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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Coming soon to US financial markets; Japan's NIKKEI down more than 9% in a few days

The markets have been rigged

At some point, enough individuals will realize it and they will correct

Guilford County Leash Laws In Knots

As most are probably aware Guilford County passed new laws a while back making it illegal to keep dogs on a chain. No doubt the intent was good and I'm not faulting County Commissioners or animal rights activists for trying to do the right thing.

But sometimes the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and those who go there do so on the highest of horses.

Take for example a neighbor of mine just about a block from my home whose real name isn't Fred but I will call Fred for the sake of this example.

Fred is somewhat developmentally disabled and on Disability because of his reduced mental capacity. This allows Fred to spend lots of time with his beloved dogs every day.

Fred, a white man and his wife, a black woman, raised several children who turned out seemingly normal and have grown up to have seemingly normal children of their own. Most every weekend and sometimes during the week the grand kids come to visit and play with Fred and his two big but gentle dogs and the laying hens I gave Fred years ago who stopped laying eggs a long time ago but Fred can't bare to kill because he and the grand kids love them so.

Fred and his family have been neighbors living in a run down rented house belonging to one of Greensboro's most well known and notorious slum lords for over 20 years without incident. That is, until recently when Fred ran afoul of Gulford County Animal Control.

You see, despite the fact that a 4' chain link fence surrounds Fred's back yard the dogs can still jump over the fence.

Now one of the dogs is slightly more passive-aggressive around strangers than the other dog so Fred thought it a good idea that he keep that dog on a chain inside the fenced in back yard while he attempted to train the second, always friendly, never met a stranger, dog to stay inside the yard. And it wasn't like these dogs are ever ignored, no matter the weather Fred walks both these dogs no less that 2 miles round trip at least twice a day. I know this as I see him out walking them just as he has walked all his dogs for 20 plus years.

But recently when one of his dogs decided to take a stroll on its own some new to the neighborhood, busy body, can't mind their own freaking business "neighbor" called animal control who found the dog running loose, followed it home, and cited Fred for allowing his dog to run loose.

And then to add insult to injury cited Fred for having his other dog chained up in the back yard.

I don't think that's the way the law is supposed to work. I have other neighbors whose dogs sometimes get loose. A little female pit bull up the street comes to visit every once in a while. I pet her and play with her for a few minutes then tell her it is time for her to go home. She knows exactly what I mean as she turns and runs straight home.

The German Shepherd 3 doors up breaks out of the house when his little girl leaves home. He's learned how to turn a door knob. He's worried about her and searching for her. I chase him back in his house and close the front door.

The Rotweiler across the street occasionally escapes and goes for a hard run. Everyone is scared of him except for me and the man and woman who own him but the truth is: the only place he will attack anyone is in his very own yard. When I see him I take him home and put him up. All he wants to do is run until he is tired, he won't even chase a cat.

But unlike the busy body new neighbor, I would never call animal control unless a dog were an actual problem. You see, dogs were born to run and expecting them to do anything else is just plain wrong. And I doubt that one in a hundred animal rights activists treat their dogs as well as my developmentally disabled neighbor Fred treats his dogs. Seriously, how many of you walk your dogs 4 miles per day? Everyday?

Business Journal's lipstick on a pig; "Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April"; 7,041 masked April layoffs

"While April pink slip totals impacted more workers than in years past, it’s a decline from how 2016 has been tracking when it comes to overall North Carolina layoffs.

As of Monday morning, a total of 37 notices resulting in 7,041 layoffs had been reported to the state.

7,041 layoffs in North Carolina in April, 2016

...the monthly layoffs are at its lowest through four months this year.

April layoffs, as reported to the North Carolina Department of Commerce

▪ITG Brands, LLC, Greensboro: 375 impacted positions...

It’s an uptick from the 503 layoffs reported in April 2015.

Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April,
but about 14 times more than 2015 which our local 'business journal' 
didn't inform it's readers of in plane english
meaning this is a shitty article produced by one of the establishment's propaganda arms
which is misleading the population about how our economy is tanking

...And it’s an increase over the numbers reported to the state in April 2014, when layoffs were estimated to impact 681 employees

Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April,
more than 10 times April 2014, or 1,000%

Not all layoffs are disclosed to the state, however.

...While certain layoffs must be reported to the N.C. Commerce Department, others can fall through the regulatory cracks.

...if the pink slips trickle out just underneath that 500 minimum, they could go unreported to the state.

