Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is Mayor Robbie Perkins Using City Funding To Fund His Own Business?

A Fox8 video speaks of concerns about the historic Cascade Saloon located at 408-410 South Elm Street but it has come to my attention that the mayor might be involved in a deal as a commercial realtor to sell the building to the Monument Group who own the property next door.

It's not that I oppose retaining our historical landmarks. I love people who restore old buildings. And I certainly have no love for the heavy handed and often illegal tactics of the North Carolina Rail Road. But it's high time that Greensboro came to understand that Robbie Perkins has too many conflicts of interest to serve in any political capacity in Greensboro or Guilford County. It's time for the Robbie Regime to fall.

Correction: It's called the Momentum Development Partners and more background can be found at 99 Blocks.