Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Don't Blog The News, I Make The News!

Take that, News & Record! You lily livered WFMY! While you're out wishing someone would die I'm committing tyrannicide. (Look it up, cowboy.) Or in this case, pushing local politicians to do the right thing and come out and announce their intentions to the entire City of Greensboro like last night when I challenged the ladies of the Greensboro City Council to do what the men never had the balls to do and pass a City Ordinance that requires the Greensboro City Council to adhere to the exact same standards and the exact same penalties as State law makers.

And no sooner than I posted the challenge did Council Woman Nancy Barakat Vaughan take up the challenge on her Facebook page saying, "I planned on bringing up in December."

You see, News & Record and WFMY, sometimes it is the media's job to not only report the news but to hold the newsmakers feet to the fire but neither of you express any interest in doing so. And that, my friends, is why despite my hateful rhetoric, foul language, cruel attacks on Greensboro's "nice people" and constant mistakes in reporting, that my audience and their trust in me grows while you continue to lose market share, profits and the public trust.

That's right, a local blogger with less than $1 to his name and no journalism experience, no job, no gas in his tank, no degree and living with his mother scooped the mighty main stream media again. Now if that's not pathetic I don't know what is. And to think, they make me out to be a loser.