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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Robbie Perkins Newbridge Bank Fraud

Update: The bird flew back with the Deed of Trust. Wonder what else it might bring?

Update 2: That little bird must have been flying all night!

Another DOT on second lot
Deed of Trust Securing Future Advances
Newbridge assigns the mortgage over on June 12 to a loan servicer
Special Servicer
Bayview Short Sale Guide
Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC $88.4 Million Bailout

Newbridge also got 50 million in TARP money. Wow, who knew Robbie Perkins was a bankster too?

NewBridge Bancorp $52 Million Bailout
Robbie Perkins' Agent Profile looks as if it will need to be rewritten soon.

Update 3: The little bird flew back today while I was away. Seems he overheard the comments at where my own comments have been deleted because Ed doesn't want his readers to see the truth. The little bird chirped the following song:

2003 Perkins brokers FNB Corp Headquarters deal
2004 Perkins purchases home for $725,000
2005 Perkins joins FNB Southeast Board
2006 Perkins receives $1,200,000 loan on his property plus another $285,000 on the vacant lot beside it
fast forward to 2011
2011 In spite of financial difficulties and his divorce, Perkins runs for Mayor (why wouldn't he focus on his business and marriage?)
2012/June Newbridge/FNB assign Perkins loan to a special servicer Bayview
2012/Oct Perkins resigns from Newbridge board
2012/Nov It comes out that Perkins is proposing a short sale where he walks away from his obligations and doesn't have to pay back the banks the full amount (both of which have received significant TARP money), and avoids tax consequences. All while he has $14,000,000 in property and makes $500,000 per year.

That is crony capitalism at its best.

Smart bird.

Update 4: Still believe the Mayor left the bank to spend more time with his family?

How much did Robbie Perkins get paid to sit on the bank board? In 2006 he was paid $35,600.oo. Not bad for a little part time gig.

Update 5: Welcome to the Office of The Whistleblower. The more who call, the faster the response. All you need do is tell them about this blog post.

Begin original post:

When Mayor Robbie Perkins left Newbridge Bank we all knew something was amiss. Nobody quits a gig that pays over $4000 for less than a week's work per year. We speculated that it might have to do with hundreds of thousands missing from Robme's Folly but that wasn't it. Then others said the problem was using his position on the board to borrow more money against his house than it is worth but I couldn't prove it. Then today, while I was away in Burlington a little bird dropped off the following message at my house. Sorry about the formatting, I'll try later to create a .pdf so it will be easier to read.

 FNB SE is now called NewBridge Bank - may explain why he resigned.  I think HPB is High Point Bank.  Looks like he paid $725K for the St Andrews house then borrowed $1.2 mil later on it from Newbridge while he was on their board.

