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Another List, Another Failure For Greensboro: Part Deux

“Not surprisingly the #1 spot on the list went to the wealthy golf mecca of Pinehurst. Fact is: poor people don't live in Pinehurst and the working class commutes to jobs there. In that way Pinehurst is able to export most of its crime to nearby Carthage, Southern Pines and other Moore County communities just as has always been done there. Greensboro's elites would no doubt love to use the same approach to fighting crime by pricing the working class out of the city just as Pinehurst has managed to do.” - Billy Jones, Another List, Another Failure For Greensboro


At first blush the above paragraph seems like an opinion. However, the above paragraph is in fact based in real phenomena discussed at length by Hernando De Soto in his book The Other Path and William Easterly in his book The Tyranny of Experts. How so? (1) (2)

Central planners, via special interests, through the hijacking of do-gooder’s initial ideas of helping the poor, propose urban renewal plans and greenways. The urban renewal plans destroy low-income housing and low-income serving businesses.

Generally the result is displaced low-income families that must live elsewhere while the urban renewal takes place. Live elsewhere, in that, they must search for other low-income housing that meets their housing budget. These other locales that have acceptable housing prices are generally in more rural areas meaning the added price of a long commute to work, back to their urban based job, by people of very modest means and modest budget. Those that do return to the area are forced to chose to live in a densely populated low-income housing projects with many rules and regulations. Rules and regulations that generally disallow running small cottage-based businesses from one‘s home.

Meanwhile, in the main, the displaced business do not return. The business owners, without revenue during the period the urban renewal takes place, must either relocate their business or seek other employment. With the end result being a densely populated low-income housing project with few if any businesses to serve the population in this newly constructed densely populated housing project.

Greenways serve the same function as urban renewal albeit no housing of any sort is now available for any income strata. The concept of “greenways” is a do-gooder idea that a green strip of land surrounding or adjoining an urban area makes for an aesthetically pleasing, environmental friendly and family recreation area. Greenways are then notionally presented as ways to “attract businesses and people” as the greenway’s aesthetically pleasing, environmental friendly and family recreation area are aspects that supposedly “attract”.

Problem is, the greenway is not constructed through class A real-estate that exhibits high value. Rather the greenway is constructed, much of the time, right through the same low-income housing and low-income serving businesses discussed above. Two avenues, same result.

When examining the result of such intentions as urban renewal and greenways one must examine the seen and the unseen. The seen is busy construction workers plowing under existing structures that once provided low-income housing and businesses serving lower-income people and building anew low-income housing. With greenways dismantlers removing existing low-income housing and replacing it with trees and lawns. The unseen is the families displaced and having to search for low-income housing in other locales. That these same families must now commute to their employment from much greater distances. Further, the social fabric of the low-income neighborhood is destroyed as families that once networked together end up in separate new low-income locales that offer affordable housing. It’s tough to borrow a cup of sugar from your old neighbor who now lives twenty miles away.

De Soto makes a grand point regarding shanty-towns in emerging economies which are akin to low-income housing in developed economies. The shanty-towns emerge as very low-income rural people are attracted to the higher paying urban jobs available. They must have a place to live during the transition and hence the emergence of shanty-towns. These shanty-towns, as De Soto observes, have their own vibrant economies albeit more informal economies (non-regulated, non-taxed). That the vibrant economy of shanty-town then interacts with the established economy of the urban area it adjoins causing the economic pie to grow. That the inhabitants of shanty-town are by no means permanent inhabitants. These low-income wage earners seek to move up the economic ladder and many, many do so and move to other areas with new shanty-town inhabitants replacing them.

The interaction De Soto describes is very much related to the concept of a “whole economy”. That is, all participants, low, middle and high income within an economy interact to create a dynamic and innovative economy. The problem of slack growth can be to one degree or another attributed to economies that wall-off income groups or drive off income groups.

Now comes the insidious. Urban renewal and greenways are generally built via other people (politicos), spending other people’s money (taxpayer funds), on other people (recipient class). The result thereof, for example, is that greenways are argued to be nothing more than an exercise in Director’s Law where the middle class lobby for a convenient park for themselves to have low cost recreational opportunities at the expense of the lower-income driven out. (3)

Regarding urban renewal the insidious many times comes in the form of aesthetics. Political elites and their ilk find lower income housing an “eye sore”, a “blighted area“ or some other derogatory description. Rather than understanding the economic value of shanty-town and the needs of the inhabitants…. the shape, look, smell of shanty-town is not to their liking. Why not designate the “eye sore” for urban renewal and then the ascetics for the few will be satisfied?

