Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Comment From A Heritage House Resident

Melissa Willis owned 3 units at Heritage House. One was vacant as it was being remodeled, one was rented and the third she lived in. Melissa wasn't a slum lord, she's a working class citizen who rents her units to people who are trying to start their lives over and works with  some of Greensboro's homeless volunteer organizations. I first found Melissa indirectly via Streetwatch volunteer Cara Michelle Forest and Facebook. We've been in contact for a while now. Melissa is now renting a house despite the fact that she owns a home.

Last night Melissa left a comment on my post, Mayor Vaughan: What Happened At Heritage House?

"Has anyone asked what happened to all of the people the housing coalition put into hotels? Guess what, they only paid for 2 weeks in the motel! You know what that means right? Everyone who did not get housing yet or are waiting on the housing coalition to do inspections to approve them for housing are homeless in Greensboro- Guess what else too? Most of those people have school aged children! Wouldn't that be a sad headline- with everything everyone has been through in the Past 30 days with city and county services do you really think they are going to go somewhere with their kids and admit they are homeless? No, because they fear social services will take their kids away! This wouldn't be happening if the city didn't throw the heritage House under the bus, and all of the families who lived there. Thank you city of Greensboro!

I lived at the heritage House up until the last days! We were promised so much help and got the bare minimum- we got treated like animals being shifted and moved until we became just another face in the crowd- it's a shame kids have to see this- we live in a very cruel city!"

My reply:

You're exactly right, by putting the families into Hotels for 2 weeks they made them invisible and shut most of them off from resources like this very website-- all they have is the TV news which is reporting everything is roses.

And you and I both know that isn't the case. "

How is it that Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan whose little girl Katheryn sleeps in a big mansion on Sunset Drive in Irving Park could reign over putting other mothers' children on Greensboro's cruel streets? Tomorrow I will give you a major piece of the puzzle.