Monday, July 21, 2014

Is Trouble Going To Take The Fall?

Yesterday, in Why Did Trouble Come To Greensboro?, I wrote of how Ben Holder, aka the Troublemaker, was pushed by Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland and certain members of City Council, namely Mike Barber and Mayor Nancy Vaughan, into desperately grabbing the only carrot they were offering him.

And I'm an expert on carrots, remember? (I don't know why the picture displays so poorly.)

Last night Sal Leon and I were having a little discussion about the goings on downtown and Sal and I formed an interesting theory: Well actually its Sal's theory but I'm signing on. What if the plan is for Ben Holder to take the fall should efforts to resolve issues at Heritage House fail?

There are some things that back up this theory.

First off: if you were Jim Westmoreland would you stick your neck out by hiring Ben Holder after what Ben has done to council members Nancy Hoffmann, Jamal Fox and Marikay Abuzuaiter over the course of the last year? Not without some promises from a bunch of city council members that your job would remain safe you wouldn't. Ben turned in Hoffman for code violations on her buildings, ran against Marikay calling her a liar and campaigned against Fox even though Ben and Jamal weren't competing with one another. And while Ben appears to be tight with Mike Barber and Yvonne Johnson he did run against both of them and Marikay last year.

I know politics makes strange bedfellows but just a few months back Ben and Marikay's husband got into a fistfight at a Greensboro City Council meeting because Ben said she was lying about being a confidential informant. I really cannot believe Marikay or Nancy Hoffmann are in bed with Ben even if Ben thinks Hoffmann might be.

So what would you do if you were in Jim Westmoreland's shoes and you were considering hiring a very controversial figure for what might be a very controversial job? You'd put it to a City Council vote so that you wouldn't have to take the blame. But everyone involved knew Ben Holder would never get hired publicly, Marikay Abuzuaiter would never have it and they would never find 5 council members with balls enough to hire Ben in front of the television cameras. Not even Tony Wilkins who I consider the bravest of the lot would dare face Marikay's wrath after what has taken place between Ben Holder and Marikay. And to prove my point, not only was it not voted on but Marikay was quoted as saying:

“This has certainly gone behind council’s back with someone who has stood here and screamed at almost every person on this council,” said Abuzuaiter. “I’m not sure what is going on here, but it does not smell pretty.”

And this:

"Abuzuaiter said, “that contract was signed two days prior to anyone finding out about it.”

You see, Holder's first task is to take on Heritage House and while I agree with Jeffery Sykes that Ben will do everything in his power to make his efforts successful this wouldn't be the first city contract designed to fail. Ben is facing overwhelming odds. Not that Ben isn't up for a challenge but when you're being set up by the very people you're working for challenges become the impossible.

For example: from the Rhino:

" Part of the overview includes designing a “Blight Fight” program in which independent contractors can report violations to the city and then – if they are not taken care of by the property owner – the independent contractor who reported them is hired by the city to bring them into compliance."

Go back and read that again. "...the independent contractor who reported them is hired by the city to bring them into compliance." How is Ben Holder going to accomplish that? Is he going to be given broad powers, police powers, the right to subpoena, the right to charge offenders with crimes, the right to take property from the worst offenders? How is Ben Holder going to be able to bring offenders in-line if he isn't given such broad powers usually reserved for governments and if he is given such powers is that not asking for a lawsuit?

And is it even legal to give such broad powers to one person?

Of course the City of Greensboro and the Greensboro City Council will be off the hook because #1. there was no council vote to hire Ben and 2. Ben is a private contractor and is therefore responsible for his own mistakes. Maybe that's why the City Manager allowed Ben to work for 10 days without insurance, doing everything he could do to make sure Ben got the job and no one else did. And if the City does get sued the city council will deny responsibility and let Jim Westmoreland fall with Ben. Or not, according to State law, Jim Westmoreland can't be sued for doing his job so the worst that could happen is that he gets fired. And that requires no less than 5 city council members.

Let's also not forget that Greensboro has a history of deliberately undermining efforts to clean up problem properties and eliminate slumlords. The City of Greensboro previously funded a State lobbyist to help do way with the proven successful RUCO housing standards which would have solved the Heritage House problems altogether. Does that sound like a city that would want Ben to succeed?

And then there's the matter of the contract between Ben and the City of Greensboro: While a 14 page contract is said to have been released to certain media outlets at least one city council member is secretly telling us that the real contract contains 24 pages.