A final item that is worthy of discussion is the rights of the poor and the private property rights of those serving the poor. Should not the poor have the right to live where they choose? Should the poor be driven out merely because they are poor? Should the poor have the opportunity to climb the economic ladder at the most reasonable price? Are those catering to the poor, be it housing or businesses, do they not have a right to supply to the poor what others are unwilling to supply?



(1) The Other Path , Hernando De Soto

(2) The Tyranny of Experts, William Easterly

(3) Director’s Law's_law







Another List, Another Failure For Greensboro

Movoto Real Estate just published their list of the 50 Safest Cities In North Carolina.

Greensboro isn't on the list but Charlotte is at 47th. Asheboro came in at 48, High Point 42 and Burlington at #40. Fifteen minutes north of Greensboro, Reidsville came in at number 35.

Raleigh came in at 31, Graham in nearby Alamance County at 26 and Kernersville, which like High Point, now borders Greensboro, came in at 21.

Not surprisingly the #1 spot on the list went to the wealthy golf mecca of Pinehurst. Fact is: poor people don't live in Pinehurst and the working class commutes to jobs there. In that way Pinehurst is able to export most of its crime to nearby Carthage, Southern Pines and other Moore County communities just as has always been done there. Greensboro's elites would no doubt love to use the same approach to fighting crime by pricing the working class out of the city just as Pinehurst has managed to do.

Surprisingly though, High Point and Charlotte were well known for decades as being more dangerous than Greensboro. It would appear these years of development at any cost is costing Greensboro its rankings and making Greensboro appear to be a less desireable place to bring one's family and business.

Good job, Mayor Vaughan, you're adherence to Mayor Perkins' agenda seems to be right on schedule. Pretty soon he and his friends will be able to buy the entire city for pennies on the dollar.

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The Owl Is Watching

"On October 16, Provost Dana Dunn told the faculty at UNCG, “I would urge you that if you can give this a little time, information will come forward. Right now, you have very incomplete information. So do I.”
Susan Safran, Chair of the UNCG Board of Trustees followed this by saying, “When the evidence comes out, I hope you’ll understand the actions we took.”
The time has come that the truth must be told.
Provost Dunn, you have had two months since that statement to familiarize yourself with the situation. Chairwoman Safran, the evidence is out and it has only clarified the specious nature of the charges and the firings. 
The only conclusion that the faculty and staff at UNCG can draw from this is that they were lied to."

Please continue reading The Owl Is Watching by Sophie Scholl.

Editor's thoughts: There's been some discussion among staffers here at about the fact that Sophie Scholl is obviously not the real name of the writer and the fact that I don't yet know the identity of the real writer but continue to post the story. Let me begin by saying that under most circumstances I detest writers hiding behind anonomity or pseudonyms. Most people who do it are simply cowards and nothing more.

That said, there are times when it becomes necessary to do so. The ongoing story of the UNCG 3 and the story of Ms Billeci, Now Billy, About That Post, have established the fact that UNCG retaliates against employees for standing up for their rights. This is one of those times when anonymity becomes sadly necessary.

Is Sophie Scholl's version of events factual? EzGreensboro team members and investigators from various local media outlets have thus far been unable to fund anything we could prove to be a lie. No one has published any account to the contrary of Sophie Scholl's version of events.

That, my friends and readers, is as close as myself or anyone else can come to answering that question.

Of course, the University, Paul Mason, Linda Brady or anyone else involved could publish their version of events. I'd even post it here if any of them desired to send it to me. Or post it to the UNCG website and send me the link if you don't trust me not to tamper with the wording of the story.

But something tells me that when Sophie is finished her's will be the only complete narrative.

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Now Billy, About that Post

I have to give you a gentle admonishment about your post "UNCG Continues Threats and Intimidation." You characterized me as a "former UNCG victim." As you know, I used to work for UNCG and part  of my job was to research and interpret business affairs procedures and academic policies. In consideration of that work, I would like to be very clear about, shall we say, "coveted victim status."

According to Human Resources, I was not in a hostile work environment. According to Human Resources, I was not in a harassing environment. According to my department, there was no actionable item to address. According to the Dean of Students, Honor Code violations are not actionable as they have a developmental system and only academic issues are addressed.

