (336) 335-9435.

You can check out his brand spanking new Facebook profile here. Correction: His Facebook page dates to 2014 but is mostly unused or deleted.

He can also be reached at PO Box 611206, Birmingham, Alabama, 35261-1206, telephone (205) 853.3506
I'm also told his Greensboro address is 122 Fallen Oak Road as seen in the second photo taken from Google Maps. Does that look like the kind of house a successful attorney lives in?

You know what else I was told? I was told that Burton M Sullivan has registered to run as a Democrat against Guilford County Commissioner Jeff Phillips earlier today.

Remember Reverend Diane Moffett who lived in Jamestown and ran for Mayor of Greensboro back in 2017? Last I heard she was living in Kentucky.

Now I'm not saying that Mr Sullivan doesn't live in Greensboro or Guilford County or that he isn't eligible to run.

And should he win it wouldn't be the first time a political unknown came seemingly out of nowhere, just a few years ago Reverend Mark Walker won his first political race ever when he was elected to the US House of Represenatives, but Congressman Walker did have a huge church behind him.

I wonder who
Burton M Sullivan has behind him?

Anyway, if I heard right we'll probably have more questions tomorrow.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving History Timeline

"May 23, 1541: Francisco Vásquez de Coronado
and the Teya Indians have a feast in Palo Duro Canyon in Texas
to celebrate his expedition's discovery of food supplies.

Many people consider this
to be the first true North American Thanksgiving.

Sept. 8, 1565: Pedro Menéndez de Avilés
lands in St. Augustine and he and his men share a feast with the natives.

1578: The first North American celebration
of European harvest festivals is held in Newfoundland
by the Frobisher Expedition.

Dec. 4, 1619: 38 colonists from Berkeley Parish in England
land in Virginia and give thanks to God.

Dec. 11, 1620: The Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock.

Their first winter in the New World is hard
and their number of 102 is reduced to 56.

Fall 1621: The Pilgrims hold a three-day feast
to celebrate their first bountiful harvest.

They include 91 Indians in the festivities
to thank them for helping them with the harvest.

This is often cited as the first Thanksgiving.

1623: After a severe drought ends in heavy rainshowers,
the Pilgrims invite the Indians for another feast
to give thanks for the welcome rain.

June 20, 1676: The governing council of Charlestown, Massachusettes
holds a meeting to decide how to express thanks for their good fortune.

They proclaim June 29th as a day of thanksgiving.

June 29, 1676: The scheduled day of thanksgiving is celebrated.

Oct. 1777: All 13 colonies
participate in the thanksgiving celebration.

1789: After members of Congress request it,
George Washington declares that a national day of thanksgiving
will be held on November 26th.

...Nov. 1846: Sarah Hale, now the editor of Godey's Lady's Book,
begins a letter-writing campaign
to have the last Thursday in November
named national Thanksgiving Day.

Sept. 28, 1863: During the Civil War,
Sarah Hale sends a letter to President Abraham Lincoln
asking him to proclaim a national Thanksgiving Day.

Oct. 3, 1863: In the midst of the Civil War,
President Lincoln proclaims a national Thanksgiving Day
on the last Thursday in November.

The proclamation reads, in part:
" all those who have become widows, orphans,
mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife
in which we are unavoidably engaged...

Aug. 1939: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
declares the second-to-last Thursday in November
to be Thanksgiving Day
instead of the last Thursday in the month.

This is done to benefit retailers
by extending the Christmas shopping season by one week
as the holiday season officially starts
the day after Thanksgiving.

1941: President Roosevelt signs legislation [after national date confusion]
to reestablish Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November,
but it doesn't take effect until 1942.

Thanksgiving Eve, 1947: President Truman pardons a turkey
that is marked for Thanksgiving dinner in the White House.

Thanksgiving Day, 1956: The first television broadcast
of the Thanksgiving Day football game."