As Sal said to me, 5 members on City Council must be secretly supporting the hiring of Ben Holder, otherwise city staff would have never put their necks on the chopping blocks. My opinion is three of those 5 are Nancy Barakat Vaughan, Mike Barber (who promised Ben a job) and Yvonne Johnson. Now who's the other two?

My money is on Zack Matheny and believe it or not, Nancy Hoffmann who reluctantly got on board as other Council members are holding dirt on her. But you tell us which 5 or more council members you think are setting Ben up to fail.

And Ben, as mad as you may be with me there are secrets about you I have never blogged and never will blog. Roch Smith jr knows them as does David Hoggard and Cara Michelle Forrest. I think you can figure out what I'm talking about. It's nobody's business but your own. I've known them as long as I've known you and never made it public. I plan to keep it that way. There are people out there right now trying to use me and others to ruin you-- I believe you're getting played. Good luck, brother, I think you're about to find out who your friends really are.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Is Professional Football Coming To Greensboro?

From Time Magazine:

"If you watch football this weekend, recognize that most of the drama and meaning is taking place off the field. The way the college and pro games are built on subsidies and giveaways neatly encapsulates crony capitalism at its worst – and helps to explain why taxes go up even as it seems there’s never enough money for basic government functions."

And from's interview with Charlotte native, J.C. Bradbury, PhD, Economics, Department Chair and Professor, Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management, Kennesaw State University and contributor to the Freakonomics Blog and author of The Baseball Economist, The Real Game Exposed.

"...even though there is zero reason to believe that publicly funded sports facilities ever pay back their costs by increasing overall economic activity or putting more tax revenue in government coffers."

And this:

"One of the things we often find about these stadiums," explains Kennesaw State University economist J.C. Bradbury, is that "[politicians and supporters] always underestimate the costs and overestimate the benefits."

Indeed, as Bradbury points out, every independent analysis of subsidies for sports teams and stadiums shows that they suck money out of the local economy. Yet time and again, politicians and team owners succeed in handing the taxpayer a bill. Why is that?

"People see money going into stadiums, people spending their dollars at the stadiums, going to the games," says Bradbury, who writes widely on the economics of sports. "Really, this is just a transfer from locals. Instead of spending their money on movies or going out to eat, they're going to a sports game, and so it looks like it's generating a lot of money."

Now consider as local economist W.E. Heasley says to me in his latest e-mail:

"Try this exercise. Remove "publicly funded sport facility" in the essay and interview above and replace it with "publicly funded performing arts center"'

You see, despite whatever they might have told you about the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts being privately funded, the City of Greensboro and the Community Foundation were supposed to show us the private money in March in the form of a plan. It's now the middle of July and they've yet to show us a anything.

Could that be because they're planning on replacing the private with public to cover up for their mistakes?

Is professional football coming to Greensboro? As far as I know there are no plans to bring it here and you had all better hope it stays that way.

Why Did Trouble Come To Greensboro?

While I've blogged a lot bad things about Ben Holder of late I now actually know Ben is being taken advantage of by certain Council members and city staffers who know he is broke, desperate and has 2 children to care for after a very long period without full time employment.

I think Ben knows what he did was wrong but did what any good parent would do to take care of his or her children. I wish Ben would step up and tell what he knows-- it could go a long ways towards turning things around in Greensboro. How many parents would not do whatever it takes to feed their children? How many of you aren't already doing so. The difference between you and Ben Holder is one simple word, desperation.

Ben didn't do what he did because he was greedy, Ben did it because he is desperate to take care of 2 beautiful children that he loves more than anything else in the world. And personally I have a very difficult time finding fault in a father who takes care of his children. You see, for those of you who don't know Ben Holder, his wife died some years back leaving Ben to raise 2 babies on his own. Any single parent can tell you how hard that is.

As for Ben's 34 criminal convictions. Again, Ben was taken advantage of by the system. Most of his convictions are quite old, mostly traffic violations. His worst crime among them was possession of less than 1 and 1/2 ounces of marijuana and possession of  marijuana paraphernalia. Not once was Ben found in possession of narcotics or any other drugs. He was never charged with intent to sell and/or distribute. He just managed to get caught repeatedly, usually by the same few police officers. Then police seized upon a scared, young single parent of little financial means and pushed him into becoming a confidential informant as they so often do. That's what the record shows and that indicates big problems with the way the Greensboro Police Department operates.