Therefore, according to UNCG,

1- it is acceptable for faculty to circulate a letter among a minority of colleagues stating that they don't like a staff person's job description and that it should be eliminated

2-. it is within collegial relations for a looming  250+ pound male associate professor to block a door to a meeting room and say "we don't want you here"

3- it is acceptable for a faculty member  to have a screaming fit in the Registrar's Office (yes, screaming, raised voice with spittle, screaming) to the point that a Registrar's staff member alerts the home department that their worker may be in danger

4- it is acceptable for faculty to undermine a staff person's programming and outreach by slandering her in the greater Greensboro Community
5- it is OK for faculty to undermine a staff person's programming within the department by requiring students to refrain from participating in that programming as a condition of their dissertation committee acceptance
6-  it is acceptable for faculty to use their influence with students to 'get rid of' a staff person and threaten the students that if they do not participate then it will be reflected in their dissertation defense

7- it is acceptable for faculty to intimidate the daughter of a staff person in public
8- it is good and right when a research associate hacks into a staff members social media and makes changes, particularly in regard to their employment status (but only when that associate happens to be the spouse of a faculty person and therefore covered by Human Resource protection)
9 -it is protected speech when a doctoral student falsely and maliciously informs a teenage visitor that a staff person is a registered pedophile
10-it is acceptable behavior when a group of male students with a history of physical aggression towards women spread false, malicious, humiliating, and baseless rumors as this is free speech
11- it is appropriate for doctoral students to speak about "getting some" with a staff person while in a general open area in front of that staff person's minor son.

12- it is protected speech when a student calls a staff person at home to say that since she is divorced she must be 'wanting some' so a group of male students were going to show up at her house and 'slip it in'

13-it is within the guidelines of good Human Resource policy and procedure that faculty can make false, malicious, vicious  and baseless accusations regarding a staff person's personal and professional life.

14-it is good process when Human Resources cherry picks witnesses excluding all witnesses in one side of a dispute despite mandates of the equal opportunity commission which states that all witnesses must be interviewed

So Billy, I do need to remonstrate. The Director of Talent Management and Affirmative Action Officer in Human Resources and the Dean of Students explained to me that despite my perception that this was a hostile and harassing environment based on these events and much more, apparently I was incorrect and therefore not a victim.

Editor's Note: Ms Billeci's post was partially in response to UNCG Continues Threats And Intimidation .

Brian Clarey; "Same old Rhino"

"There once was a Greensboro newspaper called the Rhinoceros Times, a pugnacious little weekly that grew from a barroom newsletter to something that, for a time, wielded real influence.

...That paper went out of business, but a beast by the same name was jolted to life by Greensboro developer Roy Carroll, a modern day Dr. Frankenstein...

...there are certainly some questions that need to be answered there ...about a plan hatched by the newspaper and its millionaire owner...

The plan involves cutting the nine-member city council down to seven by eliminating two at-large posts, doubling the two-year terms and cutting new districts that no doubt will favor those with political leanings sympathetic to the Rhino.

It was first floated in the Rhino on Nov. 13 with a similarly misleading headline: “Council may see big changes” — insinuating that this change is surely going to come. It was then repeated by Carroll at a Greensboro Merchant’s Association meeting...

...People are talking about it — but what they’re saying is, “What do these guys take us for?”

Before You Judge That Panhandler

A few weeks back I called the cops on a panhandler at the intersection of US29 and East Market St for getting mouthy with me when I didn't have any money to give. I drive a beat to hell 88 Dodge pick-up and have an Obama Phone, it's not like I look like I have money.

He claimed to be a veteran.

But I've found that to be the exception rather than the rule. I sized him up, had it not been for the meds that the rest of your tax dollars are paying for through your Guilford County taxes I would have taken the steel pipe laying on the seat of my truck and beat the SOB at least half to death. Thank you all for keeping me out of jail. Those generic meds you bought me saved you his medical bills and the costs of my incarceration. Again, thanks.

I've been 4 years out of work. My Disability hearing is finally scheduled for February 2. It would be so easy for me to slip off the edge and become like them. If not for family I might be there now.

I've been homeless in the past, 20 some years ago, but I never begged because I'm trained in survival skills. But as a man grows older the effort to live using such skills becomes increasingly harder. I'm no longer physically able to survive in the woods. Back then I was too proud in my 30s to ask for help so when things went wrong I went to the woods but eventually I realized I couldn't spend my life there without becoming a wild animal-- something I didn't want to be.

Drugs and alcohol were never an issue for me. Medical issues and a lack of insurance caused me to lose a house and a job-- took all of 6 months before everything was gone. Then I lost myself to the Depression and PTSD that had always been there but I'd somehow kept in check without ever before getting help.

I could have filed bankruptcy, I could have asked my parents for help, I could have gotten government assistance, I could have gotten Disability 20 years ago easier than today. I could have done a lot of things that I didn't do but I had no one to guide me through it, too much pride to ask and not enough clarity of thought to figure it out.