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax, by Richard J. Maybury

" children all over America are taught the official Thanksgiving story,
and newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines devote vast amounts of time and space to it.

...This official story is nothing like what really happened.

...The official story has the pilgrims boarding the Mayflower,
coming to America and establishing the Plymouth colony
in the winter of 1620-21.

This first winter is hard, and half the colonists die.

But the survivors are hard working and tenacious,
and they learn new farming techniques from the Indians.

The harvest of 1621 is bountiful.

The Pilgrims hold a celebration, and give thanks to God.

They are grateful for the wonderful new abundant land
He has given them.

The official story then has the Pilgrims living more or less happily ever after,
each year repeating the first Thanksgiving...

The problem with this official story is that the harvest of 1621 was not bountiful,
nor were the colonists hardworking or tenacious.

1621 was a famine year and many of the colonists were lazy thieves.

In his History of Plymouth Plantation, the governor of the colony, William Bradford,
reported that the colonists went hungry for years, because they refused to work in the fields.

They preferred instead to steal food.

He says the colony was riddled with "corruption," and with "confusion and discontent."

The crops were small because "much was stolen both by night and day,
before it became scarce eatable."

In the harvest feasts of 1621 and 1622, "all had their hungry bellies filled," but only briefly.

The prevailing condition during those years was not the abundance the official story claims,
it was famine and death.

The first "Thanksgiving" was not so much a celebration
as it was the last meal of condemned men.

But in subsequent years something changes.

The harvest of 1623 was different.

Suddenly, "instead of famine now God gave them plenty,"
Bradford wrote, "and the face of things was changed,
to the rejoicing of the hearts of many, for which they blessed God."

Thereafter, he wrote,
"any general want or famine hath not been amongst them since to this day."

...After the poor harvest of 1622, writes Bradford,
"they began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could,
and obtain a better crop."

They began to question their form of economic organization.

This had required that "all profits & benefits that are got by trade,
working, fishing, or any other means" were to be placed in the common stock of the colony,
and that, "all such persons as are of this colony, are to have their meat, drink, apparel,
and all provisions out of the common stock."

A person was to put into the common stock all he could,
and take out only what he needed.

This "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need"
was an early form of socialism...

Bradford writes that "young men that are most able and fit
for labor and service" complained about being forced to
"spend their time and strength to work for other men's wives and children."

...So the young and strong refused to work
and the total amount of food produced was never adequate.

To rectify this situation, in 1623 Bradford abolished socialism.

He gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced,
or trade it away as they saw fit.

In other words, he replaced socialism with a free market,
and that was the end of famines.

...At Jamestown, established in 1607,
out of every shipload of settlers that arrived,
less than half would survive their first twelve months in America.

Most of the work was being done by only one-fifth of the men,
the other four-fifths choosing to be parasites.

In the winter of 1609-10, called "The Starving Time,"
the population fell from five-hundred to sixty.

Then the Jamestown colony was converted to a free market,
and the results were every bit as dramatic as those at Plymouth.

...after the switch there was "plenty of food,
which every man by his own industry may easily and doth procure."

...when the socialist system had prevailed,
"we reaped not so much corn from the labors of thirty men
as three men have done for themselves now."

...Thus the real reason for Thanksgiving, deleted from the official story, is:

Socialism does not work;
the one and only source of abundance is free markets."

Richard J. Maybury

WKRP "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" Thanksgiving

. .

Thanksgiving Pilgrims, Indians, Christopher Columbus and Genocide

Friday, November 15, 2019

Goodbye Congressman Mark Walker; "Congressional map from N.C. House could help Democrats gain seats"
Aenbr Nood's first bubble, and then the next

Mark Walker betrays his base to please folks like Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis

A conversation with Joe Gaurino on Mark Walker's betrayal of our Country's future generations and links

From a meeting with Congressman Mark Walker's staff, after which Mark did nothing = Walker has joined the national "keep the financial industry unaccountable" club

For a meeting with Congressman Mark Walker's office at 10:00 this morning, just in case...