The real Ben Holder is the man who was quoted from his interviews from the Greensboro Truth & Reconciliation Commission by Chewy in the 2005 interview titled "Stop pacifying symptoms" 

"What kind of person is 'expendable'? What types of people are 'less' than others? Without a doubt, I would say poor people. It’s perfectly accepted and normal to have poor sections of any city in America. It is also reasonable to say that mainly minorities occupy the poor sections of American cities. It is a fact that Greensboro’s struggling neighborhoods are African-American neighborhoods."

"In the neighborhoods that are struggling... there’s no real economic development. The stores that are there sell 40 oz.s, cheap wine, sometimes I’ve seen them sell single bullets... If your atmosphere is ignorance and poverty, well, here comes the crime and violence."

"I think that we can review any police we want to review. We may not have subpoena power, but if there is actions taken by police officers that citizens don’t like, I don’t see why – what stops people from going in great numbers to City Council on TV and pointing this out. We have the capabilities to do that, but for some reason we like to sit and wait for us to be anointed to go do these things, when all we really need is to get up and go do it."

"Anyone who thinks that November 3, 1979 was not a racial issue is wrong. I also do not see this event as one that had nothing to do with Greensboro. To say the events concerning November 3, 1979 were without conspiracy and injustice is a statement full of ignorance."

"If you are able to, please imagine that armed caravan of Klansmen and Nazis as Black Panthers, heading to a Death to the Black Panthers march. How far do you think they would have gotten? Let’s say they did get there. Let’s say they do bring 88 seconds of violence and death. Do you think they would have an all-black jury judge them? Do you think that they would have been found not guilty? I don’t. What happened on November 3, 1979 stinks of racism. To ignore it is foolish. To be a leader and ignore it is irresponsible."

"As somebody...from Greensboro, I was extremely embarrassed to hear City Council people say that this had nothing to do with race, this had nothing to do with Greensboro. That’s an insult to me. I’m not dumb. I can see."

"The root of the Death to the Klan march was a battle to improve the working conditions at Cone Mills. The root of that battle was a fight to ensure fair treatment for the working class. The problem back then was that profit was more important than some people. That is still the problem today."

"I’m very sure that Jim Melvin never called Cone Mills and said, ‘hey, I hear you boys are making people sick because of unhealthy working conditions. You better straighten up.’ There’s very little regulation for the rich and powerful in Greensboro. There was very little in 1979; there’s very little today."

"It is my hope that this Commission will enable people to see the double standards. I hope the problems of racism becomes more discussed and less ignored. I hope the unlevel playing field in Greensboro is acknowledged. In order to fix a problem, one must first accept that there is one. I hope this Commission can help Greensboro leaders see the truth. I hope leaders will stop pacifying symptoms, and cure the disease."

Those, my friends, are not the words of a crook or felon. Those are the words of a great man, a great leader, a man we should be proud to stand behind-- a man Greensboro's crooked politicians couldn't wait to see fail-- couldn't wait to set up to fail.

Turn your blog back on Ben, speak up, tell us the whole story, everything you know-- they won't dare hurt you now. You can come back more respected and more powerful than you ever were before. It's your turn to prove me right.

Friday, July 18, 2014

On the Closing Of West Lindsay Street

The City Planning Board voted on Wednesday to recommend to Greensboro City Council to close a portion of West Lindsay Street to make way for Roy Carroll's Belmeade Village mixed use development project.

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is also hoping to close another portion of West Lindsay Street to accommodate their proposed Lebauer Park. The two closings together will effectively end all access to West Lindsay Street and much of downtown from Northeast Greensboro.

I was thinking about that yesterday as I drove from Northeast Greensboro to Downtown Greensboro. You see, for those of us living in Northeast Greensboro there is no  faster or easier way to the Guilford County Courthouse, Sheriff's Department, Greensboro City Hall, Greensboro Police Department, Elon Law, Greensboro Municipal Credit Union, Downtown parking garages, Carolina Theater, Guilford County Register of Deeds or Federal Court House than Lindsay Street. Be it from Bessemer Avenue, Summit Avenue, Murrow Blvd. East Wendover or US 29 (O'Henry Blvd.) it's a hop, skip and a jump to follow Lindsay Street to Greene, Elm or Eugene Street, hook a left and go to any of those places just as the original traffic designers planned for it to be.

