Friday, July 11, 2014

GPAC Has Broke The Bank

When the subject of the Greensboro Performing Arts Center first came up many of us objected. One of our concerns was that the project was simply more expensive that our city could afford but no, we didn't know what we were talking about, we were all just a bunch of naysayers and trolls who didn't want change.

Well guess what? Now members of the Greensboro City Council including Yvonne Johnson who voted in favor of building the downtown performing arts center are crying Greensboro has run out of money:

"But the foundations can't commit to everything right now, said Johnson, who runs the nonprofit One Step Further.

"I am out here begging for money for my nonprofit. They are exchausted," Johnson said. "They have exhausted themselves will several different things, one being our performing arts center."

"It is hurting people like us. The commitment that they made to that definitely hurt their ability to give," Johnson said."

You don't say? And you couldn't see that coming? Then why are you sitting on the Greensboro City Council in charge of taxpayers' money?

You know, being that Yvonne runs a non profit that depends on such funding to stay alive you would have thought her smarter than to vote away her own cash cow. Was Robbie Perkins blackmailing her with what I recently made public or is there more to learn?