Fiscal Conservatism 101

Infrastructure must be built and maintained for any community to thrive. And the most important infrastructure any community has is its people. Greensboro's leaders have long failed to understand that people are more important to community than are buildings, roads, performing arts centers, and monuments to the rich who got rich by using taxpayer dollars to do so.

You can talk tough on crime all you want. You can shout partisan talking points all you want. You can do all those things that have been tried and failed in every city in America all you want but until we recognize our people as our most important infrastructure and invest in them as such we will always fail.

That, my friends, is Fiscal Conservatism 101.

It is also Religious Conservatism 101 no matter your religion.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

According to Matt Brown, Greensboro City Council, Kathy Manning and Walker Sanders, Comedian "Nate Bargatze", who will appear at the Tanger Center on Sunday, May 3, 2020, will sell 330 parking spots at $18 a piece to patrons before the performance

On December 19, 2017, Greensboro Coliseum Director Matt Brown, the City's highest paid employee, told City Council the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts (STPAC) would be paid for in part by patrons paying $18 a piece for 330 VIP parking spaces 150 times per year.

The same math was sent by Brown to Kathy Manning, Co-Chair of the Development/Marketing Task Force and Chief Fundraiser for the Center, and Walker Sanders, president of The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

Manning's husband Randall Kaplan, who served on the STPACs Economic Impact/Feasibility Task Force, is set to profit from the venture with a more than $30 million taxpayer funded parking deck under a new hotel down the street.

There were 488 free on street parking spots within 1,200 feet of the site, not counting the VF and the Marriott parking across the street, and another couple thousand in two more parking decks on the way.

The Bellemeade Deck across the street has 1,276 spaces

DPAC charges $5 per car in a similarly proximate deck.

Manning and Walker among others purposefully misled our community and have conspired against Greensboro's taxpayers for personal profit.

City Council voted to for this project knowing this information or should have, and/or willfully ignored data, violating their fiduciary duties to Greensboro's taxpayers, and should be removed from office.
Comedian Nate Bargatze coming to Tanger Center May 3




Los Angeles, CA (November 12, 2019) – Following the continued success of his Netflix special, The Tennessee Kid, comedian, actor and writer Nate Bargatze is extending his best-selling Good Problem to Have stand-up tour into 2020...

Bargatze’s comedy is both clean and relatable, evident in his six appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon following four appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He appeared on Conan four times, was a recurring guest on @midnight, and had his own Comedy Central Presents in 2011. Off-screen, Bargatze was part of Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour, and has done live shows for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait five times. He regularly performs at Bonnaroo, SXSW, Oddball Comedy Festival, Sasquatch, Clusterfest, and the JFL Montreal Comedy Festival, where he’s received critical acclaim multiple years in a row. Bargatze is also in production on a pilot for ABC, which he created and stars in...


Since July 2016, the City of Greensboro increased its budget by $46.9 million per year, more than 11%, while overall taxation increased by about 15% to pay for it

City of Greensboro raises taxes by 7.5%, but most don't know, as our local media didn't tell anyone

STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

Proof of Control Fraud by Kathy Manning, City of Greensboro's Matt Brown, CFGG's Walker Sanders and everyone else who knew and didn't say anything, especially the elected officials who voted for it

Matt Brown, Kathy Manning and Walker Sanders betrayed our community

Monday, November 11, 2019

Leon Black, worth $7.8 Billion, is going to take Greensboro and Guilford County for $407,000 in taxpayer funded handouts via Fresh Market
"In 2016, Apollo Global Management LLC acquired the stock and Fresh Market is now a privately held company with over 13,000 employees, headquartered at 628 Green Valley Road."

"Leon David Black (born 1951) is an American investor and art collector. He specializes in leveraged buyouts and private equity. He founded the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in 1990.

