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True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 3

So far the True Confessions Of Ben Holder  have been mostly rants, accusations and childish name calling on the part of Mr Holder himself but here in Episode 3 we have what is no doubt evidence that Ben Holder knew the City of Greensboro was working to perpetuate the deteriorating conditions at Heritage House Condominiums years before their closing with fraudulent inspections, cover-ups and more. Click on any of the screen grabs of actual posts from Mr Holder's Troublemaker blog to see what he had to say:

On April 3, 2013 Ben is very  unhappy that repairs aren't being made in a timely fashion and no one is doing anything about it. He blames Greensboro Code Enforcement.

 The next day he posts a letter written by the City Manager who claims to be fixing the problem. But as everyone is now aware the problems were never fixed.

Also on April 4, 2013

This is the NCACHO link Ben linked to in his post. Apparently he made someone nervous.

On June 12, 2014 Ben Holder posted the following post to his blog:

But not before having posted and removed his June 4, 2015 post where Ben Holder was taking the City's side of the argument, posting to his blog and to Facebook that a $39,000 water bill was past due at Heritage House and asking Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan what she wanted to do next.

It was at that point I knew Ben Holder had turned to the dark side. Somehow that had gotten to him. Was it fear, intimidation, the promise of a city contract as a mercenary code enforcement officer?

Over the weekend I submitted the following public information request titled, Hold Dem Durn Horses Ben and forwarded it to Ben:

"Please Send me the entirety of Ben Holder's work summaries for his recent contract with the City of Greensboro.

Thanks -Billy Jones"

I'm still waiting for the City's response and don't know when it will come but in True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 4 I'll be sure to tell you Ben's response.

Bill Gross on the global bond market upon which Rick Lusk etc... and the City of Greensboro bet $102 million on

"...derivatives on a systemic basis represent increased leverage and therefore increased risk – presenting possible exit and liquidity problems in future months and years.

Mutual funds, hedge funds, and ETFs, are part of the “shadow banking system” where these modern “banks” are not required to maintain reserves or even emergency levels of cash.  Since they in effect now are the market, a rush for liquidity on the part of the investing public, whether they be individuals in 401Ks or institutional pension funds and insurance companies, would find the “market” selling to itself with the Federal Reserve severely limited in its ability to provide assistance. regulators have ample cause to wonder if the phrase “run on the bank” could apply to modern day investment structures that are lightly regulated and less liquid than traditional banks.

...regulators and thus large institutional asset managers are at least contemplating an inability to respond to potential outflows.

...the obvious risk – perhaps better labeled the “liquidity illusion” – is that all investors cannot fit through a narrow exit at the same time.

The financial industry/government may keep you stuck where you're invested,
whether you want to or not,
like Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Zimbabwe etc...

But shadow banking structures – unlike cash securities – require counterparty relationships that require more and more margin if prices should decline.

The more your leveraged and the more you  lose, 
the more equity you have to put up on margin calls, 
the less equity you have, 
the higher likelihood you may have to sell at the worst time. 

While private equity and hedge funds have built-in “gates” to prevent an overnight exit, mutual funds and ETFs do not.  That an ETF can satisfy redemption with underlying bonds or shares, only raises the nightmare possibility of a disillusioned and uninformed public throwing in the towel once again after they receive thousands of individual odd lot pieces under such circumstances.

What if too many of the old folks watching CNBC and FOX Business
decide to sell at the same time
to salvage needed retirement funds?

But even in milder “left tail scenarios” it is price that makes the difference to mutual fund and ETF holders alike, and when liquidity is scarce, prices usually go down not up, given a Minsky moment. 

See below

Long used to the inevitability of capital gains, investors and markets have not been tested during a stretch of time when prices go down and policymakers’ hands are tied to perform their historical function of buyer of last resort.

It’s then that liquidity will be tested.

...what might precipitate such a “run on the shadow banks”?

1) A central bank mistake leading to lower bond prices and a stronger dollar.

2) Greece, and if so, the inevitable aftermath of default/restructuring leading to additional concerns for Eurozone peripherals.

3) China - “a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”. It is the “mystery meat” of economic sandwiches - you never know what’s in there. Credit has expanded more rapidly in recent years than any major economy in history, a sure warning sign.

4) Emerging market crisis - dollar denominated debt/overinvestment/commodity orientation - take your pick of potential culprits.

5) Geopolitical risks - too numerous to mention and too sensitive to print.