But who really gives a damn when we're talking about Roy Carroll, the richest man in town and the Community Foundation against the needs of over 25% of the citizens of Greensboro. And the poorest citizens at that.

Of course there are other ways we can go. We can take the narrow portion of West Bessemer to the even narrower and mostly residential northernmost end of Eugene St. I'm sure the folks living there will be happy to have more traffic speeding past their homes.

We can also come into downtown via Friendly Avenue/Market Street adding even more congestion to some of downtown's busiest streets. Won't residents of Roy Carroll's Centerpointe just love it when 25% of the visitors to the above mentioned locations start driving past their front door daily. I'm sure that will make Centerpointe property values increase, right? Right Roy?

Of course, the thing I can't figure out is why Roy Carroll would be stupid enough to allow anyone, even Walker Sanders and the Community Foundation, to close off direct Interstate access to his new Hyatt Hotel. The Downtown Wyndham isn't going to have direct access to the Interstate and there is no way they can get it but Lindsay Street takes you all the way to US29 which is slated to become Greensboro's next Interstate thoroughfare. Now how is it that someone so damned rich could be so damned dumb as to cut off his own hotel from the Interstate?

Methings the Greensboro City Council should make every effort to ensure the success of Belmeade Village and save Roy Carroll from his temporary insanity by keeping all of Lindsay Street open even though we all know you don't give a damn about Northeast Greensboro.

Besides, in the future you'll not be able to get those streets back from men like Roy Carroll. You only pull that crap on poor people. If Roy wants to close a street, let him close Belmeade, it's only 2 short blocks long. Or let him bridge his building over Lindsay Street like is done in High Point, Minneapolis, New York, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and world class cities everywhere.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Is Trouble Hiding?

Just what is Ben Holder hiding? When attempting to access his website via the Wayback Machine the following message is displayed:

"Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt.

See robots.txt page. Learn more ."

For those who do not know, this means that Ben Holder has deliberatly installed codes that prevent search engines and internet archival sites from storing the content of his site. Do I do that? No I don't.  Does Roch Smith Jr do that? No he doesn't. Does George Hartzman do that? Nope, George doesn't do it either. But Ben Holder has something to hide, something he is afraid the world or at the very least, Greensboro might hold against him.

And just what is it Ben Holder hid from public view in order to get a $36,000 contract from the City of Greensboro? Was it dirt on Councilman Mike Barber who Ben had a recent falling out with and stormed away from a meeting saying something to the effect of, "What about that job you promised?"

And to back me up Councilman Jamal Fox says,

 “It’s my understanding that this individual was promised a job over a month ago.  If he was promised anything, that was unethical.”

Now you've got Yes-Weekly, the Rhino Times and Councilman Fox all backing up what I have to say. Who do you believe now, Ben Holder or Billy Jones?

Or was it the many posts Ben has written about Greensboro Police Officer James Hinson who is now Captain and in line to be selected to replace Ken Miller for Cheif of Police when he leaves in September? Is Ben turning a blind eye so that James Hinson can be made the next Cheif of Police without too much public outcry?

Was it Ben's posts about Heritage House, a huge embarrasement to the City of Greensboro, that needed hiding. Yes Ben, I have lots more.

Could it be Ben hasn't the time to moniter the blog for the anonmoyous commenters who might out the fact that he's a confidental informant who has been arrested 34 times? Naw, he could simply have turned comments off. Ben liked to portray himself as a hero who wore a wire to help bust the bad guys but Ben Holder was no more than a two bit criminal who turned states evidence to keep from going to jail.

Could it be the post he put up accusing me of being Jeff Martin's boyfriend that Ben Holder wants to hide. About now he's wishing he never wrote that and a whole lot more.

And Benny Boy, speaking of those 34 arrests, does the phrase, "Interest of Justice per assistant district attorney Scott Coalter" ring a bell? I've got 20 pages on Benjamin Wesley Holder's criminal record printed and laying on my desk-- anyone want to have a meeting to look it over? This is the same guy who used the confidential informant angle against his opponent when he was running against her for City Council. People who live in glass houses should never throw stones and you should have never fucked with and threatened Billy Jones.

I bet some of your buddies you rolled over on are going to be really interested, aren't they Ben?

Remember folks, this is the guy who begged me for and got my enforcement for City Council last year then turned on me for reasons I've yet to learn but can only assume because he's now gotten in bed with the winning side having gotten his $36,000 contract from the City of Greensboro. Why not take a look at what Ben got in the deal.