...Two months after the May 2012 anonymous purchase of one of four versions of Edvard Munch's The Scream, The Wall Street Journal reported that Black had been the one who had paid $119.9 million for the pastel, the highest price ever paid for a work of art at auction as of that time.

"The Fresh Market is not only likely getting help from the Guilford County taxpayers, but also from the Greensboro taxpayers who are Guilford County taxpayers as well.

The Greensboro City Council is holding a special-called joint meeting with the High Point City Council on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 12:30 p.m. at the Guilford Technical Community College Center for Advanced Manufacturing, 6012 Gate City Blvd.

At that meeting, the Greensboro City Council plans to consider an incentive not to exceed $301,000 based on the Fresh Market creating 53 new jobs and retaining 248 jobs with an average wage of $86,000 and a capital investment by the Fresh Market of about $2 million."

County Taxpayers May Help Grow Fresh Market

While the Guilford County Board of Commissioners hasn’t discussed the project publically, the board has scheduled a public hearing for its Thursday, Nov. 21 meeting, when the commissioners will listen to any pro and con arguments from citizens and then vote on a proposed incentives package for the upscale grocery store chain.

According to county documents, the proposal is “to appropriate and expend $106,000 in county funds to The Fresh Market, Inc. for the creation of 53 new jobs and retention of 248 positions at an average wage of $86,000.”

In the past 37 years, Fresh Market has grown to a chain of 160 stores in 22 states. In 2010, the company held an initial public offering raising $290 million and the stock began trading on Nasdaq.
Fake fiscal conservative Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling vote for City of Greensboro Tax Increase

Justin Outling: $500 from Marty Kotis, who he voted to give taxpayer monies to

The Rhino's Hammer, a lying liberal when told to be as Roy Carroll's crony faux journalistic boy toy to cover for City Council's handouts to John's boss

Think about how much taxpayer money Nancy Hoffmann has voted to give to Marty Kotis

A taxpayer funded parking deck for Roy Carroll and Tuggle Duggins moved by Councilmember Outling, seconded by Councilmember Hoffmann, to adopt the resolution. 

The motion carried on the following roll call vote:

Ayes, Nancy Vaughan, Yvonne J. Johnson, Mike Barber, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Jamal T. Fox, Sharon M. Hightower, Nancy Hoffmann, Justin Outling and Tony Wilkins"

Goldie Wells signs on to be just like Justin Outling and Tony Wilkins; Appointed before an election

Premeditated fraud on the City's taxpayers by Justin Outling and City Council

I made a bunch of phone calls today trying to find out who the realtor is for Roy Carroll's Publix Greensboro incentive deal

I saw Robbie Perkins huddled with Marlene Sanford at the Council meeting Tuesday night, waiting for the vote to give Roy Carroll millions more on top of the $32 million he just got with the Tuggle Duggins's boys from the Triad Good Government PAC, which gave to 7 out of 9 City Council members last election cycle.

Yvonne Johnson didn't even know where the money came from.

I asked Robbie if he was going to be the real estate agent for the retail space the City/Roy was building into the deck taxpayers were paying for by the ballpark.

He said he didn't know anything etc...

Robbie Perkins led the effort to line his and his friends pockets with taxpayer money without creating more jobs.

Mayor Perkins and Crony Capitalist Roy Carroll seeking millions in taxpayers monies for water and sewer to Eastern Guilford County

A sign of panic; "Wilkins, Barber win nods from 5 former Greensboro mayors"

Mike Barber personally profiting from Greensboro taxpayers with some help from Amanda Lehmert

City Council Give Away; June 16, 2015; $188,280.87 of water and sewer for Roy Carroll hidden in item 9 of the consent agenda for Greensboro's City Council meeting