Lauren K. Ohnesorge
Staff Writer, Triangle Business Journal
This isn't journalism

Monday, May 2, 2016

Greensboro played for fools, again

Key provisions of Vaughan/Outling police video policy copied from ‘bad’ Republican bill

What's the difference between "liberal" and "conservative" elites?

Answer; Nothing much

Consider who Justin Outling represents

No worries for the paymasters, 
as the News and Record, for those still reading it, won't report it

Big Randolph County Megasite story

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dear City of Greensboro Dumb Asses who want to borrow $195 million

"Puerto Rico Will Default on Government Development Bank Debt

Puerto Rico will default on a $422 million bond payment for its Government Development Bank, escalating what is turning into the biggest crisis ever in the $3.7 trillion market that state and local entities use to access financing.

Larry Davis and Rick Lusk are either stupid
or so over committed/extorted/blackmailed or whatever to object
to what the financially illiterate on City Council are proposing

The GDB missed payment may open the door to larger and more consequential defaults on general-obligation bonds, which are protected by the island’s constitution. Puerto Rico and its agencies owe $2 billion on July 1, including $805 million for general obligations. It also could imperil slow-moving efforts by U.S. lawmakers to resolve the biggest crisis ever in the tax-exempt market.

The cost of anything the City of Greensboro proposes 
is now more exponentially more expensive

The non-payment by the GDB alone will push the amount of outstanding munis in default up by 44 percent, to $23.6 billion from $16.4 billion, according to a tally from Municipal Market Analytics.

The current amount of variable debt the City of Greensboro holds
is soon to be unsustainable with refinancing considered over the long term 

That would make 0.64 percent of the $3.7 trillion market in default, up from 0.44 percent.
The City's assumptions are wrong, as they have been since 2008

Now we have the economic impact of HB2 to consider on Greensboro's economic situation
and credit rating

After the state loses its AAA credit rating from lost tourism etc...,
none of North Carolina's city's can still be AAA rated

A few dumb fuck redneck bigoted neglegent legislators 
are going to cost us a shitload of money in interest payments over the next decade,
and no municipality can say they didn't see it coming

North Carolina District 59 Republican State Representative Jon Hardister may be transgender/transtesticle

Representative Jon Hardister appears to have a feminine/effeminate appearance

Jon may be a girl dressed as a guy, and may be in violation of North Carolina law when he uses men's bathrooms, lockers and showers

Hardister may have been a girl who became a guy

Jon may also be a guy who may want to be a boy, who is still a girl 

To be fair, the public needs to see Jon Hardister's genitalia and birth certificate

Affidavits from Jon's parents and significant other should also be forthcoming, as well as from Jon's friends who have seen his junk within the last 12 months

Jon may also be homogeneous 

According to North Carolina state law, if Jon is a girl, he must use the women's facilities at North Carolina's legislature

Call the genitalia police if you see Representative Hardister anywhere near a public restroom

If necessary, prevent Jon from using the men's restroom until this issue has been resolved

If anyone has any knowledge or inkling that Jon physically became a woman after being a man and is using men's restrooms, contact your legislative representative to file a report, as his actions are illegal under state law

If Jon physically became a man after being a woman and is using women's restrooms, ask for proof of biological sex identification at the point of bodily excretion

North Carolina's children are not safe until their parents/grandparents who don't bother taking their own children/grandchildren into public bathrooms know the truth about Jon Hardister and all the other sexually ambiguous looking state legislators actual organs

Here's who has given money to what could be a pretty seriously sicko State Rep;

Seems like these folks have no idea what kind or person Jon Hardister really is

Where is the press?

"What a $100 million [$195,200,000] bond proposal looks like in Greensboro"

Summary Spreadsheet;

Guess who gets monies from;

Land Acquistion for Housing Development 6,000,000
Land acquisition, blighted property demo and site prep/infrastructure 7,000,000
DOWNTOWN STREET IMPROVEMENTS; Streetscape and Streetlight Improvements 20,000,000
Downtown Greenway Phase 4 (including Ole Asheboro connector) 6,000,000
A&Y Greenway 7,000,000
Windsor/Chavis Joint Facility 8,500,000
Community Recreation Center Improvements 12,200,000
Battleground Parks District Initial Development 10,000,000
Bryan Park North Development 500,000
South Em Redevelopment (Union Square) 5,000,000
All based on false 'economic growth' assumptions espoused by the City's compromised financial leaders

Doesn't take into account the property tax hit from Lorillard shutting down.