20 years later I was back on my feet, $20K in the bank, all my bills paid, 54 years old and everything goes wrong again. I'm assaulted on the job, the PTSD comes back, I lost it all for a while, I almost shot a coworker. My doctors told me to go on Disability and for 4 years I've waited as every penny I saved disappeared.

So before you go judging those people who are begging I want you to remember 4 things: 1) They're most likely not the people breaking into your homes or robbing you. 2) Politicians are more likely to rob you in the name of doing good deeds, 3) none of you know their individual stories and 4) it could have been you or I.

And no, I've yet to stand on a corner with a sign. I'll die first. But not everyone is like me.

Derek Fleming: Club Turnt Up 336

Today Club Turnt Up 336 is again in the news as club owner Derek Fleming has lost his appeal before the Greensboro Board of Adjustment to keep his business privilege license:

"The city has shut down a “teen club” business in east Greensboro that investigators said wasn’t catering to youngsters and allowed alcohol consumption."

 What I want to know is why was Derek Fleming allowed to operate such a business in the first place?

"Derek Fleming was convicted of (1) conspiracy to distribute cocaine base ("crack") in violation of 21 U.S.C. §§ 841(a)(1), 841(b)(1)(A), and 846; (2) inducing a minor to participate in a drug conspiracy in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 861(a)(1); and (3) possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking offense in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 924(c)(1) and (2). Fleming appeals, arguing that the district court erred by admitting evidence of prior drug sales and improperly calculating the weight of drugs ascribed to the conspiracy for sentencing purposes. We affirm.
3Derek Fleming and Antuan Marsh entered into a conspiracy to operate a "crack house" from an apartment on Martin Luther King Drive in Greensboro, North Carolina. Fleming and Marsh purchased the crack and then gave it to Ronald Smith, a 16 year old minor. Smith sold crack to walk-in customers at the apartment and was paid between $200 and $300 dollars per week.
4On May 23, 1991, Greensboro police officers arrested Smith and searched the apartment. They found 52 grams of crack, a pistol, and a Mossberg shotgun. Drug paraphernalia was scattered around the apartment, and, in the closet, the police found an army jacket with Fleming's name on it. Fleming and Marsh were arrested and indicted.
5At trial, the government attempted to prove Fleming's participation in the conspiracy by offering Marsh's and Smith's testimony that Fleming was a co-conspirator, the physical evidence from the crack house, and evidence that Fleming had previously dealt drugs.
6The jury found Fleming guilty of all three counts. He was sentenced to 322 months of imprisonment to be followed by 60 months of supervised release. Fleming appeals.
7The indictment charged Fleming and Marsh with conspiring to distribute crack from April to June, 1991. At trial, the government also introduced, through the testimony of four Greensboro police officers, evidence that Fleming had sold crack on two prior occasions.1 The district court's decision to admit "other acts" evidence pursuant to Fed. R. Evid. Rule 404(b) is reviewed by this court for "abuse of discretion." United States v. Rawle, 845 F.2d 1244, 1247 (4th Cir. 1988)."
Yeah, this is the kind of guy we want our children hanging around, right? One might begin to believe the City of Greensboro wants to kill the children of East Greensboro. And the city waits until after 2 shootings have taken place at this illegal liquor house before they take action when preventing it was as easy as googling Derek Fleming Greensboro. 
Derek Fleming lost his appeal against GPD Chief Sylvester Daughtry and Officer D E Gaines in 1996. For what I don't know.

He lost an appeal on an unrelated charge against the United States government in 1996.

Derek Fleming was arrested and charged with ASSAULT BY STRANGULATION on June 20, 2013 and the City of Greensboro allows him to operate a venue that caters to teenagers? I could go on but you get the picture.

It is past time the Greensboro City Council took a very hard look at how business privilege licenses are issued here in Greensboro.

Update: As confirmation, Mr Fleming's most recent arrest for the incident reported in the News & Record article linked at the top of the page. Same guy.


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UNCG Continues Threats And Intimidation

When staff investigator Jackie Billeci first sent me the e-mail that broke the story of the UNCG 3, UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees on September 29, 2014, Jackie, myself and others were already well aware of what had long been going on at UNCG.

Jackie, herself a former UNCG victim and others had made me aware of the situation months before but none were in a position that allowed them to go public just yet. The letter by Betsi Robinson, Debbie Schallock and Andrea Spencer was the opening we'd been months looking for.
Jackie titled her e-mail to me, "UNCG IS Blowing Up!" It took all of 5 minutes from the time I read the letter until I posted it online. It just so happens that Margaret Moffett of the News & Record along with almost every other journalist in this city reads every word posted to this website and when she saw her long time friend and former co-worker Betsi Robinson was one of the letter writers...

