Sunday, February 17, 2019

Local Media Continue Their Cover-ups

Our local media outlets continue their long history of covering for criminals with connections to City Council. As reported by Roch Smith jr in Why does WGHP MyFox8 keep failing to identify owners of problematic apartments?
 "This is not the first time WGHP has failed to identify the Agapions as the apartment owners. In four stories following the lethal apartment fire, WGHP either failed to identify the apartment owners at all or incorrectly identified the owner as ARCO Realty. It is hard to imagine why WGHP persists in failing to accurately report who owns these problematic apartments, but it can no longer be presumed they are not doing so out of ignorance. To report Arco Realty as the owners of the property, as WGHP did, is not only demonstrably wrong, it conceals the people actually responsible for the building—the Agapions. Why would WGHP keep doing that?"

Yes, why? Why are rich people continually given free passes by the media? Why does this double standard exist? And do the rich pay the media for this privilege?

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Recent E-Mail Concerning Kotis Properties

I still get some interesting e-mails from time to time. I'll not name the source but it is someone I trust and should be easy to verify:

"I had been meaning to mention . . . Two weeks ago the city started repaving a section of Battleground. Well, everyone has to start somewhere and they started in front of the Red Cinema on the side going toward downtown and paved to the office building before getting to the water plant. Once that was done, they all left - that apparently was all they were going to do . . . just that one side of the street, all lanes, from one end of Kotis' property at the Cinema to the other end at the office bldg. Something funny about this.

By the way, I am back and forth on this part of Battleground daily, many times more than once per day. Nothing was wrong with the street and there was no water waork, just paving."

Political favors or just by circumstance? You tell me. Are there no broken roads in Greensboro that needed paving first?

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Ed Cone; "Greensboro-High Point ...second-most-vulnerable metro region to job loss due to AI and robotics. Winston-Salem is number six.

Former News & Record columnist Edward Cone is Technology Practice Lead at Oxford Economics, a London-based consulting firm.
Good paying manufacturing jobs are being taken by robots.

Our local economy is at risk.

Our leaders knew before all the money borrowed and blown on sideshows for the personal profits of their campaign donors.
Labor Day Thoughts; Publix' new state-of-the-art in Eastern Guilford County will likely employ relatively good paying truck driver and robot mechanics, but not very many warehouse workers, until they can replace most human labor

If North Carolina wants to invest $1 billion plus, why not design and build cars in the Piedmont Triad?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Greensboro's Recycling Problem: The Third Solution

In an articled titled. Council Considers Ending Recycling Program, the Rhino is reporting:
"Wyrick said the Council had two options to consider and Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann said, “What if we just didn’t recycle.  I know it is not desirable but some cities are doing it.”

Wyrick said that was not an option he had considered, and that since the city would have to dispose of the 25,000 tons of recyclables at the landfill at a cost of $45 a ton, it probably wasn’t a good financial move, yet."

So what did Wyrick suggest we do?

"Wyrick recommended negotiating with Republic and trying to find a way to ease into the new contract where instead of being paid for recycling, Greensboro is going to have to start paying.  The City Council agreed that negotiating a contract extension was the better option.

Wyrick said the city would have to share in the cost of operating the MRF and he estimated the cost to be between $75 and $90 a ton.  At $90 a ton the city would pay $2.25 million a year if the recycling stream is not reduced.

One suggestion for the future that Wyrick said should be considered was for the city to ask people not to put glass in the recycling bins.  He said it would take a while to educate people and the city could provide recycling drop off points for glass, but that when the city is paying for the recycling operation, picking up glass, sorting it and then paying $22 a ton to have hauled off doesn’t make sense."
Doesn't seem like much of a long term solution, does it? Don't be angry with Mr Wyrick, the spending required for long term solutions are above what he's allowed to recommend.

Amazingly there's a 3rd solution that Mr Wyrick isn't talking about, one that City Council knows but they're not talking about it either  I'm speculating it could it be because they have already screwed up and spent $Millions upon $Millions of your tax dollars on a 'Regional Solution" that didn't take into account the up and down nature of the price of recyclables.

That's right, your money was spent to build a regional landfill in Asheboro when in-fact there was a better solution all along.

On Friday, March 9, 2012 I wrote Greensboro Garbage Comes Back In 15 Years. Only it came back in half the time predicted.

On Saturday, November 24, 2012 I wrote, Common Sense Solutions, in which I recommended building the new high tech, Claudette Burroughs-White Waste To Energy Plant owned not by 3rd party contractors but by the City of Greensboro.

"Then started hauling our garbage not 70 miles to Montgomery County where we pay $40 a ton in tipping fees but to our own W2E Plant just 10 miles away where the tipping fees are ZERO?