6) A butterfly’s wing - chaos theory suggests that a small change in “non-linear systems” could result in large changes elsewhere. Call this kooky, but in a levered financial system, small changes can upset the status quo.

Keep that butterfly net handy.

Should that moment occur, a cold rather than a hot shower may be an investor’s reward and the view will be something less than “gorgeous”.

So what to do?

Hold an appropriate amount of cash so that panic selling for you is off the table.

A wise investor from nearly a century ago - Bernard Baruch - counseled to “sell to the sleeping point”.

Mimic Mr. Baruch and have a good night.

-William H. Gross
"What is a Minsky Moment?

A Minsky moment is a sudden major collapse of asset values...

Sudden collapse via a minority perceived set of imbalances
that with enough of the population figuring it out,
affects a change in the confidence/belief/perception to the point
that too many become aware in too short of time.

Minsky moments occur after long periods of prosperity
and inflationary investment values
lead to increased leveraged (borrowed) speculation. 

Spiraling debt 
incurred in financing non income producing speculative investment
leads to cash flow problems for investors. 

The cash generated by their assets 
no longer is sufficient to pay off the debt they took on to acquire them. 

The banks lent too much,
consumers borrowed too much,
the Federal Reserve and other central banks
bailed out their patrons with funny money,
reflating a big bubble into a huge, global, simultaneous
government sponsored liquidity fest.

Losses on such speculative assets
prompt lenders to call in their loans. 
likely leading to collapse of asset values
leading to a sudden and precipitous collapse 
in market-clearing asset prices, 
a sharp drop in market liquidity, 
and a severe demand for cash."

An open letter to Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins from some anonymous City employees invested in ICMA-RC's 457 Retirement Plan, who fear retaliation

Dear Councilman Wilkins;

We have contacted George Hartzman concerning Greensboro's ICMA-RC 457 plan, as we have no way to lodge concerns, grievances and/or report wrongdoing within the City's management chain of command for fear of harassment and/or retaliation.  We don't want to lose our jobs and pensions.  We don't want to get demoted.  We certainly don't want Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue, Connie Hammond, Donnie Turlington, Rick Lusk or Larry Davis to know who we are.  If Westmoreland and Vigue are members of ICMA, and ICMA is affiliated with Greensboro's 457 plan providers, and the rest mentioned appear to have helped keep the plan more expensive with lower returns, having our names released or known to these individuals puts our jobs and family's financial futures at risk.

Our concerns center around Mr. Hartzman's February 24, 2015 presentation to a City Council work session which you attended, which first became available last week on the City's website.  George has been advocating for Greensboro's employees on the subject since 2013.  Before Donnie Turlington, who appears to represent the City manager's office ahead/instead of Greensboro's employees, officially put the presentation on the City's servers, we were not certain the contents of the presentation were actually presented.'s%20Retirement%20Plan.pdf
Council member Wilkins, the following are questions we have agreed to ask, which Mr. Hartzman says you promised him you would find the answers to for us;

1.  Is the basic concept Mr. Hartzman presented correct/plausible/doable?

2.  Does the Deferred Compensation Committee have an Investment Policy Statement, and if so, when was it approved and what does it say about investment and administrative fees?

3.  Mr. Hartzman is saying last he asked, that Rick Lusk and Larry Davis had not reviewed his February 24, 2015 presentation.  Is it true that they hadn't reviewed it?  Have they reviewed it? If they did review it, when did they do so?  What were their conclusions from their review?  If they have still not reviewed it, why?  Has the Deferred Compensation Committee reviewed the information?  Has AON Consulting?  Has the City's ICMA-RC representatives reviewed it?

4.  As Mr. Hartzman has asked for someone other than City staff to review the presentation for plausibility, would you please facilitate an outside review with a third party of your choice, without suggestions or input from City management, AON, members of the Deferred Compensation Committee or ICMA-RC?  If you haven't used up your City expense reimbursement allocation, please consider using some of the money for our benefit.

5.  Mr. Hartzman asserts AON Consulting was paid more than $6,000 for work product associated with the plan in January, 2015.  Is this correct?  If so, why is there no documentation of AON's involvement other than the bill, or is there?  What did AON conclude concerning Mr. Hartzman's proposal for all that money?

6.  Why did it take so long for the City to put the presentation on Greensboro's website?  Why isn't Hartzman's presentation attached to the work session agenda?

