Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Solution To Gun Violence In Downtown Greensboro Clubs

Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller has lured News & Record Editor, Allen Johnson into a scheme to outrage the citizens over club violence. Or maybe it's the other way around? The leaked e-mails tell a rather interesting tale.

For starters: Why should Greensboro be outraged? The problem Allen writes of was predicted by myself and others before the downtown clubs were lured in. Myself and others tried to warn of the dangers of an alcohol fueled downtown economy but Greensboro's downtown developers called us "naysayers" saying we were just against any and all change.

But rather than embarrass Allen and the Chief any farther I thought I'd propose a solution: Hand held metal detectors are less than $200 each. Perhaps City Council should begin with a regulation requiring that every club have working metal detectors in use at all times and keep a backup should one fail.

That's a solution that will be far more affordable to downtown club owners. After all, Greensboro did lure them here.