Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Haystack Study

Well finally, after a month of asking for it and much embarrassment on the part of the Greensboro City Council and City Staff that the City of Burlington had to be dragged into an affray not of their own making to get Greensboro to do what they should have done in the first place I give you what the City of Greensboro has sent to myself and George Hartzman today:

"George and Billy,
Attached is the Project Haystack feasibility study executive summary. I am awaiting the full study from our economic development staff and should have it later today. Will send to you as soon as I have it.
I’m also re-attaching the contract in case you did not receive yesterday.
Donnie Turlington, APR, Communications Manager
Office of the City Manager - 336-373-3769"

Haystack Executive Summary 10-22-13

Timmons Group Service Agreement, June 2013 


"Hi George and Billy,
Attached, please find additional documents related to the prison farm feasibility study.
George – I understand that Andy Scott is going to call you today to discuss the outstanding items below.
Donnie Turlington, APR, Communications Manager
Office of the City Manager - 336-373-3769
City of Greensboro

The pro forma under "financial plan" to have been created by CRBE.
The "AMEX" model for "tax revenue and job creation" data and the evaluation.
The results of the "tax abatement and grant opportunities" evaluation.
The "summery document of recommendations and next steps".
The report submission that cost $43,000."

Project Haystack Executive Summary 11-20-13  Note this is page 170 of 174 pages, what else are they hiding?

Project Haystack Presentation Slides This is 167 of 175, go figure.

Project Haystack Executive Summary 2 Again, 174 of 176 pages.

Project Haystack Presentation 170 of 177 pages.

Project Haystack Presentation Notes  5 of 6 pages.

Project Haystack Economic Impact Analysis 11-20-13  Page 164 of 179.

It needs to be noted that there have also been no answers to my PIRT questions as follows:

"What data was used in this study?
Was the IMPLAN data customized? If so, how? Why?
What assumptions are behind this study? (i.e. What values did you enter into the IMPLAN system, Why those numbers?)
How many assumptions were made for this study? Is this enough information to create a thorough study?
Has anyone done a similar study with different results? If so, what assumptions were behind that study? How do these assumptions differ?"

And I find the missing pages very troubling-- very troubling indeed.