7.  Did the private meetings held with City Council members refute Mr. Hartzman's assertions concerning the costs of the plan?  If so, why has the information been withheld from the plan's participants?

8.  Is there any documentation from the City, AON or one of Greensboro's vendors rebutting the veracity of what George presented?  Has ICMA-RC responded?

9.  Does the Federal Government's Thrift Savings Plan really cost that much less?

10.  Is it true, even if Greensboro is under a long term contract with ICMA-RC, that the funds can be changed by the Deferred Compensation Committee acting in the best interests of the plan's participants?

11.  Did Greensboro choose to charge the City's employees to pay a surrender penalty to the former provider, if we could have waited for the surrender charges to disappear without payment?

12.  Has anyone with the City attended 'conferences' paid for by ICMA-RC?

13.  Has anyone at the City been taken out for golf, dinners or any other relatively expensive relationship building events by ICMA-RC representatives?  If so, how many times, when and how much was spent on Greensboro retirement plan decision makers?

14.  If Zack Matheny stated George Hartzman's arithmetic concerning our retirement plan was incorrect during a City Council meeting, what was he referring to?  If low cost index funds are clearly less expensive than the higher cost funds in the plan, what reasoning was given to keep the higher cost, lower performing funds?

15.  Is it true the City's Deferred Compensation Committee is not in possession of ICMA-RC's managed account returns sold to Greensboro's employees by ICMA-RC representatives?  Were ICMA-RC representatives given quotas to sell the higher cost managed plans to our participants?Have ICMA-RC's managed accounts outperformed the rest of the plan's funds?

16.  Is it true ICMA-RC's local representative lived/lives a couple houses down from Zack Matheny?  If so, was there contact between the two concerning our money?

17.  Is it true other municipalities pay much lower expenses for some of same plan choices, specifically the VT PLUS Fund?

18.  Is it true the City has not asked ICMA-RC to lower their fees to benefit ourselves and our co-workers?  If ICMA-RC has been asked to lower the fees, when and by whom and what was the outcome?

19.  Was Mr. Hartzman correct in citing ICMA-RC Deputy General Counsel Angela C. Montez, who told him municipalities have the latitude to negotiate fees and switch funds as fiduciaries deem prudent and in the best interests of participants?  Is the Deferred Compensation Committee considered our fiduciaries?

20.  Does the City pay a custodial fee for the VT PLUS Fund?  Is the plan's software infrastructure provided by SunGard?

21.  Are the plan's administration fees dependent on how many plan participants are invested?  Are there actually other municipalities with fewer participants and asset values who pay less than we do for the same thing?

22.  Please explain how an ICMA-RC "Administrative Allowance" works.  Please explain why Greensboro's plan doesn't have an "Administrative Allowance", which lowers administrative costs.

23.  What is the City's ICMA-RC 457 plan "Minimum Annual Administrative Revenue Requirement"?  How should the "Minimum Annual Administrative Revenue Requirement" be used to keep our costs down?

24.  Is there actually a "fund line-up", which George Hartzman says Mary Vigue told him she would acquire, which contains funds with lower fees that could replace some of the current funds ICMA-RC has recommended, and if so, where is it and what's on it?

25.  If the fund list exists, and Madam Vigue didn't provide it if she said she would, why not?

26.  Is the City in possession of the fund list?  Can you call ICMA-RC and get it from them, if it exists?

27.  Is Greensboro paying the same level of fees as Charlotte, even though our plan is about twice as big, and if so, why are we paying more if we have more money invested?

28.  If what George Hartzman is saying about our plan is incorrect, why hasn't the City or ICMA-RC asked for a retraction and/or apology?  Shouldn't ICMA-RC have taken legal action by now?

29.  If the federal government is doing what Hartzman is suggesting with $397 billion for about 4.6 million participants, why would it be a bad idea for Greensboro's employees to do the same?

Please help us clear this issue up Councilman Wilkins.  We put our jobs and pensions at risk by contacting Mr. Hartzman, and remain at risk if our identities are revealed and there is no response from you.  If what George is saying is true, we have not been served well by the decision makers at the City.  If Hartzman is wrong, please say so.

Please tell us the truth about this whole mess.

Please act in our best interests.


Some anonymous City employees invested in ICMA-RC's 457 Retirement Plan, who fear retaliation if their names were to be made known to some of the City of Greensboro's executive management.
Submitted by George Hartzman

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How are Zack Matheny and Mike Barber not guilty of violating § 14-234.1; Misuse of confidential information, in his pursuit of the DGI job?