Let's see, we've just saved 60 miles at a cost of what $3 per mile and $40 a ton and 20 tons per trip, 6-8 trips per day... Someone do the math."

Did your City Council listen?

In my 2013 series Economic Development At The White Street Landfill I repeatedly pushed for modern, zero pollution waste to energy solutions as a means of economic development for a city in dire straits economically but did even one member of your city council step up and answer the call?

Here's one that will blow you away. On Wednesday, September 24, 2014 I wrote When I Suggested This For Greensboro They Told Me It Wouldn't Work. In it I wrote:

"I tried to get the City of Greensboro to install waste-2-energy plants at the White Street Landfill before it was closed. I suggested the City begin with a pilot program then scale up. I was told it wouldn't work.

I argued that W2E would solve Greensboro's long term waste problems, bring high tech, high paying jobs to East Greensboro and produce revenue for the City of Greensboro. Some called me crazy.

Now we learn that the entire nation of Sweden runs on W2E and is importing garbage from other countries while Greensboro continues to fall behind spending $Millions upon $Millions of Dollars a year hauling our garbage to a rapidly filling landfill in Montgomery County while searching for new landfill sites."

I even included this cool video:

We can profit from our garbage. And we don't have to stop recycling.

Oh, and that little problem with truck traffic on White Street? There's a new landfill entrance from East Cone Blvd already in operation. Think of all the high tech jobs we could be bringing to my neighborhood.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Traffic comparison; DPAC to STPAC

Driving directions from DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center, 123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC 27701, to STPAC, 300 N Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401, shows it takes 50 min (53.4 miles) via I-85 S, with usuall traffic.

It takes 9 min, or (4.0 mi), getting off the highway at I-40 exit 224 onto E Gate City Blvd, to Murrow Blvd, turning left at the 2nd cross street onto E Friendly Ave, to N Elm St, where STPAC at 300 N Elm St. is on the right.

Leaving STPAC, with usuall traffic, which it won't be, will take 11 minutes and 4.5 miles to get back to the highway, which will include a left onto E Market St, a right onto Murrow Blvd, a left at the 1st cross street onto E Gate City Blvd and back to I40, most of which is through the poorest part of Greensboro.
Once off the highway heading to DPAC, 3 min (0.6 mi), Turn left onto S Roxboro St, 0.3 mi, Turn left onto W Pettigrew St, 0.2 mi, Turn left onto S Mangum St, 203 ft and right onto Vivian Street.

Leaving DPAC, it shows it takes 1 min (0.4 mi) to get back on the highway with the usual traffic.

Last time I was there we were on the highway in 10 minutes coming out of a parking deck.

Our overlords wanted it downtown to profit from local real estate instead of at the coliseum, where Koury etc... gets the heads on beds.

Elm Street is going to be a parking lot at 11:30pm, when the shows end, which is going to effect attendance to the downside.

There is no easy egress or ingress, which as was found out with the Billy Joel concert in Winston, is a very serious problem for a $90 million performing arts center.,+Vivian+Street,+Durham,+NC/300+N+Elm+St,+Greensboro,+NC+27401/@36.0347557,-79.9051487,9z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x89ace46c494ce6bb:0xc266ae4a60dc2ee7!2m2!1d-78.9021923!2d35.993248!1m5!1m1!1s0x885319261ae36dd3:0x82871b7b3899205c!2m2!1d-79.789623!2d36.07528!3e0

It takes 4 min (0.6 mi) in usual traffic from the highway in Charlotte to get to the Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center at 130 N Tryon St.

It takes 8 min (3.8 mi) once on Freeman Mill Rd. to get to STPAC, via S Edgeworth St and W Market St to N Elm St.,+North+Tryon+Street,+Charlotte,+NC/300+N+Elm+St,+Greensboro,+NC+27401/@35.6592419,-81.4515514,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x8856a024b8384e31:0x9212ce70fdd736c7!2m2!1d-80.8415419!2d35.2273169!1m5!1m1!1s0x885319261ae36dd3:0x82871b7b3899205c!2m2!1d-79.789623!2d36.07528!3e0

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Anatomy of a duped taxpayer base; Population and earnings for Durham and DPAC compared to Greensboro and STPAC

There are 2,384,496 people within 50 miles of DPAC;

There are 820,786 people withing 50 miles of Greensboro.

There are 395,815 fewer people within 50 miles of Greensboro to attend STPAC than DPAC.

Average earnings around DPAC are $54,706 compared to $45,278 for STPAC.

If an STPAC patron were to drive down Elm Street at 10pm after a show, it's not going to be what most white folks would consider to be a safe feeling scene, compared to the egress from DPAC.

