Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Aren't Sanders And Lomax Willing To Prove Their Innocence?

It's been well over a week since I broke the Sanders-Lomax Scandal. All the local media outlets have been informed. The Greensboro City Council and City Staff has been informed, Walker and Dabney Sanders and John Lomax have been informed and to date the only action that has taken place was John Lomax removing the incriminating photograph from his Facebook page.

It would be very easy for Sanders and Lomax to prove me wrong . If in fact I am wrong. All they have to do is show credit card receipts indicating who paid for the trip. I'm a stand up guy and would post their evidence right on the very same post where I made my accusations. And all the parties involved know how to get in touch with me as I personally made all of them aware of my post. I mean, everyone knows you don't pay cash for flights to Bermuda, right?

Say what you want about me, call my accusations wild and unfounded if you like but why aren't Sanders and Lomax willing to prove their innocence and clear this issue up in front of the City of Greensboro where they control $Millions in taxpayer Dollars? The longer they wait the more people will hear about it. On that you have my word.