"§ 14-234.1.  Misuse of confidential information.

(a)        It is unlawful for any officer or employee of the State or an officer or an employee of any of its political subdivisions, in contemplation of official action by himself or by a governmental unit with which he is associated, or in reliance on information which was made known to him in his official capacity and which has not been made public, to commit any of the following acts:
(1)        Acquire a pecuniary interest in any property, transaction, or enterprise or gain any pecuniary benefit which may be affected by such information or official action; or
(2)        Intentionally aid another to do any of the above acts.
(b)        Violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor. (1987, c. 616; 1993, c. 539, s. 146; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c).)"
If our District Attorney won't touch it, Zack got away with breaking the law;

The North Carolina Criminal Self-Dealing Statute (G.S. 14-234): 
Five Things You Should Know
It's okay when white connected folks do it.
I have been told by multiples of Greensboro law enforcement personnel that Guilford County District Attorney Doug Henderson doesn't care if Zack Matheny and Mike Barber broke the law.

True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 2

Now before we begin episode 2 why don't you recap the ending of True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 1, where I bring up the issue of Ben's alleged property ownership. There's a link there that will bring you back here when you're done. By the way, I've added a link to this series to the left sidebar of the website under the heading, Leading Stories, to make it easier for you to return to future episodes.

The issue of Ben's home ownership isn't important. What is important is if Ben told the truth about where he lived when he signed the Petition Requesting Housing Inspection which was used by the City of Greensboro to acquire a warrant to inspect Heritage House. Ben used the same address again in 2014.

You can click on any of these pictures to view full size.

And here's the Guilford County Register of Deeds info on Ben's alleged address?

Obviously Ben Holder does not own that home-- at least not on paper. If Ben thinks he owns that home he'd best be contacting a good lawyer as Jeffery Hatcher acquired that home by quitclaim in 2009.

One of my last replies to Ben on Friday night was as follows:

"Ben, you don't own a home either. There is no Ben or Benjamin Holder listed in the Guilford County Property listings. I checked, the home you live in belongs to some doctor despite the fact that you claim to own it. Yes, I live in my mother's home but unlike you I don't have to lie about it. She asked me to stay here when my father died. If not for her I wouldn't have returned to Greensboro and would be living in the mountains of Virginia today where I owned land.

Goodnight, got to go to work early."

At 6:42 on Saturday morning Ben began his day with:

"Lol...youre such an idiot...a doctor huh? You should call him and get your head examined.  Billy, you're a pathetic piece of shit. "
At 7:31 He sent:
" Dr Jeff Hatcher???? Hilarious"

Of course I wasn't yet replying because I had left for work at 5:30 and would not return until Saturday afternoon. There is a Dr Jeffery Hatcher in Greensboro who just happens to be about the same age as Ben Holder. Are they the same Jeffery Hatcher? Of that I'm not certain.

At 7:32 Ben writes:

"Your an idiot"

At 7:40 Ben writes:

"You're such an insignificant pussy.  You are a liar.  You won't correct shit.  I have less than four criminal charges.  You're a complete waste of time."

Remember: I'm still at work. Who's wasting time here? At 2:39 PM I came in from work and e-mailed Ben Holder the following:

"Now Ben, you do understand that every word you have written to me and every word I have written to you will be posted on my blog, right? At this point you are already in so deep that if you don't answer my questions you will look guilty in the eyes of everyone who reads. At well over 30,000 page views a month easily documented by anyone who watches the installed counter near the top left of the page that's a pretty fair sum. And with elections coming up the numbers will soon rise. Can your credibility as a journalist take the hit?
I'll expect answers to my first questions on Monday morning. My advice is to end the childish name calling and start thinking about answers to ALL of my questions as it can and will get worse before it gets better. And be sure to include documentation.
And remember Ben, you started this round when you assaulted one of my writers in Council Chambers last week.

PS. How many DWI's have you had, Ben? How many times caught driving while license suspended? Those are crimes too. And it doesn't end there."

Ben was quiet as a church mouse for the rest of the day. But he would recharge himself and come back for more on Sunday morning.