There is no natural barrier or otherwise keeping out those considered unsightly, many of whom are within walking distance, like DPAC.

The upper crust who just enjoyed an opera who are supposedly going to pay $18 a piece for 330 parking spots 150 times per year, don't want to have to drive through the poorest part of town to get back on the highway, unlike DPAC.

The math to justify the debt includes all 330 parking spaces are going to sell out for local dance recitals and Community Theater shows.

There is almost no way to get in and out anywhere near as quickly as DPAC, which is clean to the point of sterile, and has a fake river running through with tight security and is sectioned off from nearby neighborhoods.

Walker Sanders, Nancy Vaughan, Rick Lusk, Kathy Manning and Matt Brown committed an act of fraud against Greensboro's taxpayers and securities investors via fraudulent financial projections based on unsustainable and blatantly misleading math, and the News and Record never reported it. And then there is the problem with the abiltiy of our region to support the ticket prices

We have been sold a bridge.
Guilford County incomes;

Are City of Greensboro taxpayers and parking deck patrons on the hook for at least $35.1 million not including legal costs, for a parking deck which most of City Council doesn't even know much about, for Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan, George House and Greg Dillon, who has a contract on the News and Record property?

The News and Record real estate is under contract with Greg Dillon, 
one of Randall Kaplan's partners in the hotel,
so don't count on any quality investigative journalism from what's left
of what used to be our community's paper of record, 
just like the Washington Post shills for Jeff Bezos and Amazon,
as what used to be the Rhino Times is/was Roy Carroll's propaganda outlet

Matt Brown, Kathy Manning, Walker Sanders and the City 
didn't disclose $23,108,494.98 in interest costs for the STPAC
when Greensboro's City Council voted on the debt.

Matt Brown, Kathy Manning and Walker Sanders betrayed our community

Matt Brown sold City Council on math showing 330 VIP parking spots 
selling out at $18 a piece
for 12 Student Plays or Concerts and 11 Dance Recitals and Talent Competitions 
which are not projected to have ticket fees, 
and then everyone voted for it except Sharon Hightower 
after mayor Nancy Vaughan assured the Council and the public it was a good finance plan.

An interesting conversation between former NC District Congressional Candidate A.W. Coker, Wayne Abraham and Hartzman on Matt Brown, Nancy Vaughan and friend's fraud against Greensboro's taxpayers

The City, with the help of Kathy Manning and CFGG's Walker Sanders
 expects to sell more parking spaces than vehicles expected to show up for each show,
with none of them parking anywhere else.

Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland's Climax; "In response to your public records request concerning the City of Greensboro legislation which states the City is obligated to provide "off-street parking (both surface lots and parking decks) to meet the needs of downtown businesses" cited by Jim Westmoreland, attached is a copy of the City of Greensboro Code 16-156, Ord. No. 87-50"

City Council voted to for the project while knowing this information
or should have, and/or willfully ignored data,
violating their fiduciary duties to Greensboro's taxpayers

STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro's Walker Sanders 
violated his fiduciary duty to his clients and donors, 
while knowingly participated in a scheme to defraud Greensboro's taxpayers
with full knowledge of the risks involving Foundation assets being used as collateral

As of November 14, 2017, only $20 million of the $40 plus million in private donations
had actually been "raised", 
not counting expected interest payments on the loan CFGG took out to make up the difference;

Walker purposefully misled our community and his clients
at The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro 
and knowingly conspired against those he bears a fiduciary responsibility,
with their "unrestricted reserves of the Foundation".

Walker Sanders did not act in good faith, and did not exercise the same care 
that an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances
with his clients at The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

Walker Sanders did not avoid self-dealing, 
misuse of funds and other misconduct.

Walker Sanders did not perform duties with loyalty to the entity’s mission
 and obedience to The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro's non-profit purposes.

Some of who enabled and/or committed fraud against Greensboro taxpayers and the investors who purchased STPAC bonds; Greensboro, NC's $44.165 million LOBs, Series 2018, and some records requests

Proof of Control Fraud by Kathy Manning, City of Greensboro's Matt Brown, CFGG's Walker Sanders and everyone else who knew and didn't say anything, especially the elected officials who voted for it

Kathy Manning's campaign response to the $30 million plus Greensboro taxpayer handout for a luxury hotel project, questions and commentary

Friday, January 25, 2019

Trump And The Merchant Bankers

As a teenager in the 1970s I first read a book by Joseph Wechsberg titled The Merchant Bankers. 
First published in 1966, Mr Wechsberg contended that every war in recorded history had been financed by a handful of wealthy families of which his family was one of them. Among the names he mentioned were Rothschilds, Lehman Brothers, the Warburgs, Barings, Deutsche Bank, and numerous others that are often mentioned today when "conspiracy theorists" speak of plots of One World Government.