"Turlington confirmed that Holder was employed by the City to undertake projects between time of his awarded contract on June 30 and the start of his liability insurance on July 10."

The RFP was issued on June 13 and filled on June 30 with only 2 bidders. It was only advertised on the Internet even though it required very specific skills? The more specific the skill set the bigger the need for more advertising and longer lead times.

As far back as March Ben was known to be looking for work and then becoming openly angry and belligerent with potential employers who turned him down. His was/is desperate for money. So much so that he required $2,000 in payment up front and still couldn't afford insurance right away. Is Ben paying yet another lawyer to get him out of even more trouble?

Code enforcement has never before been outsourced by the City of Greensboro. As a matter of fact: Code Enforcement is one of the city departments that has seen recent cutbacks. Why hire outside vendors at a time when people are being let go? This job was made up just for Ben Holder.

What else are Ben Holder, Nancy Vaughan, Mike Barber and Jim Westmoreland hiding? Ben Holder worked for Greensboro Code Enforcement previously but could get along with no one-- why would they pay the same Ben Holder who we all know to be as belligerent as ever to work in the same department as an outside vendor making even more money than he was paid as a city employee?

It's called blackmail and the Greensboro Police Department needs to begin investigation immediately.

You see, Ben has fallen into the same trap as those he has gotten in bed with. Ben thinks he can dismiss anyone who doesn't agree with him as if they are nothing, stomp on them and go on as if they never existed. Well guess what Ben? Those 1,000 little brown turds might not mean much at the time but if left lying around they will sure 'nuff stink up the rest of your life.

And folks, just let me know if you want to see Ben's criminal record. You can buy me lunch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No Auto Plant For The Triad

The Associated Press confirms that Volkswagen has chosen Chattanooga as the location for their newest auto plant. From the AP:
"Volkswagen on Monday announced the expansion, which is expected to cost $600 million and add about 2,000 new factory jobs at the Chattanooga site. About 2,400 employees work at the factory now, making the Passat midsize car. The company also plans to add a research and development facility, employing about 200 engineers.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said the terms of the deal came together about five weeks ago, prior to what UAW leaders have called a "consensus" with Volkswagen.

UAW Secretary-Treasurer Gary Casteel said last week he is confident VW will recognize the union if it signs up a "meaningful portion" of Volkswagen's workforce in Chattanooga, though he did not elaborate on what the threshold would be.

State and local leaders celebrating the expansion at a downtown event Tuesday afternoon said the investment demonstrates Volkswagen's commitment to the region.

"There are cities and communities all over the country that would love to be sitting where Chattanooga is sitting today," Haslam said."

So there is no need to build the proposed megasites in Randolph and Guilford County as no one is coming to fill them. No need to spend millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars that could be better spent somewhere else. Proving once again it's time Greensboro concentrated on putting jobs inside the city limits instead of lining developers' pockets.

Trouble Haunts Greensboro City Council

On Friday I wrote

"Speaking of digging things up, what's this I hear about a certain well known local blogger having been arrested 34 times but getting away with it because he's a confidential informant? And something else about the same blogger getting a contract with the City of Greensboro-- any truth to that Councilman Barber?"

On Monday I followed up with:

"A certain well known Greensboro blogger has again hidden his blog from public viewing, allowing only invited readers to read what was previously available for anyone to read. Could that have anything to do with what I posted on Friday?

Councilman Barber, is there anything you'd like to add? "

And today,  Whitney Kenerly of Yes Yeekly! writes:

"Local blogger Ben Holder, a former City Council candidate, has been contracted by the City of Greensboro to perform code enforcement services to assist with neighborhood improvement efforts."

Looks like I was right again. Ms Kenerly continues:

"Councilwoman Marikay Abuzaiter felt it was an insult to Council for the City Manager’s office to hire someone who has been known to publicly berate council members during meetings and on his blog. Holder’s blog,, is currently set to private."

Set to private? What has Ben Holder got to hide? The article also mentioned something about payment in advance, oh, here it is:

"At the meeting, Abuzaiter also said that she had gone to the City Manager personally on July 2 and asked him to suspend Holder’s application.

“This has certainly gone behind council’s back with someone who has stood here and screamed at almost every person on this council,” said Abuzuaiter. “I’m not sure what is going on here, but it does not smell pretty.”

The terms of the contract were also curious to Hightower and Abuzuaiter. Holder is being paid $2,000 upfront for his services, and then $45 an hour over the course of 20 weeks.

