Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Heritage House Vultures

I have e-mail confirmation that a Greensboro law firm is circling Heritage House residents ready to pick their bones with offers to buy Heritage House condos for as little as $100 per unit, From their e-mail:

"We are willing to pay $100/unit.  Alternatively, we are willing to pay $1/unit with an agreement to pay the first $1000 we receive in rent or sale of the unit in the next 30 years if that ever occurs.  We will handle all closing costs.  You will have to be in a position deliver clean, lien free, title.  If interested, below is my contact info.  If you have contact info for other owners, please let us know or feel free to pass along this offer."

At 1:11 AM this morning I forwarded the entire e-mail to the entire Greensboro City Council and added the following statement:

" I had better not find out this is is in any way, shape or form connected with anyone in Greensboro City Government or the Greensboro City Council or there will be hell to pay like you have never seen before. My recommendation is to have GPD in their offices ASAP! This sort of taking advantage of people is simply not acceptable and it is IN IT'S ENTIRETY THE FAULT OF GREENSBORO GOVERNMENT. George Hartzman and I will be at that 11:15 HOA meeting at Stephanies Restaurant on Randalman Road and you'd best have representatives from the city of Greensboro and GPD standing by to launch their investigation.

-Billy Jones
PS. Roch, Tell Ben Holder thanks for helping to create this nightmare."

I immediately followed that with an e-mail to outgoing GPD Chief of Police Ken Miller asking him to send cops.  I posted this at 8:00 AM and delayed the autopost to 11:30 AM as to not tip off the vultures that myself and others will be there waiting for them.