Yesterday when my rooster started to flog me, digging in those 2" spurs as he often does, I grabbed him up and put him in time out, solitary confinement in the chicken coop. There's hardly a day goes by that he doesn't stab me in my hands, arms or legs-- sometimes he sinks 'em pretty deep too. All the way to the bone.
That rooster sure frets about when he can't get close to his hens. He calls to the hens to comfort him but he's got nothing they want so they just ignore him so. A few hours later I let him out and the first thing that stupid rooster did was flog me again. He can't win but he's too stupid to learn better. He even crows as if he did win. I'm thinking I might rename my rooster Ben Holder.

Mississippi Crony Capitalism Thrives In Greensboro

Recently we learned that the Piedmont Triad's leading economic development agency hired the top 2 clowns from the state economic development agency in Mississippi-- the state with the worst economy of all-- to run economic development in the Piedmont.
Recently the News & Record reported:
"The Randolph County Economic Development Corp. said this week that the logo, whose tag is “Thrive in the Heart of North Carolina,” was designed by a Mississippi economic development marketing company."
So let me get this straight, the folks in charge hire 2 guys from Mississippi to run our local economic development organization and their first order of business is to hire "a Mississippi economic development marketing company." aka advertising company, when Greensboro and the Piedmont Triad is full of marketing, advertising and graphics companies.

These guys and the people who hired them should be tarred and feathered then run out of town on a rail.

Monday, June 29, 2015

True Confessions Of Ben Holder: Episode 1

I'll admit, this isn't what I'd hoped it would be when I was first contacted by Ben Holder on Friday evening. That said, I'd been hearing for days he wanted to get in touch with me so I kept telling our go-between to tell Ben my e-mail address is located at the top of the blog.

"Call me.  336-988-9857"

I was outside working in the yard at the time and my only computer is a desktop so I didn't get Ben's e-mail right away. Less than an hour later he sent a second e-mail:

"Call me.  336-988-9857"

I was still out working in the yard and garden, also getting my things together for work on Saturday morning. Less that an hour later I got another e-mail from Ben Holder using the subject line:


 "Seriously folks, I couldn't make up this kind of corruption if I tried. Ben Holder was hired by the city of Greensboro to find properties that weren't up to code. Instead he spent his 20 hours a week at $60 an hour sitting at home doing searches on his computer of the records of the work that the real code enforcement officers had already done.

And Ben Holder has about 1 year of experience as an actual code enforcement officer compared to those he is criticizing who have decades."

Completely wrong, as usual."

Ben was referring to my recent post How To Thoroughly Inspect A Building Without Going Inside.

So I guess when you don't jump as fast as Ben Holder thinks you should jump that makes you a coward in Ben Holder's eyes. As soon as I got back inside I turned on my computer, opened my e-mail, read the e-mails above and sent the following reply to Ben and a long list of people including Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Barber:

"Okay Ben Holder, let's talk about the post as a whole:

"How To Thoroughly Inspect A Building Without Going Inside

Thoroughly inspecting a building for code violations without ever setting foot inside is impossible, right? Not if you're the mighty, mercenary code enforcement inspector Ben Holder, hired last year by the City of Greensboro at the insistence of Councilman Mike Barber and Mayor Nancy Vaughan at a cost of $60 an hour to inspect the now condemned Heritage House Condominiums. According to Mr Holder all you have to do is turn on your computer and "utilizing the "Control F" technique and the term "smoke Detector" while reading Chapter 11 of the Greensboro of Greensboro"

Seriously folks, I couldn't make up this kind of corruption if I tried. Ben Holder was hired by the city of Greensboro to find properties that weren't up to code. Instead he spent his 20 hours a week at $60 an hour sitting at home doing searches on his computer of the records of the work that the real code enforcement officers had already done.

And Ben Holder has about 1 year of experience as an actual code enforcement officer compared to those he is criticizing who have decades."

Did you or did you not charge the City of Greensboro $60 an hour for searching documents for the term, "smoke Detector" as you indicated in your report?

And was that really within the realm of your contract or were you just finding things to do? Make work because there really wasn't anything for you to do.

How long did you actually work in code enforcement?

Do you have any certifications in code enforcement? Where from?

Remember Ben, if you evade me I will chew you up and spit you out in front of the world.

And when you're done answering those question I've got about a hundred more unanswered question concerning your time as a mercenary code enforcement inspector you might want to answer if you have balls enough to put the answers in an e-mail. Take your time, read up, I'll give you all weekend to get up to speed. Then we can discuss what I write about you-- all of it-- not just select quotes you want to pull out of context. This could get long, drawn out and messy. You ripped-off the City of Greensboro for the entirety of your contract and everyone reading this e-mail knows it to be true. Again, do you have the balls to do it in print?