Wechsberg even claimed the Vietnam War was being financed on both sides by the Rothchilds. In 1966.

Even the Rothchilds themselves cite the work of Joseph Wechsberg in the Rothchild Archive.

"In  1966  Joseph  Wechsberg,  descendant  of  a central  European  family  of  Jewish businessmen,wrote  a  book  called The  Merchant  Bankers and devoted the last chapter to the Rothschilds.  One passage is relevant to our concerns:"
Apparently he got their attentions.

So a couple of days ago when I heard that our current Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, was unaware that people who were currently unemployed were not eligible for bank loans it puzzled me just enough to research Mr Ross online and here is what I found on Wikipedia

 So what does this prove? Nothing except a possible connection between Trump and the Rothchilds via Wilbur Ross. You know, if you do believe in that whole Rothchilds One World Government thing.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Corruption Spreads Throughout The Piedmont

I remember the days when Roch Smith jr of Greensboro101 and Greensboro attorney Sam Spagnola lead the effort to bring open and honest government to Greensboro, when certain City Council members tried to cut special deals directing tax dollars to their friends, and participated in efforts to slander and blackmail those persons who dared to stand in their way. When civil servants were falsely accused of racism.

Things are better in Greensboro these days. Not perfect, but better. But just across the county line in the small town of Ramseur, a new hero by the name of Jay Hubbard, a small business owner and advocate of open and honest government, is being slandered by certain members of the Ramseur Town Council while those same members attempt to violate contracts with other local small businesses, and cheat taxpayers out of their hard earned money.
Click on Smith Alleges Collusion Between Watchdog and Hosting Provider to read the whole story. Next thing you know Ramseur will be caught up in lawsuits over racism.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Greensboro's Taxpayer Funded Pension Liability Facade
According to the City of Greensboro's 2018 "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report", or CAFR,

The discount rate predicts the present value of future payments.

The recession in 2008/9 erased much of the gains documented over the last 30 years.

Greensboro's pension plan useS a 7.2 % discount rate to 'guess' how much the money in the pension fund will make over time.

"if the assumed discount rate is lowered, then Greensboro's pension will appear to be more expensive over time on teh assumption the fund will earn less money over time, meaning more taxpayer money will need to be contributed.

If the expectation falls to 6.2%, the plan will need $117,75,680 more taxpayer money to provide future retirement income streams to folks like 'retired' City Manager Jim Westmoreland, who oversaw the fleecing of local taxpayers for downtown real estate owner profits.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy contends the “risk free” discount rate should be only 3%, which would about double the $117,75,680 guess by the City's bean counters.

Our 'leaders' don't address this issue, as their positions are dependent on uninformed taxpayer base who let them hand out cheese to their donors.

At the federal and global levels, if financial markets were to falter for more than a short amount of time, too many uneducated onlookers could get the idea in their heads that they've been had.

The answer was, is and will most likely continue to be artificial stability created by central banks, just like the last episode leading into the end of 2018, which, during a federal shutdown, massive political uncertainty widespread corporate earnings warnings and falling economic indicators,  ended with;


Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Prophecy

And yet the wall that has already been built on the border at San Diego doesn't seem to slow down the flow of illegal drugs at all.

Immigration isn't the problem. Immigration is the symptom. And symptoms point to causes.

Will a wall cure the cause or simply delay the cure?

Brick and mortar simply reinforces the division. Increases the hate and the false sense of security as one side can no longer see or understand the storm brewing on the other side.

But most would rather be victimized and encroached upon by the politicians they vote for and the corporations those politicians represent than by refugees who come to us seeking our help. The self-fulfilling prophecy cries out to build the wall. We have no choice.

Developers will tout the safety of living with your backs to the wall, communities will be built there as never before with incentives footing the bill. And the people living in the gated communities along the wall will enjoy the river that was once shared with the other side now left impoverished and dry as the waters are diverted for use only by the rich. Manifest Destiny has deemed it so.

And what was once poor refugees will then be courted and given aid by our enemies as an army is amassed, armed, and trained on lands outside of our control. Build a wall and what are now refugees seeking our our assistance will someday become the world's largest invasion force.

History repeats itself. Imagine a Palestinian Invasion Force that spans a wall 1,989 miles long, reaches from Texas to the tip of South America and a population of 600 Million people-- the current population of Mexico, Central America, and South America combined-- all countries where rich white people and their corporations are forcing people of color to leave. The cost of buying security today at the expense of security tomorrow.

We must build the wall. We must make the prophecy come true.