“I’ve never heard in the history of contracts of a case where there has ever been prepayment for a person’s services,” said Abuzuaiter.

Abuzuaiter then asked the City Manager Jim Westmoreland to publicly confirm that he had asked council to refrain from discussing the matter with the public for the present time. Westmoreland acknowledged that he had requested that council members bring all concerns directly to his office."

And of course Mike Barber doesn't want to talk about it in public. Why is that, Councilman Barber?

Now who has credibility, Billy Jones or Ben Holder?  I think we all know the answer now. You see, Benny boy, when you take down your blog to appease the City Manager and get yourself a gig you show everyone you can be bought even if it's only for 20 weeks.

Mark Walker Wins Primary Runoff

As predicted by Roch Smith Jr, Rev Mark Walker won the election yesterday against a corrupt and overwhelming political foe who would stop at nothing. I'm going to step out on a limb and say Mark Walker will also win in November.

People see Mark Walker as an honest man and even Liberals like myself are fed up with dishonesty in politics. I don't agree with everything Mark stands for but have come to understand honestly is more important than ideology and partisan party politics. We need men like Mark in Washington.

The day will come when I disagree with Mark's vote but it won't be because I question his integrity. Corruption is the bigger enemy the left and the right must face and Mark Walker will face that enemy in a way that even Howard Coble never could. Mark comes from outside the party with support from the right, left and in-between. I don't hold Mark's religious or political views but know Mark to be an honest man.

And personally I'd rather disagree with someone than worry about his or her price for being bought off. North Carolina needs Mark Walker in Washington, let's put him there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Greensboro To Buy Electric Motorcycles?

The Greensboro City Council is voting tonight on whether or not the City will spend $20,155 to go along with  $41,550 in grants from the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina State University to buy 2 electric motorcycles for the Greensboro Police Department.

I'm not privy as to what brands or models of electric motorcycles they are considering but for those of you who haven't kept up with the technology in recent years, at least 2 American companies Brammo and Zero are now making great bikes that would have no issues doing what police departments need motorcycles to do. After all, it's not like the next chief will be sending officers cross country depending on batteries.

As a matter of fact, several brands of modern electric motorcycles are quite capable of exceeding 100 miles per hour and traveling over 100 miles between charging the batteries. And considering that maintenance and operating costs for these new bikes are far lower than for conventional motorcycles it just makes scene.

Already US Special Forces are employing electric motorcycles made by Zero and the Brammo 6 speed electric motorcycle changed the way electric motorcycles are built.

Of course, nothing will ever replace Harley Davidsons leading the parade in the minds of most American motorcycle enthusiasts, even those of us who would like to own an electric motorcycle.

Cone Hospital Ranked #8 In North Carolina: Sad

At first glance one might think a top 10 rating for our local hospital system would be a good thing but let's look at this a different way.

That's #8 in North Carolina. And it includes "Moses H. Cone, Wesley Long and Women’s Hospitals in Greensboro and Annie Penn Hospital in Reidsville." Does it not also include Alamance Regional also owned by Cone? Med Center High Point? Med Center Kernersville? The News & Record article doesn't say.

And doesn't the same standards of care apply to the hundreds of thousands of patients treated by Cone owned practices of the Triad Healthcare Network, Kernodle, Lebraur or any of almost 100 locations across the Piedmont.

In a state with 100 counties and 145 hospitals-- most of them quite small, no bigger than what we here in Greensboro consider to be a clinic-- achieving a top 10 ranking should be quite easy for the only hospital system in Greensboro, Alamance County and Rockingham County.

Cone was tied for 8th place with Winston-Salem's Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center but Forsyth goes head to head with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center which is ranked #2 in North Carolina. Where might Cone Hospital be if patients were comparing it to Wake Forest or #1 Duke University Hospital.

And what was even more interesting about the study, while it rated hospitals state wide, in every metro area except Greensboro/Winston Salem there was also a Metro Ranking that showed how hospitals stood against each other locally.


So you tell me, is #8 looking so good now? In the 3rd largest city in North Carolina no less than 3rd place should be considered acceptable and if the board of directors of Cone Hospital were to have concentrated their efforts on medicine instead of downtown performing arts centers, padding their own pockets and real estate development it could have been achieved.

If you really want a good grasp on how poorly Cone performed look at the hospitals that beat Cone-- some of which you've probably never heard of. 
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