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Friday, November 9, 2012

Mayor Perkins' House Up For Public Auction

Correction: The title suggests the Mayor's home is to be auctioned. As of Feb 8, 2013 that is not correct.

The little birds were right. Mayor Robbie Perkins is in deep shit with the Internal Revenue Service and the good ol' boys from Washington, DC have served notice they intend to auction off Robbie and Carrol's home at 1612 St Andrews Road in statley old Irving Park.

Scroll down on this page and you'll find the following info should you not want to pay their fee: "Saint Andrews Rd Greensboro, NC 27408 10-02-12 12-06-2012 NFS Perkins Robert"

Or, if that's not enough I'm told there are public records anyone can see by going to the courthouse downtown.

Here's a man who ran around on his wife while running for Mayor of Greensboro and has cheated the Federal Government to the point that they are putting her and his children out on the street when they force them out of their home. Is this the kind of man who should be running an entire city?

I say it's time you joined Impeach Robbie Perkins and let your voice be heard!

Now that's Real Progress For Greensboro!

Update: We are still investigating to determine if fraudulent banking practices were in-fact the reason for the Mayor's recent dismissal resignation from the board at Newbridge Bank. Update 2 Reader FG tried to leave the following video in the comments but the spam filter caught him so I picked it up. Thanks FG!


Anonymous said...

Oops.....sounds like Greensboro citizens need to know more about who they vote for.....OMG....perhaps this is just the AMERICAN know things happen in Greensboro....and they have for years now....when a deputy sheriff *stands guard* at a residence while it is being broken into.....well.....I guess this kind of thing happens just about anywhere though....and then this *incident was swept right under the rug* did not matter that the DA knew about it....since his wife was the estate attorney at the the was the attorneys who stole the property and got all of the proceeds from doing so....Greensboro has got some *weird people in positions that perhaps do not need to be there*.....OR SO IT SEEMS.....

Anonymous said...

Is this the JOKE OF THE DAY or WHAT?

Billy Jones said...

Joke? It made the front page of the News & Record. I'd say that's pretty serious.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone in Greensboro really care? So what is being done about this....anything??????????

Billy Jones said...

That's a good question, anon. I care and care deeply. Will something be done? I don't have the power to make that happen but if enough people help I believe something can and will be done.