Doesn't plan for a recession

We could just let them bankrupt the City after Council's 'contributor' class of parasites walks with the profits

Saturday, April 30, 2016

4/15/16; Still no big money for McCrory and friends since HB2; Click on the links to see what has happened since

"...HB2 had four primary sponsors, all Republicans, and ahead of McCrory’s Tuesday announcement, the most vocal of those, Rep. Dan Bishop of Mecklenburg County, did not return calls inquiring about who pushed for that provision.

Rep. Bob Steinburg also did not respond to inquiries, but Rep. Julia Howard, of Davie and Forsyth counties, said the language was crafted by state lawmakers.

“There were eight of us that worked on the House side and there were I think eight that worked on the Senate side,” Howard said. “It was just a collaboration of the eight members from the House, eight from the Senate that pulled the language together.”

Another sponsor, Rep. Paul Stam, of Wake County, said he knew “a lot of the source of the bill, but not the source of that one sentence.”...

...What is technically true and what is pragmatic for a fired employee bringing suit on a race-discrimination claim don’t move in lockstep.

Under the current law ushered in by HB2, employees can still file a claim at their county courthouse under the federal law, “but no employer would ever leave that federal statutory claim in state court,” Clarke said.

They would request to have it removed to federal court, a legal maneuver that gives them a financial edge, Clarke said. Federal cases are more costly, and a company that has both cash flow and insurance isn’t facing the financial pinch of an employee who might be jobless and feeding a family.

“It sends a really bad message about who we are,” Clarke said. “North Carolina’s the first state to eliminate these basic discrimination rights under state law, which is a pretty ugly distinction, and now we’re only the second state with Mississippi to not have workplace protections under state law on these fundamental categories.”

Fired employees can also seek federal discrimination protections through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but those claims must be filed within 180 days, as opposed to the three years formerly allowed under North Carolina statute.

In fiscal year 2014, about 4,000 people filed a claim though the EEOC in North Carolina, but it’s not practical for many employees, said Eric Doggett, an employment attorney and chairperson of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, an organization of legal professionals that seeks to protect rights for people.

Workplace discrimination is often just the beginning of a series of traumas, he said, and the six-month federal time frame isn’t always enough time for a potential plaintiff to begin legal action.

“They get fired, they get walked out the door, and they get traumatized again because they have no income. They try to get unemployment, but the employer fights unemployment and they are going through the fight and appeals to get their unemployment pay,” he said. “They’re trying to feed their kids. They got cut off from medical benefits. As they’re dealing with all these things, they have 180 days to file their claims with the EEOC, or they lose their federal claims forever. A lot of people don’t understand they have to do it, and it doesn’t become important to them until they need it.”

The venues are also far-flung. The 19 westernmost counties, for example, are served by one federal courthouse, which is in Asheville.

Some fired employees might not realize they have a discrimination claim until after the federal window has closed, said Asheville employment attorney Jessica Leaven.

An older employee or a pregnant woman might not know they were replaced by a younger worker or one without a newborn until that window has closed, shuttering them from discrimination claims..."
Campaign Finance Results for Committee: PAT MCCRORY COMM

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: PHILIP E BERGER

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: FRIENDS OF TIM MOORE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: FRIENDS OF TRUDY WADE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: COMM TO ELECT JOHN FAIRCLOTH

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: JOHN BLUST CAMPAIGN

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: JON HARDISTER FOR NC HOUSE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: BOB STEINBURG FOR NC HOUSE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: STAM FOR HOUSE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: JULIA C HOWARD FOR HOUSE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: BISHOP FOR SENATE

Campaign Finance Results for Committee: COMM TO ELECT CHAD BAREFOOT

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan violates advocacy obligation to the Guilford Green Foundation

"HB2 could keep NCAA from hosting events in North Carolina

The NCAA on Thursday announced a new requirement that sites bidding for any NCAA event – from the Final Four to educational events like leadership development conferences – must demonstrate how they will provide a safe environment for everyone involved in the event.

The new rule doesn’t single out North Carolina's House Bill 2, specifically, but “follows the recent actions of legislatures in several states, which have passed laws allowing residents to refuse to provide services to some people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity."
"...That could be a big deal in Greensboro, which hosts NCAA basketball championships and swimming events at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan made an attempt earlier this month to head off such talk.

In a letter she sent the NCAA on April 12, Vaughan pointed out that the City Council took a symbolic vote opposing HB 2. She also noted that the coliseum provides gender-neutral bathrooms.

Vaughan doesn't exactly say to the NCAA "Don't boycott Greensboro." But that's clearly what she meant.

...Vaughan is executive director of the Guilford Green Foundation, which works on LGBT issues.

She's also the daughter of the late Fred Barakat, who for years ran the ACC basketball tournaments as associate commissioner.