Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Death Of A Newspaper

In his article, News & Record: How an aversion to innovation devolved into incompetence, Roch Smith jr leaves out one key point: Dozens of readers tried to warn them only to be scoffed at.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

It's been 8 days since Greensboro's Triad City Beat reported "A neo-Confederate who filmed herself saying the N-word is no longer employed by Koury Corp"

An internet search of "Janet Pate" and "Koury"
shows not one local 'mainstream' news outlet reporting on the story 
since the news became public on March 1, 2019

From Triad City Beat's Jordan Green;

"A neo-Confederate activist who is depicted making racial slurs in a video circulated by antiracists is no longer employed by Koury Corp., a prominent Greensboro real-estate development company.

Janet's Linkin profile is "unavailable";

Janet Spainhour Pate maintained the Facebook page for Confederate Memorial Tour, a kind of scrapbook chronicling visits by Pate and a friend to various Confederate memorials across North Carolina and Virginia.

According to BrightScope, Janet Pate was the named administrator 
of Koury's $16 million 401k plan as of 2017

...After hearing about the decision by then-UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt to remove the remnants of Silent Sam on Jan. 14, Pate showed up at the scene and live-streamed the event with a running monologue to express her disgust.

...“There you go, y’all,” Pate told her viewers. “All these years that sat there and then some n***er comes up and spreads paint all over it, and the liberals go mad.”

Remaining unknown is how long Pate worked at Koury, 
and for how long her employers where aware of her racist views,
as not one mass media news outlet chose to cover the story

...Pate told her viewers she would turn around the camera “so you can see all these little whores at UNC, queers, celebrating, taking pictures. I guess they don’t have to go to class. Like I say, it’s easy to go to class here. They can stay up all night, get drunk, screw around, have abortions.”

Later, she continued, “Just to let you know, the desecration of a memorial to the dead only proves this school’s going to turn into a ghetto, that’s all it is. It’s the ghetto. All these kids study, it’s partying, tearing up shit, raising hell. That’s what it is at UNC, y’all, making their own rules, mob rule.”

...“I’m gonna tell you, people, it’s next to a war [sic],” Pate said. “But here you go. All right everybody, that’s about all I want to hear of that bullshit. But this is what we’re up against. Gonna sit back and take it? But they think they’re being funny. You hear that? And them n***ers are able to come to school here because of Donald Trump. Yay.”

It took seven days for Greensboro's News and Record 
to print the names of our Koury supported legislators who voted for HB2,
and it has now been 8 days since our local for profit paper
hasn't done a story on the Koury/racism related issue

The campaign to shame Pate didn’t truly take off until Thursday, with the release of a third video and the unidentified antiracist activists’ disclosure that Pate worked for Greensboro-based Koury Corp. The footage was picked up by the Atlanta Black Star newspaper, which circulated it on Facebook and Twitter, resulting in upwards of 32,000 views. By the end of the day, the Confederate Memorial Tour page and Pate’s LinkedIn page identifying herself as the payroll manager at Koury Corp. had been taken down. On Friday, the company declined to confirm Pate’s position.

They brought in damage control management, 
which means she wasn't a maid at the convention center, 
but most likely close to Koury's top brass;

...Monty Hagler, a public relations specialist handling the controversy for Koury Corp. said in an email to TCB: “I can share with you that the phrase ‘taken appropriate action’ includes the fact that the employee [is] no longer employed at Koury Corporation.”
From Brightscope's 2017 Koury Corp 401k information;

Brightscope's main page now shows the Administrator as Gordon Craig,

Gordan Craig was listed as the plan's Administrator in 2016;

Citing Triad City Beat, The Raw Story ran a piece entitled "BUSTED: North Carolina real estate firm fires staffer over ugly N-word-filled Facebook rant" which stated;

"Neo-Confederate activist Janet Spainhour Pate was fired from her job after a video circulated online of her making racist comments.

Janet Spainhour Pate had to have been relatively well known to Koury Corporation executives,
as she was put in charge of their money invested in the company's retirement plan

...The video went viral online and Pate’s workplace was identified. The video reached more than 32,000 viewers. Once her job caught wind of the video and the use of her racist language she was fired."