Address     Tax ID     Owner     Owner address     Deed     Sale Date     Purchase Price     RPV     DOT     UCC     Misc     Misc 2
2407 Lawndale Drive     144-6-6     Greensboro Centers, LLC     101 W Friendly Ave Ste 601 GSO     6528-1829     5/12/06     155,000     90,000     6528-1831 5/10/06 BB&T $125,000.00     none        
2417 Lawndale Drive     144-6-1     Greensboro Centers, LLC     PO Box 9827 GSO     4662-1973     3/24/98     1,392,000     408,300     4869-819 corr 4910-222 6//99 BB&T $1,300,000     merger from Fernwood LLC 6017-10681/15/04     2 tracts
                                6016-2701 corr 6017-1106 1/15/04 Column Financial $7,900,000     6016-2788     4 tracts     
2415-101 Lawndale Drive     144-6-3     Greensboro Centers LLC     PO Box 9827 GSO     4662-1971     3/24/98     105,000     1,607,600     4869-819 corr 4910-222 6//99 BB&T $1,300,000     merger from Fernwood LLC 6017-10681/15/04     2 tracts
                                6016-2701 corr 6017-1106 1/15/04 Column Financial $7,900,000
5529-5559 W Market Street     387-2-44     Greensboro Centers LLC     PO Box 9827 GSO     3466-1508     10/16/85     282,500     3,414,900     6016-2701 corr 6017-1106 1/15/04 Column Financial $7,900,000     6016-2788     merger from Hardin Mill Partners 1/15/04     4 tracts
1621-1623 Stanley Road     1-28-865-58     Greensboro Centers LLC     PO Box 9827 GSO     4622-1841     12/15/97     ntc     1,273,000     6016-2701 corr 6017-1106 1/15/04 Column Financial $7,900,000     6016-2788     merger from Stanley Road LLC 1/15/04     4 tracts
1622 Stanley Road     1-28-865-20     Chesapeake Partners     PO Box 9827 GSO     3516-1925     6/17/86     125,000     2,338,600     none     none        
1700-near Stanley Road     1-28-865-30     Chesapeake Partners     PO Box 9827 GSO     3591-2099     6/5/87     15,000     242,000     none     none        
5701 W Market Street     387-2-39     Hardin Mill Partnership     PO Box 9905 GSO     3466-1508     10/16/85     282,500     7,300     none     none        
6320 Inkberry Drive     5-303-C-145-11     Cornerstone Investments LLC     PO Box 41039 Fredericksburg VA     6762-2363     7/26/07     ntc     105,400     none     none     not sure this is Perkins & co
1612 St Andrews Road     97-2-1     Robert V Perkins III and Carol D Perkins     1612 St Andrews Road     6082-3085     4/15/04     725,000     843,200     6573-4397/27/06 FNB SE $1,200,000     none     2 tracts    
1610 St Andrews Road     97-2-2     Robert V Perkins III and Carol D Perkins     1612 St Andrews Road     6082-3085     4/15/04         250,000     6596-578 9/7/06 FNB SE $285,000     none     2 tracts    
201 N Elm St Unit 906     Robert V Perkins III and Carol D Perkins     1612 St Andrews Road     7071-2051     10/30/09     270,500     not available     7071-2054 10/30/09 HPB Investment Corp $228,140     none        
Personal Property Listing     Piedmont Triad Commercial Properties LLC     PO Box 9827 GSO             86,444

It's looking more and more like 2 seats are about to be available on the Greensboro City Council. 


Roch Smith, Jr said...

So, where is the fraud you allege?

Billy Jones said...

He borrowed 1.2 Million on a house worth 3/4 Million from Newbridge Bank while he was on the board of Directors of Newbridge Bank-- thus the reason for his leaving the bank. But rather than admit that he and others in the bank were involved they swept it under the table.

Roch Smith, Jr said...

Billy, please do not let Hartzman run you, you'll lose credibility in a heartbeat if you adopt his tactics or become his mouthpiece.

To your assertions:

1. How do you know the value of the house at the time of the loan? Was there an appraisal? Do you have it?

2. Other than your speculation, what evidence is there for his reasons for leaving he board? Anything concrete?

And finally, fraud is a legal term, like extortion. You allege fraud, what law was broken?

You have been doing some good work bringing facts to light that have been ignored by the local media. You'll put that in jeopardy if you lower your standards to those of George Hartzman.

Billy Jones said...

George Hartzman is wishing right now that he had met the little bird before I met it.

All your questions will be answered in time-- my time.

My game, my rules, I win.

And don't worry, nothing is in jeopardy. Nothing except dirty politicans, banksters and Greensboro's elite society that is.

Hartzman said...

I seem to have become a target Billy.
From the filing;

Robert V. Perkins, II (51) 2005

President and co-owner, NAI Piedmont Triad (real estate firm); former Member, Greensboro City Council; Co-owner, Guilford Group and Roswell Associates (real estate development and management partnerships).

Billy Jones said...

Yes George, it does appear some of the shots are being directed at you. 'Tis the cost of becoming a politician.

Just remember some shots cannot be returned no matter how much you want to fire back and some must be returned with no mercy.

It's a lot easier to do what I do than what you're doing.