The next day Lyda Carpen, David Wilson and Chris English were folk heroes. And rightfully so.

But sadly as this next e-mail you're about to read points out, nothing has changed for the better:

"Scared vs Sinful Employees...

 I received an email tonight from a current UNCG employee who was invited to "Like" a page, but due to the lack of Due Process and bullying in his own office, he is afraid if he were to Like the page, he may lose his job or reprimanded.  I removed his name, and the people he contacted, because I would not want this to get back around that he said these things.

Based on the little bit of what I read on the new website Sophie put together (, I will say she is doing her research...  I believe I told both of you at least a month ago if not longer that Sherri MacCheyne is playing a bigger role in this whole situation than the public realizes...   


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 10:23 PM
Subject: Please - Like this page (for those who can't)

I am asking those of you who can, please head over to the new page Sophie setup and "Like" it

There are some of us out there that the possibility of "Liking" certain posts or pages can cause a great deal of harm, while there are others who have more flexibly.  

I just came across her website also, and it's pretty good...

Friends - this is in support of the UNCG 3 who were wrongfully fired, and had felony charges brought to them.  As an UNCG Graduate, I continue to feel ashamed by what has happened on campus, and to 3 great people who were fired.  Selfishly though, I am even more afraid this same thing could happen to others on campus (including myself) and I feel that UNCG is going down a bad, bad road.  Please take just a moment to Like the above page.

Sadly most of the faculaty at UNCG has rolled over on staff believing that as long as faculty is safe there is nothing to fear. Therefore the Fascist takeover of UNCG continues unabated.
"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
-- Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of intellectuals

Continue believing your abandonment of staff will keep you safe and see where it gets you. Like I've written many times before, at we don't blog the news we make the news happen.

Yes Weekly and Hartzman on Greensboro's DC lobbyist.

"The city entered into the contract with Pillsbury Shaw Pittman in 2012, agreeing to pay about $70,000 a year for the firm’s assistance with a variety of federal funding initiatives.

The new two-year contract will cost the city $140,400 in all, with the Greensboro Partnership of the Greensboro Area Chamber of Commerce providing an additional $23,400 for the same purposes.

The firm helped secure two grants for the city in 2014 totaling $114,505."
So the City pays its share, and taxpayers fund the Partnership, who pays the other portion, so taxpayers are funding a lobbyist for Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin, Koury and Marty Kotis.

Pillsbury also represents Duke Energy, so Pillsbury is working to prevent North Carolina from cleaning up its coal ash mess.

Pillsbury also represents Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Wells Fargo, so Pillsbury just successfully lobbied for financial deregulation in the Cromnibus bill that put US taxpayers on the hook for an additional $300 trillion in derivatives for Pillsbury's other clients, which is not in the best interests of Greensboro's taxpayers.

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) named Pillsbury the World's Best Outsourcing Advisor, meaning Pillsbury is also in the business of sending local jobs elsewhere.


"Nimrod (/ˈnɪm.rɒd/,[1] Hebrew: נִמְרוֹדֿ, Modern Nimrod Tiberian Nimrōḏ Aramaic: ܢܡܪܘܕ‎ Arabic: نمرود, Namrood‎), king of Shinar, was, according to the Book of Genesis and Books of Chronicles, the son of Cush and great-grandson of Noah.

He is depicted in the Bible as a man of power and a mighty hunter.

And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword,
and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: 
thus shall he deliver us from the Assyrian, 
when he cometh into our land, 
and when he treadeth within our borders.

Book of Micah 5:6

Extra-biblical traditions associating him with the Tower of Babel led to his reputation as a king who was rebellious against God.

...A number of attempts to connect him with historical figures have been made.

"a mighty one on the earth" and "a mighty hunter before God".

...Judaic interpreters as early as Philo and Yochanan ben Zakai (1st century AD) interpreted "a mighty hunter before the Lord" (Heb. : לפני יהוה, lit. "in the face of the Lord") as signifying "in opposition to the Lord"; a similar interpretation is found in Pseudo-Philo, as well as later in Symmachus. Some rabbinic commentators have also connected the name Nimrod with a Hebrew word meaning 'rebel'.

Now it was Nimrod who excited them to such an affront
and contempt of God. 

...a bold man, and of great strength of hand. 

He persuaded them not to ascribe it to God, 
...but to believe that it was their own courage which procured that happiness. 


The Book of Jubilees mentions the name of "Nebrod" (the Greek form of Nimrod) only as being the father of Azurad, the wife of Eber and mother of Peleg (8:7). This account would thus make him an ancestor of Abraham, and hence of all Hebrews."