Saturday, September 1, 2012

Walker Sanders And Lomax

Is that Walker Sanders next to Lomax in Bermuda three weeks ago...the same Walker Sanders who's wife (Dabney) is in charge of the $24,000,000 Greenway...the same Greenway that just paid Lomax over $800,000? Just askin? Clicking on the photo makes it bigger.

UPDATE: September 5, 2012: My source informed me this morning that John Lomax removed the above photo from his own Facebook page. I would think that to be pretty damming.

UPDATE 2 September 6, 2012:

It may be that Alex Jakubsen of the Rhino Times has uncovered how it's possible that this could have happened:

"In an email Turlington initially stated, “The contract that the City has with the Greensboro Partnership (Action Greensboro) and Center City Park LLC (maintenance agreement) do [sic] not require the City to conduct a formal audit if the Greensboro Partnership and Center City Park LLC provides [sic] a financial statement and third party audit. However the city is responsible for conducting an annual compliance review of the financial documents.”

You see, Action Greensboro is also the "non profit" in charge of the Downtown Greenway. Also from the Rhino Times:

"There are 11 city-funded organizations that Turlington in his clarification identified as having contracts that call for annual compliance reviews along with independent audits and providing financial information. That list includes East Market Street Development Corporation, Preservation Greensboro, the Greensboro Sports Commission, Piedmont Triad Regional Council, Triad Stage, Greensboro Children's Museum, Piedmont Triad Partnership, Greensboro Jaycees, Community Theatre of Greensboro and Grassroots Productions.

As noted Grassroots, according to the city is on the list for annual reviews but had not been reviewed since 2008. City staff say that they are in the process of making the auditing procedure more consistent.

Action Greensboro, Center City Park LLC and DGI are not on that list, and according to staff's latest interpretation of the city's auditing policy, a compliance review may not be required on a regular basis."

How convienient.

Isn't it time you e-mailed city council and demanded a public hearing and complete audit of all the parties involved, Walker Sanders, Dabney Sanders, Jon Lomax, The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Action Greensboro and Lomax Construction?

Update: December 17 3 and 1/2 months and still no evidence to prove me wrong.

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