Call me a coward, I can back it up. Remember: you contacted me after I'd previously warned Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Barber to keep you in your cage.

-Billy Jones, your friendly freelance neighborhood Tyrannicide

PS. MHAG offers a free anger management course. I highly recommend it."
Okay, I admit, the remark about anger management at MHAG wasn't very nice on my part. You see, what brought on my post that made Ben so angry is that Ben shoved George Hartzman inside of City Council Chambers just two weeks ago tomorrow night. And if you know Ben and George you know that Ben is much bigger than George. I'm not going to pretend to tell you that I can kick Ben's ass-- I'm 15 years older, in bad health and not nearly as big as Ben. And while I own guns that would allow me to take Ben out from hundreds of yards away I'm not a fan of jails. But being that I just happened to have that document from the City I decided to show Ben there are other ways he can and will be hurt.

Now Ben replies to me adding Herky Fishbine, aka Roch Smith Jr to the list of recipients. Ben doesn't know I've known Roch's alias for years:

"already did.

Billy wrote: "Ben Holder was hired by the city of Greensboro to find properties that weren't up to code. Instead he spent his 20 hours a week at $60 an hour sitting at home doing searches on his computer of the records of the work that the real code enforcement officers had already done."

That is absolutely false.  Billy can't and wont prove anything quoted above because he can't.   I did not work 20 hours a week for $60 an hour.  Billy can't prove that I did.  Billy must not be a good investigator.    Also, from June, 2014-Dec 2014 I did nothing BUT ride around and inspect properties for code enforcement.  Billy is completely wrong.  

Billy added: " And Ben Holder has about 1 year of experience as an actual code enforcement officer compared to those he is criticizing who have decades." 

As history and documentation will show, I have audited inspections on many occasions and my audits have caused positive change.  My audits have shown gross negligencedishonesty and simple bad procedure.  My audits have changed things like 

asbestos removal procedure to ensure safety.  Mon, 07 Nov 2005,   Greensboro News & Record reported on one of my earlier audits.  " Holder held the property owner and the city to the letter of the law even as work crews started demolishing the motel.  When he found no one had applied for an asbestos permit, he contacted the state -- and the cleanup was stalled for some time."  I've been doing this for a long time and my audits have also resulted in the termination of a 20 plus year inspector that held a supervisory position.  My audit showed she falsified inspection records.  Because of my audit, she was terminated.  Billy's post is irresponsibly false.  He made it up.  

Billy wrote: " "Seriously folks, I couldn't make up this kind of corruption if I tried."  Actually, Billy could and he did.

The documents Billy linked to show nothing to support his statements about auditing inspections 20 hours a week for $60 an hour.  Billy made it up.

Billy please list my criminal charges.  In a post and at a city council meeting, you've mentioned my record.  Please, what is it that you have in those 32 pages of criminal charges?"

That's very different from, as Ben writes above,  "I did nothing BUT ride around and inspect properties for code enforcement." As a matter of fact: Ben's very own report for the month of July 2014 makes no mention of riding around looking for code violations of any sort. But just to be certain I've submitted a public information request for summaries of all of Ben's work for the entire length of his contract. When it comes I'll post it later in the series along with any necessary corrections.

Ben fires off another e-mail to me:


Ben Holder was hired by the city of Greensboro to find properties that weren't up to code. Instead he spent his 20 hours a week at $60 an hour sitting at home doing searches on his computer of the records of the work that the real code enforcement officers had already done.
prove it"

 Ben included a link to this document.

I replied:
"This is the same document I linked to in my post dumbass-- what are you trying to prove?"

You're right, George, I shouldn't have called Ben a dumbass. George doesn't like it when I call people names. He's even threatened to stop writing here if I continue to do so. My patience was wearing thin. It was late, I was tired and yes I turn into an asshole sometimes. I'm sorry. Ben, you have my apology as well.

