Monday, August 18, 2014

Did Ben Holder Blackmail Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan?

Lots of people have been asking how it was that blogger, activist, constant critic of City Council and all around asshole Ben Holder managed to get a contract with Greensboro's code enforcement department. Well it just so happens the e-mails you will read today-- e-mails the City tried to keep hidden-- will open your eyes as to what was going on.

I give you Exhibit A: Redacted E-mails in which Ben Holder and Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan discuss Mr Holder's future employment with the City of Greensboro. I find it very interesting that Ben Holder wanted the very pressure washing business that he helped to take away from Mel's Pressure Washing, don't you?

And what does Mayor Vaughan's reference to Ben threatening to go over to the "Dark-side" mean? Could that be anything other than blackmail on Ben Holder's part?

Don't you find it funny, strange even, that Ben Holder was able to locate the advertisement for the code enforcement contract but couldn't find the advertisement for the pressure washing contract in time to submit a bid?

But hey, don't take my word for it, click on Exhibit A above and read it for yourself. You'll have little doubt of the $1 Million reasons that Ben Holder has threatened to blackmail City Council in order to fatten his own wallet. It's called embezzlement and/or misappropriation of funds, Roch Smith Jr and Ben Holder found out about it and Ben used it to his own advantage. I wrote months ago that the City was lying about the contest  but no one took me seriously. That's probably the real reason Barber wanted to back out of the contest. It's all in the e-mails.

As it turns out Councilman Jamal Fox's recent statements questioning the Mayor's integrity were very much true. And you had best believe Councilman Barber is neck deed in this as well. You see it was Barber who followed Ben out of that meeting in which Ben angrily stormed out complaining he'd been promised a job. As you can see from the e-mails Ben was promised a job.

And then there's the Heritage House thing. If only Mayor Vaughan would tell us the truth. How did Ben Holder find out about the Heritage House water bill when Greensboro's City Attorney Tom Carruthers is still claiming the water bill is not public information? This implies that despite Mr Holder's complaints about Mr Hartzman and myself who have neither asked for nor received any money from the City of Greensboro, that Mr Holder has far too much influence on Greensboro government-- perhaps the kind of influence only blackmail can bring.

So tell us Roch, did you ever find out how much of the Federally funded contest money is actually missing or who got it? Did it perhaps go towards paying off debts for former Mayor Robbie Perkins who is again investing in real estate deals? I'm not accusing Roch of stealing anything, I'm just saying he knows more than he's told us to date. You see, Mr Credibility talked about the missing money in his e-mails but not in his blog post on the very same subject.

I hope lots of you will join me at tomorrow night's Greensboro City Council meeting to ask Mayor Vaughan these questions in front of the live television cameras. I may need some back up to get in the door safely. Seriously.

Update: Since Roch Smith Jr saw the need to remove his blog post that I linked to previously I thought I should put up the screen grabs I took earlier to prove myself correct:

Not too bright Roch, now you look even guiltier than before.

Update 2: Funny how quickly Roch made his post live again after I sent him an e-mail telling him about the screen grab.