Monday, December 30, 2013

Rocco Scarfone Partners With Councilman Zack Matheny: Greensboro House Of Blues

I have it on very good authority that Rocco Scarfone has gone in business with Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny to build a House of Blues in downtown Greensboro and that Councilman Matheny will be using his position on the Greensboro City Council to manipulate Council for incentives and other favors at the expence of Greensboro taxpayers.

Scarfone, owner of Ham's Restaurants and other bars, restaurants and strip clubs, is said to be a former prize fighter who is said to have been banned from professional boxing for fixing fights and taking the fall as a young man in New Jersey with known connections to human trafficking and the importation of illegal aliens, has a history of covering up shootings at his clubs, and was involved in tax evasion in multiple states along with the infamous Greg Harrison.

Scarfone, also a former Chippendales dancer, was convicted by a grand jury for extortion and five counts of fraud in 1987. In other words, our Rocco is and will always be a gangster.

Ham's Restaurants Inc is listed by the NC Secretary of State as being headed by Charles B Erwin but according to Wikipedia:


In 1984, a young businessman from Morganton, North Carolina acquired the original Greensboro property. Charlie Erwin promoted noteworthy expansion of the enterprise in the North Carolina and Southern Virginia region, with over 20 restaurants under the Ham's logo. Charlie was a humanitarian, active both in his church and community affairs. He was awarded the prestigious "Order of the Long Leaf Pine" by the Governor of NC for his work with the homeless. Many years later, Charlie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He survived rounds of chemotherapy but succumbed to complications of the cancer on February 25, 2013, at the age of 53. Ham's growth stands as a legacy to his business acumen."

How long has it been said that Rocco Scarfone was the owner of Ham's Restaurants and yet the papers have never been filed with the NC Secretary of State to reflect the change in ownership? What, 2-3 years ago? How does one forget to file the paperwork that proves ownership on a business worth Millions? The Ham's website doesn't reflect ownership by another company. As a matter of fact, at the bottom of every page it reads, © Ham's Restaurants.

It appears Zack Matheney is desperate enough to jump into bed with anyone these days. But then hasn't Zack always been that way.

Folks, I think a Greensboro House of Blues would be great but if it's to be built with dirty money and tax incentives I'll do everything in my power to stop it.

Update: An e-mail from a reader:

"As you figured our Rocco can't technically own a business due to legal/insurance issues. So he has silent partners. Bill Griffin operated much the same way. There might be a "go to jail" owner that gets a cut for being on the paperwork only, with Rocco and his other silent partners taking the rest."

Now you know what really happened to Joey Medaloni.

Update: 2 At 2:10 in the video below, George Hartzman asks Councilman Zack Matheny if Matheny has a business relationship with the gangster, Rocco Scarfone? Councilman Matheny declined to answer. Check out the expression on Zack's face.