A longer version;

On 4/6/2018, Stephen D Showfety, President of Koury Corporation, donated $500 to North Carolina Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger.

On the same day, Koury Corporation's VP & CFO Gordon Craig, who appears to be Janet Pate's direct supervisor gave the same amount, along with VP Ronald Mack and EVP Mo Milani.


North Carolina Campaign Finance Records for 2018's Second Quarter for FRIENDS OF TRUDY WADE include;


On Friday, April 1, 2016, I wrote "Is Koury Corp's Stephen Showfety (Koury Convention Center and Grandover CEO) going to ask Phil Berger for his money back?", as Berger and Trudy Wade among others advocated and voted for HB2, before which Koury Executives donated money to elected officials who were advocating for discrimination.


From Yes Weekly in 2014; "Pay to get paid and the City of Greensboro; Koury Corporation"

Wednesday, March 30, 2016; "Bigots; North Carolina State Senators Trudy Wade and Phil Berger; Bigots; NC Representatives John Blust, Jon Hardister and John Faircloth"

Disgusted with Gov. Pat McCrory and our elected officials who supported House Bill 2...

Locally, that includes state Sens.Trudy Wade and Phil Berger 
and Reps.John Blust, Jon Hardister and John Faircloth.

Susan Ladd at the N&R


Wednesday, March 30, 2016; A few Trudy Wade Campaign Contributors who haven't asked for their money back as far as I know


Koury executives have knowingly, financially supported legislators 
who actively support bigotry and discriminatory legislation



Stephanie K. Craft Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Kelly K. Harrill Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Lisa K. Johnson Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Edmund W. Koury Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Ronald W. Mack Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Mo Milani Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Stephen D. Showfety Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Ashley K. Vanore Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management

Notable Zach Matheny 2009 Contributors:

Andrew P. Vanore Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Ashley Vanore Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Eugene Tillman Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Kelly Harrill Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Lisa Johnson Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Ronald Mack Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Stephanie Craft Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management

Notable Nancy Vaughan 2009 Contributors:

Stephanie Koury Craft Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Kelly Koury Harrill Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Lisa Koury Johnson Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Edmund W. Koury Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Ronald W. Mack Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Stephen D. Showfety Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management
Ashley Koury Vanore Koury Corp. Real estate-development/Management

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This Was Never Saul Alinsky's Plan

Now think about this: Everything pointed out in this
old letter to the editor has been accomplished
while the top 1% get richer, but in Saul Alinsky's socialist state there were to be no rich people, no 1%, no corporations.

And yet today corporations run everything. The government keeps the little man down while propping up the big man. That's not socialism, nothing like socialism.

Could it be the Fascist instead of the Socialist, used Saul Alinsky's model to take control?

Are we so stupid we just don't see it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

When the People Speak, Council Should

From Roch Smith Jr in his article, A better way to improve City Council’s public forums:

"Public comments at city council meetings are not tempestuous simply because speakers and supporters are rambunctious by nature. It’s not a matter of football fans showing up instead of golf fans. Tumult arises when the response of council to a public concern is inadequate and people must, literally and figuratively, raise their voices. It has been that way for years.

Public comments at these forums don’t become heated just because people want to blow off steam. People come to these forums because they perceive a need for action and, history shows, the atmosphere gets raucous when elected officials side-step concerns and remain immune to facts brought to their attention."

When the people speak, Council should act. Listening alone isn't enough. Pretending to listen is even worse, sleeping through meetings is the worst kind of insult to the people they represent. And allowing it to continue for a decade or longer says they just don't care.

The original text I posted with that photo on Facebook in 2016 was taken from a City Council business meeting in which the City of Greensboro claimed no video was taken in response to several public information requests for videos from the meeting.

"Is that a video camera behind a sleeping Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman? And why does the City of Greensboro claim there was no video of that meeting?"

No further explanation was ever given.

It all comes back to bite....

