Sunday, March 6, 2016

Walker Sanders And Lomax, Part 2

On Saturday, September 1, 2012 I posted part 1 of Walker Sanders And Lomax and it quickly became one of the most popular posts of all time here at

Was it the fact that I posted photographs of Walker Sanders of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and wealthy local developer John Lomax lounging in a private swimming pool in Bermuda just 3 weeks before?

Was it because the trip was said to have been paid for with money siphoned away from the taxpayer funded Downtown Greenway Project by none other than Walker's wife, Dabney, who was at at that time director of Action Greensboro the non profit the city of Greensboro placed in charge of the project?

Was it because my September 5, 2012 update included information that John Lomax had removed that same photograph from his Facebook page?

Could it have been because my September 6, 2012 update included information from Alex Jakubsen of the Rhino Times that Action Greensboro and it's non profit subsidiaries were at that time among those non profits who were by contract not allowed to be audited by the City of Greensboro?

Perhaps it was my December 17, 2012 update and link to Sanders on Bermuda trip: "Everyone paid their own way"by Roch Smith jr that kept the public's attention for so long.

Then Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan told me while seated at Bernie's Barbecue on East Bessemer Avenue in early 2013 that she saw no reason why Ms Sanders could not produce the meeting minutes authorizing the work go to John Lomax. As Roch Smith jr wrote:

"Sanders also took issue with the idea that she "steered" the contract to her friend. She says that while she is the project manager for the downtown greenway, she does not have the authority to steer construction funds for the project and that "the downtown greenway oversight committee made the decision."

Sanders did not respond to my request for the minutes from the meeting at which the committee decided to recommend Lomax"

But you see, all the while I've known that Dabney Sanders was lying. And I'm not the only one who knew Ms Sanders was lying. Others who I had hoped would expose her were keeping what I am about to tell you a secret. For you see, as director of Action Greensboro at that time Dabney Sanders was also the sole person in charge of the for profit Action Greensboro subsidiary Greensboro Downtown Greenway, LLC.


So when Dabney Sanders indicated to Roch Smith jr that "she does not have the authority to steer construction funds for the project and that "the downtown greenway oversight committee made the decision." Dabney Sanders lied. Walker Sanders lied. John Lomax lied. And Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan who is on the board of directors at Action Greensboro/The Greensboro Partnership/Chamber of Commerce lied too.

And thus the reason Dabney Sanders never produced meeting minutes or even credit card receipts to prove her and Walker paid for their own trip.

Greensboro Downtown Greenway LLC is a fully owned for profit subsidiary of the non profit Action Greensboro and there is only one reason to form a for profit business-- to make a profit for you and your partners. Now you know why the cost of building the Downtown Greenway have been out of control for so long. Please share this post so that everyone else knows as well.

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