Friday, May 3, 2019

Chewbacca Had Ties To Greensboro!

Above is a photo of Greensboro resident Matt Bailey with actor Peter Mayhew who played the lovable, Chewy in the Starwars movie series. Amazing resemblance, don't you think?

Thursday, April 25, 2019


I discovered tonight that this is what got me banned from Facebook.

He murdered a man by one of the cruelest means possible. I thinking hanging, if so ordered by a court of law, is an apt punishment and certainly more humane than being dragged to death behind a truck. I never mentioned lynching which is illegal under any circumstances. And my use of the phrase 'White Trash'... As a born and bred, lilly white Southerner I can think of no more apt a description for someone who would kill in this manner.

Update: 26 April 2019 7:34 AM  Facebook has admitted they were wrong and reinstated my post. It only took them 3 days-- the length of time I was in Facebook Jail.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ever Been Blocked From Using Facebook?

I have, several times. I'm currently in Facebook Jail for having posted a link to When The Bedbugs Bite: Bite Back.

I tried to appeal their decision but as is most often the case my effort only resulted in the following:

They didn't even tell me what rule I had broken, only that I had violated community standards.

On one such occasion I was put in Facebook Jail and won my appeal... 30 days after I got out of jail.

I don't know how many of the claims made in the USA Today article Facebook while black are really true but what is true is that Facebook's system of moderation, reporting, and appeal is broken.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The GHA Bedbug Cover-up

It was the following comment from a Facebook post that prompted me to post yesterday's article, When The Bedbugs Bite: Bite Back after 6:00 PM last night:

"They just forced a 93 year old woman to sign a repayment fee. Her neighbor passed away one month ago. Several weeks later they cleaned out the empty apartment (without pest control) . Now bedbugs have invaded the apartment next door the elders have to pay for it."

This morning I was blocked from Facebook for 3 days and given no means of appeal even though I wrote no profanity, nothing threatening, racist, no hate speech... I simply repeated what I was told by a reliable witness and backed it up with the assurance that I have seen the complaint against the Greensboro Housing Authority and Gateway Plaza Llc.

Now with your help I'm going to make them wish they had never attempted to silence me.

You see, for starters my story has already been shared by almost a dozen others. And to add insult to their injury, last night I searched the NC Secretary of State website for the entity, Gateway Plaza, Llc and discovered that no such entity exists here in North Carolina. Once again, the City of Greensboro is helping to funnel your tax dollars to non entities who don't pay taxes. I urge all who read this to search for yourselves then contact the Secretary of State.

I urge you to contact the News & Record, The Rhino Times, News 2, and Fox8.

And please make this story about the elderly and disabled people getting kicked out of their homes in Downtown Greensboro . Make it about tax fraud and not about Billy Jones.

Monday, April 22, 2019

When The Bedbugs Bite: Bite Back

I recently learned the Greensboro Housing Authority is illegally charging individual Gateway Plaza residents $599.00 for removal of bedbugs while failing to comply with their own Continued Occupancy Policy.

Residents whose apartments get bedbugs through no fault of their own are being charged these fees as bedbugs move between adjoining units both horizontally and vertically.

This is in direct violation of HUD (Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development) regulations.

I have in my possession a copy of the Gateway Plaza  Residents Complaint and Petition for Relief Bedbug Treatment Fees

Gateway Plaza, a high-rise located in Downtown Greensboro, is filled with elderly and disabled residents living on Social Security only.

Please continue reading The GHA Bedbug Cover-up

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Allen Johnson's deafening silence on N.C. Treasurer Folwell's plan to increase transparency and lower healthcare costs

State Treasurer Dale Folwell was in New Bern Tuesday to outline the Clear Pricing Project, a plan to keep North Carolina’s State Health Plan solvent beyond its projected fiscal lifespan. At current spending levels of nearly $3.3 billion per year, the plan is projected to run out of money in 2023.

...According to Folwell, the Clear Pricing Project, which would begin January 1, 2020, is an effort to change how doctors and hospitals are reimbursed under the State Health Plan. He said the proposal would save taxpayers $258 million annually and plan members $57 million in out-of-pocket expenses. On average, health care providers would be reimbursed for their services at Medicare rates plus an average of 82 percent. The State Health Plan Board of Trustees has unanimously approved the Clear Pricing Project.

Allen Johnson and the News and Record
have yet to chime in on a plan the NC House voted to gut

According to Folwell, the N.C. State Health Plan has one of the lowest participation rates of any plan its size.

...The Clear Pricing Project has met resistance in the N.C. General Assembly. Earlier this month, the state House voted 75-36 to create a special panel that would study how to realign the State Health Plan. The move would essentially block Folwell from implementing changes to the current provider reimbursement system...

“Right now, a starting teacher or trooper has to work one week out of every work month just to afford the family premium for health care,” said Folwell. “The current plan is unsustainable. Whether it’s the Governor’s budget or the General Assembly’s budget, the increased money we get is 4 percent a year and our health care costs are going up more than that and our prescription drugs are double digit.”

Folwell explained that ...its auditors “do not have access to the contracts and cannot verify that the State Health Plan is receiving the proper contractual discounts.′

...Folwell said a public records request his office made for medical procedure price lists from UNC Health Care provided only reams of redacted pages.

...The North Carolina Healthcare Association, which represents hospitals, has also come out against the Clear Pricing Project. President Steve Lawler has characterized the plan as an “approach to just reduce rates, versus an approach to improve people’s health, improve the health of communities.”...