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Latest Stuff; Marty Kotis gets taxpayer subsidies for new Sheetz to steal business from the unconnected down the street

George - consider this a warning

You're going to kick the hornets nest one too many times

Marty Kotis

Resolution Amending Resolution 214-14 Authorizing a Job Creation Extension to Kotis Holdings, LLC for the Design and Construction of Off-Site Public Water & Sewer Infrastructure Improvements ...at a Site Located at 200 Willowlake Road 

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 
Greensboro's City Council re-approved a bogus 'job creation' package 
for Marty Kotis, for 8 jobs

Mayor Vaughan stated this was the time and place set for a public hearing to consider a Resolution Amending Resolution 214-14...

WHEREAS, on September 3, 2013, the City Council adopted Resolution 256-13 which previously authorized $311,911.00 for reimbursement of water and sewer infrastructure costs;

Marty Kotis is supported by Nancy Vaughan, Goldie Wells, Justin Outling, 
Marikay Abuzuaiter, Nancy Hoffmann, Yvonne Johnson and Sharon Hightower

WHEREAS, on August 19, 2014, the City Council adopted Resolution 214-14 which amended Resolution 256-13 by increasing the appropriation to $359,883.33 and extending the job creation deadline to August 20, 2017;

WHEREAS, the addition of at least 8 new full-time equivalent jobs and new retail sales are expected to generate public benefit...

Someone down the street from this deal was harmed by this political nepotism.

Someone's dinner table has less on it because of this.

8 got low paying jobs 

Marty Kotis got richer with the help of everyone else's money, 
and most on the bottom stay poor 
because of mis-allocated public money via purchased politicians.

WHEREAS, Kotis Holdings, LLC will be required to repay the City of Greensboro the entire $359,883.33 of public investment in the new water and sewer infrastructure if new development has not resulted in new retailers creating at least 8 new full-time equivalent jobs on the site and/or outparcels by July 31, 2019.

Marty Kotis serves on the UNC Board of Governers, 
and Marty supported John Blust, 
and has contributed to HB2 supporters Tony Wilkins, Trudy Wade, 
Phil Berger, Pat McCrory and many others

Moved by Councilmember Hoffmann, seconded by Councilmember Abuzuaiter, to adopt the resolution. The motion carried on the following roll call vote: Ayes, Nancy Vaughan, Yvonne J. Johnson, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Mike Barber, Sharon M. Hightower, Nancy Hoffmann, Justin Outling, Goldie F. Wells and Tony Wilkins 

Greensboro City Council members
take legal bribes from the same folks who financially supported HB2


Marty Kotis re-upping his campaign bribe funded $359,883.33 gift from his City Council cronies at Tuesday's meeting for a new Sheetz


Some of the conversations between Marty Kotis and George Hartzman on his free water sewer outside Greensboro's city limits


Company seeks $2,871 each for higher paying 31 jobs, after Marty Kotis recieved $44,559 per "speculative" low paying job from City Council


Marty Kotis Propaganda from the Business Journal "Plans for east Guilford retail center could lead to more development"


Marty Kotis' Tony Wilkins contribution before Tony voted to give Marty a $3 million building for $900,000


Why should a community in stagnation subsidize Marty Kotis, who, according to Roy Carroll's Rhino Times, is worth more than $100,000,000, whose new projects take business away from the less connected?


If developers pay for water and sewer extensions, why did we just pay for Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis?


A couple interesting threads on Marty Kotis and his purchased minions


Looks like Tony Wilkins called the Greensboro Fire Department to harras a Marty Kotis competitor


Our local paper of record's lack of pointing out Marty Kotis is one of North Carolina's biggest HB2 supporters


The cowardice of Greensboro News and Record's Doug Clark and Allen Johnson on Marty Kotis


Marty Kotis, Republican buyer of City property 
for pennies on the dollar in unannounced auctions
and skimmer of tax breaks for a Sheetz next to a government funded highway,
and a sweet $600,000 to design a bike path from all the City Council members he funded

Another $112,033.00 for Marty Kotis in Tuesday's consent agenda, compliments of his purchased minions and compromised City executives on Greensboro's City Council


Joe Killian on tonight's edition of City Council's pay to play crony capitalism; "Greensboro council to consider selling [$3,054,100] property to Kotis" for $900,000


Marty Kotis' Tony Wilkins contribution before Tony voted to give Marty a $3 million building for $900,000


Is Marty Kotis buying City of Greensboro property for less than the appraised value illegal?


