Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Robbie Perkins Year End Campaign Contributions

The usual assortment of developers can be found in Robbie Perkins 2013 Year End Campaign Contributions.

Of note, Steven B Tanger contributed a total of $4,000 to Robbie's reelection campaign.
Dean Green of Green Ford contributed $1,000. Perhaps you remember the Green-Perkins Scandal that cost  Butch Simmons his job with the City of Greensboro?
The Issacsons, Henry and Alice are there.
Shezad Quamar, whose convenience stores all over Greensboro trade food stamps for wine, beer and tobacco is there. So are his business partners Shahzadzad Akbar, Suhira Alam, Choudhary Ashraf and Arroj Chaudhry. Remember they're the guys Robbie tried to give the Bessemer Shopping Center to.
Roy Carroll chipped in through his Triad Good Government PAC.

Feel free to see what other names jump out at you.