Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interesting Notes About The Murder of Reginald Demarcus Wrenn

Now that the media is reporting that Antonio Emmanuel Watkins has been arrested for the murder of Reginald Demarcus Wrenn I have but a few more interesting observations that I would have never been able to make had I not been so close just a few nights ago. It's not as if I had much faith in our local media to begin with but having been an eye witness to a murder has taught me that nothing our local media outlets prints can be taken for true. Nothing.

You don't forget watching police officers attempt in vain to bring life back to a dead body while they wait for EMS to arrive. I know, it's not politically correct and I don't mean anything bad about it but while we call them men, in the grand scheme of things, Reginald Demarcus Wrenn was still a boy, a man child with a precious lifetime ahead of him.

And while I'm sure a lot of people aren't feeling it right now, the same is true for the 22 year old shooter, Antonio Emmanuel Watkins. Two lives wasted. Having grown up right there in that neighborhood do you realize how many times I almost became a Reginald Demarcus Wrenn or a Antonio Emmanuel Watkins. I got lucky-- they didn't.

As I've told people for many years, most of the guys I grew up with either died, went to prison or skipped town and never came back to keep from going to prison. I could name names but it's water under the bridge.

The listed owners of the property at 2603 Textile Drive where the murder actually took place are at an address in Burlington, North Carolina that appears to be in foreclosure. Seems to me a little more oversight of absentee landlords on the part of the City of Greensboro might have helped at least in a small way to prevent a useless death and a long prison sentence brought on by the Instutional racism that has long governed Greensboro. But hey, this is Greensboro where we don't need no stinking regulations governing slumlords even if the North Carolina State Legislature does allow other cities to do so.

The liquor house at 2603 Textile is still in operation albeit not as busy as it was before and most of their customers on foot instead of driving.

The media reports still make it look as if it was a road rage incident when in fact it happened in the yard.

And the photo the many media reports are circulating isn't the location where the murder took place and is in-fact property belonging to my mother who slept through the entire thing. For many years I've tried to get her to allow me to cut down that tree and those shrubs as I think them unsightly-- now I think I'll plant even more.

How would you like it if your home were being portrayed as the place were a murder took place when in-fact it wasn't true? Yes, I am very angry and I have every right to be. Everything about this incident has been wrong. You should be angry too.

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