On Marty Kotis' land give away coming up on Tuesday


This is what selling a property to Greensboro's biggest campaign donor reads like


Marty Kotis angling for more city of Greensboro money, using taxpayer funded Zack Matheny as his lobbyist; "City might help"


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Local Media Continue Their Cover-ups

Our local media outlets continue their long history of covering for criminals with connections to City Council. As reported by Roch Smith jr in Why does WGHP MyFox8 keep failing to identify owners of problematic apartments?
 "This is not the first time WGHP has failed to identify the Agapions as the apartment owners. In four stories following the lethal apartment fire, WGHP either failed to identify the apartment owners at all or incorrectly identified the owner as ARCO Realty. It is hard to imagine why WGHP persists in failing to accurately report who owns these problematic apartments, but it can no longer be presumed they are not doing so out of ignorance. To report Arco Realty as the owners of the property, as WGHP did, is not only demonstrably wrong, it conceals the people actually responsible for the building—the Agapions. Why would WGHP keep doing that?"

Yes, why? Why are rich people continually given free passes by the media? Why does this double standard exist? And do the rich pay the media for this privilege?

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Recent E-Mail Concerning Kotis Properties

I still get some interesting e-mails from time to time. I'll not name the source but it is someone I trust and should be easy to verify:

"I had been meaning to mention . . . Two weeks ago the city started repaving a section of Battleground. Well, everyone has to start somewhere and they started in front of the Red Cinema on the side going toward downtown and paved to the office building before getting to the water plant. Once that was done, they all left - that apparently was all they were going to do . . . just that one side of the street, all lanes, from one end of Kotis' property at the Cinema to the other end at the office bldg. Something funny about this.

By the way, I am back and forth on this part of Battleground daily, many times more than once per day. Nothing was wrong with the street and there was no water waork, just paving."

Political favors or just by circumstance? You tell me. Are there no broken roads in Greensboro that needed paving first?

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Ed Cone; "Greensboro-High Point ...second-most-vulnerable metro region to job loss due to AI and robotics. Winston-Salem is number six.

Former News & Record columnist Edward Cone is Technology Practice Lead at Oxford Economics, a London-based consulting firm.

Good paying manufacturing jobs are being taken by robots.

Our local economy is at risk.

Our leaders knew before all the money borrowed and blown on sideshows for the personal profits of their campaign donors.
Labor Day Thoughts; Publix' new state-of-the-art in Eastern Guilford County will likely employ relatively good paying truck driver and robot mechanics, but not very many warehouse workers, until they can replace most human labor


If North Carolina wants to invest $1 billion plus, why not design and build cars in the Piedmont Triad?


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Greensboro's Recycling Problem: The Third Solution

In an articled titled. Council Considers Ending Recycling Program, the Rhino is reporting:
"Wyrick said the Council had two options to consider and Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann said, “What if we just didn’t recycle.  I know it is not desirable but some cities are doing it.”

Wyrick said that was not an option he had considered, and that since the city would have to dispose of the 25,000 tons of recyclables at the landfill at a cost of $45 a ton, it probably wasn’t a good financial move, yet."

So what did Wyrick suggest we do?

"Wyrick recommended negotiating with Republic and trying to find a way to ease into the new contract where instead of being paid for recycling, Greensboro is going to have to start paying.  The City Council agreed that negotiating a contract extension was the better option.

Wyrick said the city would have to share in the cost of operating the MRF and he estimated the cost to be between $75 and $90 a ton.  At $90 a ton the city would pay $2.25 million a year if the recycling stream is not reduced.

One suggestion for the future that Wyrick said should be considered was for the city to ask people not to put glass in the recycling bins.  He said it would take a while to educate people and the city could provide recycling drop off points for glass, but that when the city is paying for the recycling operation, picking up glass, sorting it and then paying $22 a ton to have hauled off doesn’t make sense."
Doesn't seem like much of a long term solution, does it? Don't be angry with Mr Wyrick, the spending required for long term solutions are above what he's allowed to recommend.