How much did the city spend to get the sewer line installed under I-40 for Roy Carroll's AMEX backup data center project?
Adam Smith, the father of modern economics wrote “The proposal of any new law or regulation which comes from [businessmen], ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention.”
If a democratically elected government is supposed to protect the public from profit-seeking special interests, so the people don’t end up living “in a van down by the river,” while the “Man” captures the community’s regulatory and political apparatus with campaign cash, are Roy Carroll's actions symptomatic of a systemic disease afflicted on an apathetic population, enabled by a majority of Greensboro's City Council?
Hartzman's prepared statement on John Hammer, Roy Carroll and the Rhino Times, from last night's City Council meeting

Roy Carroll's Tony Wilkins stealth donation via the Triad Good Government PAC

Roy Carroll funneling money to Nancy Vaughan via the Triad Good Government PAC

John Hammer goes to the Infrastructure Committee meeting, doesn't report Marty Kotis getting a City property for less than the appraised value = John Hammer isn't a journalist

Congrats to Roy Carroll and Randall Kaplan; Your names appear nowhere on $56 million in taxpayer handouts

Nancy Vaughan's 2017 Roy Carroll payoff for his parking deck

Roy Carroll and Tuggle Duggin's Triad Good Government PAC, Nancy Hoffmann, and the rest of our bribed politicians

Nancy Hoffman's post election filing take from Roy Carroll via the Triad Good Government PAC

Today's City of Greensboro is the result of a transformation into an oligarchy"

Greensboro, North Carolina; "Crony capitalism is the worst case in point"

"North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy"

The Declaration of Independence and Our New Crony Royalty

"In the mid–20th century, fascism actually meant something.

"Consider Greensboro's News Media.

"Our community's only defense again crony capitalism is a strong independent media.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Partners Ending Homelessness Isn't

Well in Guilford County they're not. As a matter of fact, despite the propaganda from Partners Ending Homelessness Executive director Brian Hahne:

You see, while using terms like 'chronically homeless' Mr Hahne is able to paint a pretty picture but the truth is something altogether different. Since Partners Ending Homelessness announced their plan to end homelessness in Guilford County within 10 years, back in 2007 the number of homeless children in Guilford County increased by 48% as of 2012.

From Fox8 linked above:

"As for why the numbers are going up, Darryl Kosciak with Partners Ending Homelessness said part of the reason is due to better counting practices."
Yeah, right. Here's Partners Ending Homelessness' own records from 2006 until 2011 as published in the News & Record. No improvement there.

But in that same article it was claimed they were making progress even as the numbers creeped higher. Even the title read, "Guilford’s homeless making progress".

Lies. Lies betting that you will read no more than the title and assume it to be truth.

Yes there was a recession but they still lied.

Meanwhile Spectrum News is reporting Homelessness On The Rise In Greensboro:

"The Interactive Resource Center says homelessness in Greensboro is at a crisis level.
The group says nearly 1,000 people go to sleep homeless each night.
Those people are finding shelter in cars, motels, and tents in the woods. They're asking for the city's help."

Partners Ending Homelessness states there were 586 people homeless as of January 2019. That's for the whole of Guilford County, Greensboro, High Point, and the rest of the county.

What does the Interactive Resource Center say?

"Every night in Greensboro, more than 900 people go to sleep homeless — in shelters, under bridges, in the woods or in cars."

And the IRC says a whole lot more like

"According to the National Coalition to End Homelessness, nearly half of all people experiencing homelessness are employed."


"In Greensboro, most panhandlers are not actually experiencing homelessness, which is why it is important to support an organization like the IRC that supports the people who truly need it."

Who do you believe?

In 2017 AmericaCorps reported that in Greensboro alone:

"On any given night, over 1,000 people will be living on the streets or shelters in Greensboro."

While in that same year Partners Ending Homelessness reported that Guilford County as a whole had 573 homeless people.

Now how is it that almost twice the area which included the other area had roughly half as many homeless people in the same year?

And folks, I only showed you a few instances in one city, in one county. The internet is full of counts published by non profits and government agencies alike that simply don't jibe with the year to year data published by Partners Ending Homelessness, which, by the way, is part of a nationwide public-private partnership operating in cities everywhere.