It's just that if Ben is submitting the same document to me as proof then that probably means he never clicked on the link in my post and therefore is clueless as to the evidence I've already presented. Besides, he never pointed out which part of the document-- if any-- made his point.
Like I said, his July report makes no mention of riding around looking for violations and I've submitted a PIRT request for all of Ben's work summaries.
"criminal record please?"
He still thinks he's running things but he has yet to provide answers to most of my questions and documentation for anything he has written. Now you know why I prefer e-mail-- a record of everything is kept automatically so that old brains don't have to remember.
Ben gets stuck on things too, fixated I guess you might say, as shown in his next e-mail to me:
"You've never posted my criminal record.  You've only claimed to have 32 pages.  Please, lets see them?"
See what I mean. Ben went to the Ed Cone School of Journalism. Ben thinks if he can catch me at just one mistake then he can declare my entire body of work wrong. Over the years I took a lot of online beatings from Mr Cone before I learned better, Benjamin won't do that to me, not now, not ever. I replied to Ben.

"Ben will answer my questions or I won't play.

And I'll scan a copy of the criminal record when we're done with all of my questions, not before.
But Ben just in case you think I'm bluffing you.
On August 14 1998 you went to court for possession of 1/2 to <1 1="" and="" br="" marju="" ounces=""> Your attorney was Swisher.
The case was appealed to Superior Court.

That wasn't the only time you were busted for possession
You also have several busts for possession of drug paraphernalia.
That's pretty interesting for the guy who campaigned to get crack pipes off of store shelves. Should play real good on the blog.
In another case Tom Carruthers was your attorney. Now that gets into conflict of interest issues for you and Mr Carruthers and your contract with the City of Greensboro.
Now go ahead, Ben and play this game if you like but you are going to answer my questions first. If I've made mistakes I will make corrections but you are going to answer my questions first. Otherwise Ben Holder is fucked.
Talk to you tomorrow. Don't be in a rush as you've got lots of reading to catch up on:"
That's right, I gave him a teaser, just enough to let him know I do have his criminal record at hand.

At some point in the conversation I thought it a good idea to give Mr Holder a warning. You see he's been asking for my address and telephone number for quite some time and on numerous occasions has threatened me with physical violence. I'll document that later in the series.

"And Mr Holder, should you make serious on your threat to come to my home even if only to discuss your grievances with me I will have GPD arrest you for trespassing. You have been warned. You have my e-mail address if you want to discuss anything with me."

Ben replied in his usual insulting way:

"you mean your mom's house?"

I answered:

"Ben, you don't own a home either. There is no Ben or Benjamin Holder listed in the Guilford County Property listings. I checked, the home you live in belongs to some doctor despite the fact that you claim to own it. Yes, I live in my mother's home but unlike you I don't have to lie about it. She asked me to stay here when my father died. If not for her I wouldn't have returned to Greensboro and would be living in the mountains of Virginia today where I owned land.
Goodnight, got to go to work early"

Of course that's not good enough for Ben Holder:
"Again, you're completely wrong"

I know, I should have gone to bed but I just had to:

"Isn't this where Ben lives? That's the address he listed on the documents he signed to get Heritage House inspected. According to County records that home belongs to a Dr Jeffery Hatcher and has for years.

Now either he was lying then or he is lying about owning that home now. Which is it Ben?

And is it true you never set a foot inside of Heritage House?

Remember: I have Sal's audio recordings, tell us the truth.

Like I said, my terms, this is going to get very messy for a whole lot of people.

You realize Greensboro has leash laws, don't you Mayor Vaughan?

I really should go to bed... "

Now just in case my readers can't get the link to the Guilford County Register of Deeds to work I took a screen grab. Click on it to view full size. 

Mr Hatcher owns numerous properties around Greensboro and no less than 4 homes in the Glenwood neighborhood. If Ben Holder owns the home he lives in then it is not deeded in Ben Holder's name. As a matter of fact: a search of the Guilford County Register of Deeds shows absolutely no properties in Mr Holder's name.
Just before I started working to post this I was contacted by an officer from the Greensboro Police Department Criminal Investigations Division. He seemed more concerned that I might attack someone on City Council than Ben Holder might attack someone else. I promise you, the only harm that will come to city council members from me will be to their egos and reputations. The last time CID contacted me Robbie Perkins and Jim Key lost reelection.

As always, I've kept all these e-mails and can provide them to anyone who wants them. Even GPD CID, no warrant needed.

Is that the end? Hell no, that's just what took place on Friday night. We've still got Saturday, Sunday and today's e-mails to go through. And 2 years of questions for Ben Holder to answer to. Stay tuned for True Confessions By Ben Holder: Episode 2 right here at

Abe Reid For President

Here at we have officially decided to endorse North Carolina's very own Blues man extraordinaire, Abe Reid of Abe Reid and the Spikedrivers for President of the US of A.

Abe, you're our man!