Amazingly there's a 3rd solution that Mr Wyrick isn't talking about, one that City Council knows but they're not talking about it either  I'm speculating it could it be because they have already screwed up and spent $Millions upon $Millions of your tax dollars on a 'Regional Solution" that didn't take into account the up and down nature of the price of recyclables.

That's right, your money was spent to build a regional landfill in Asheboro when in-fact there was a better solution all along.

On Friday, March 9, 2012 I wrote Greensboro Garbage Comes Back In 15 Years. Only it came back in half the time predicted.

On Saturday, November 24, 2012 I wrote, Common Sense Solutions, in which I recommended building the new high tech, Claudette Burroughs-White Waste To Energy Plant owned not by 3rd party contractors but by the City of Greensboro.

"Then started hauling our garbage not 70 miles to Montgomery County where we pay $40 a ton in tipping fees but to our own W2E Plant just 10 miles away where the tipping fees are ZERO?

Let's see, we've just saved 60 miles at a cost of what $3 per mile and $40 a ton and 20 tons per trip, 6-8 trips per day... Someone do the math."

Did your City Council listen?

In my 2013 series Economic Development At The White Street Landfill I repeatedly pushed for modern, zero pollution waste to energy solutions as a means of economic development for a city in dire straits economically but did even one member of your city council step up and answer the call?

Here's one that will blow you away. On Wednesday, September 24, 2014 I wrote When I Suggested This For Greensboro They Told Me It Wouldn't Work. In it I wrote:

"I tried to get the City of Greensboro to install waste-2-energy plants at the White Street Landfill before it was closed. I suggested the City begin with a pilot program then scale up. I was told it wouldn't work.

I argued that W2E would solve Greensboro's long term waste problems, bring high tech, high paying jobs to East Greensboro and produce revenue for the City of Greensboro. Some called me crazy.

Now we learn that the entire nation of Sweden runs on W2E and is importing garbage from other countries while Greensboro continues to fall behind spending $Millions upon $Millions of Dollars a year hauling our garbage to a rapidly filling landfill in Montgomery County while searching for new landfill sites."

I even included this cool video:

We can profit from our garbage. And we don't have to stop recycling.

Oh, and that little problem with truck traffic on White Street? There's a new landfill entrance from East Cone Blvd already in operation. Think of all the high tech jobs we could be bringing to my neighborhood.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Traffic comparison; DPAC to STPAC

Driving directions from DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center, 123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC 27701, to STPAC, 300 N Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401, shows it takes 50 min (53.4 miles) via I-85 S, with usuall traffic.

It takes 9 min, or (4.0 mi), getting off the highway at I-40 exit 224 onto E Gate City Blvd, to Murrow Blvd, turning left at the 2nd cross street onto E Friendly Ave, to N Elm St, where STPAC at 300 N Elm St. is on the right.

Leaving STPAC, with usuall traffic, which it won't be, will take 11 minutes and 4.5 miles to get back to the highway, which will include a left onto E Market St, a right onto Murrow Blvd, a left at the 1st cross street onto E Gate City Blvd and back to I40, most of which is through the poorest part of Greensboro.
Once off the highway heading to DPAC, 3 min (0.6 mi), Turn left onto S Roxboro St, 0.3 mi, Turn left onto W Pettigrew St, 0.2 mi, Turn left onto S Mangum St, 203 ft and right onto Vivian Street.

Leaving DPAC, it shows it takes 1 min (0.4 mi) to get back on the highway with the usual traffic.

Last time I was there we were on the highway in 10 minutes coming out of a parking deck.

Our overlords wanted it downtown to profit from local real estate instead of at the coliseum, where Koury etc... gets the heads on beds.

Elm Street is going to be a parking lot at 11:30pm, when the shows end, which is going to effect attendance to the downside.

There is no easy egress or ingress, which as was found out with the Billy Joel concert in Winston, is a very serious problem for a $90 million performing arts center.


It takes 4 min (0.6 mi) in usual traffic from the highway in Charlotte to get to the Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center at 130 N Tryon St.

It takes 8 min (3.8 mi) once on Freeman Mill Rd. to get to STPAC, via S Edgeworth St and W Market St to N Elm St.