Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update On The DGI Lawsuit

From Real Progress For Greensboro:

"Called the Asst city attorney's office (Mr Dickens) yesterday to find out the process for filing a formal complaint regarding DGI's mismanagement of our funds... no returned call! So I met with a municipal attorney who agreed that the fees charged by DGI are extraordinary. He explained that it is not uncommon for non profits to charge a management fee to oversee certain programs...what IS uncommon is for them to charge an additional management fee for each program, especially when they are already being compensated for such management...He agreed that the city of Greensboro is ultimately responsible for DGI's mismanagement of funds especially since they have been made aware of the problem/theft numerous times. I first officially notified the city of Greensboro when I met with Andy Scott and Ms Turner on January 3rd of 4th of this year to notify actions were ever taken, no audits, no investigation.He also explained that there is a case, but that it would take time and that it would be expensive as the city would argue to throw the case out outright...He then suggested I go to someone in High Point because his firm does business with the city."

From One+one Greensboro: