Monday, July 28, 2014

Vestal Property Management And Other Names Not Mentioned With Heritage House

Does the name Charles Coffey ring a bell?  He's the President of the Heritage House Homeowners Association. Mr Coffey is the chairman of the board at Central Gateway Business Alliance, President of Coffey of GSO,LLC and works in management at Industries of the Blind in Greensboro. He's a member of the Guilford Merchants Association and Triad After Work Social Business Networking.

How about Sonny Vestal? Mr Vestal owns Vestal Property Management where the only testimonials for his company are for Heritage House where people like Nina Coffey, Charles Coffey's wife wrote:

"To Whom It May Concern: Re: Vestal Management Property Management, Inc. Vestal Management Property Management, Inc. has managed the Heritage House Homeowners Association for quite some time. Our Association has 177 units with 53 different homeowners. My husband, Charles Coffey, is the President of the Association and we both feel that Sonny Vestal, along with his staff, has done an excellent job collecting and managing our finances. I would highly recommend Vestal as a property manager. Nina Coffey, Secretary Heritage House Homeowners Association "

Vestal's leasing division, VIP reality is still listing Heritage House rentals despite the fact that the City of Greensboro has ordered everyone out by the middle of the week.

Apparently Charles Coffey and/or Sonny Vestal failed to pay the water bill at Heritage House as that was the City of Greensboro's official reason for forcing 400 people from their homes.

Kinda puts a whole different spin on the story when you start pinning names to the events. I wonder why city officials and the News & Record never bothered to do that?

If memory serves me correctly the Coffeys and Vestals were among those who donated to the downtown Greensboro performing arts center. Was it the Heritage House residents' water bills that was donated?

Now Ben Holder it's time you started talking before these guys have you bumped off.