...“We have some providers, not hospitals, that are charging 700 to 800 percent of Medicare right now.”

The State Employees Association is “100 percent” behind the Clear Pricing Project proposal, said Folwell.
Here's the votes from the house.

The Ayes are the bad guys who voted to keep ripping off North Carolinian employees and taxpayers, including John Faircloth, Cecil Brockman, Ashton Clemmins, Amos Quick and Pricey Harrison, who should be ashamed of themselves for putting their donors ahead of their constituents;

Cone Health and others are running Rackets, and Editorial Board Editors like Allen Johnson help let the healthcare industry get away with it;

“There’s no turning back,” Folwell said of his plan. “People are no longer going to accept not knowing what they spend 20 percent of their income on.”

A plan by State Treasurer Dale Folwell to reform the nearly insolvent State Health Plan faces legislative pushback, prodded by hospitals and large medical providers. Folwell has no plan to abandon the reforms, which actuaries say would prevent the plan from going broke within four years.

...Primary sponsors of H.B. 184 received notable political contributions from the N.C. Healthcare Association in 2018: Reps. Josh Dobson, R-McDowell, $5,200; Julia Howard, R-Davie, $2,000; William Brisson, D-Bladen, $3,000; and Gale Adcock, D-Wake, $6,200."
Allen Johnson let Cone Health run an opinion piece on keeping the con in place by the CEO, but has yet to write anything himself on the subject; 

"Terry Akin: Why not better care and lower costs for teachers and troopers?

...For Cone Health, the state treasurer’s cuts — $26 million a year to our bottom line — are just as significant. This would reduce our yearly operating margin by nearly half. That means Cone Health would have almost 50 percent fewer dollars to invest in facilities, employees and services that keep you healthy and well. Frankly, it would be a major challenge for our organization to weather such an extreme reduction.

...At Cone Health and other health networks, we have a better, proven solution that is already keeping people healthier and saving substantial health care costs. This way forward is called “value-based care.”


Here’s how it works: We agree to a budgeted amount of money to care for a certain number of people. If we provide high-quality care for less than budgeted, we share in the savings. If we spend more than budgeted, we cover the deficit. This model ensures we focus not only on those who are sick, but do all we can to keep people healthy and well.

...For the last seven years, Cone Health has refined this model with more than 1,500 physicians and other providers in an accountable care organization (ACO) known as Triad HealthCare Network.
Where do State Senators Gladys Robinson, Michael Garrett, Rick Gunn and Jerry Tillman stand?

If there is no effort on the part of local media to highlight the issue, our 'leaders' may find they can ride out the storm without getting called out by those who are supposed to, like the News and Record's Allen Johnson

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Latest Stuff 4/16/2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Why The Guilford County School Closings? Updated

Today we learn from PTA President at Gateway Education Center, Dania Mavor Ermentrout that Gateway Education Center in Greensboro is to be closed.

Add to that the recent report from the Rhino that Bessemer Elementary located next door is also recommended to be closed along with 9 other Guilford County Schools.

"At a three-hour Thursday afternoon, Jan. 31 meeting of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education, the consultants stated that, based on population trends, facility conditions and efficiency considerations, there are 10 schools that need to be closed.  At the meeting, the language the consultants used was that these schools should be “repurposed.” There was some confusion over that word at first, however, the definition they gave soon revealed that “repurposed” meant “closed.”  Some buildings could be used for other purposes the consultants said, but the buildings shouldn’t be used as places where students attend school and the 10 schools should not be replaced."

While Erwin located just around the corner was destroyed by the tornado and Guilford County Schools has announced no plans to rebuild despite overcrowded classrooms County wide. That's 3 schools located within 1/2 of a mile of one another.

Have the Guilford County Schools run into money problems since the hiring of Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras? Or are the money problems the result of years of chronic under investment? Is the closing and eventual selling off of school properties the solution? Really?

Bessemer and Gatewood are located on the corner of East Wendover Ave and Huffine Mill Road. The combined properties are part of a much larger piece of property that was first purchased by the county in 1859 for $1140 and have enormous values as commercial properties for shopping centers and office parks. And County owned properties are usually sold for pennies on the dollar.

Is this a plan to enrich developers at the cost of taxpayers?

And what about the 9 other schools recommended for closing county wide? Is Gateway just the first?

Update: 3:10 PM

Current and projected enrollment.

Capacity per facilities report:

No changes recommended:

Sunday, April 7, 2019

On The Electoral College

Just so you know, Civics hasn't been offered in most public schools since the late 1960s and early 1970s. I graduated in 1974 and was never offered a civics class.

As for the Electoral College: I fully understand the need but question if it works as intended. For example: How many of us actually know who our electors are?

It is said we vote for electors but I've never seen electors on any ballot. Have you?

That leads me to believe that electors represent political parties rather than actual voters. Am I wrong?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Pill Pushers Of Big Pharma Don't Care

Recently on a facebook thread I posted a comment only to get a smart-assed reply from Mr John F Merritt, President at Select Laboratory Partners, Inc.former Strategic Account Specialist at Quest Diagnostics, and former Vice President at Roche Biomedical Laboratories. You can see them both below.

Is this typical of the attitude of those that own and run America's pharmaceutical, insurance, and medical industries? If America's poor people don't like it we can just get the hell out?

My replies to Mr Merrit:

We've seen this before when drug prices were artificially inflated and big pharma companies stood before Congress without any shame. They are not doing what they do to help people, they do what they do with the intention of bleeding us to death and anyone who complains should be pushed down and pushed out of the way.