Thursday, September 25, 2014

He Said, She Said, The Coffeys Talk Heritage House

When our team began investigating events at Heritage House most everyone you talked to was ready to swallow the City's version of events hook, line and sinker. Now, not so much. This week even the story told by Charles and Nina Coffey is beginning to unravel as everyone attempts to put all the blame on Sonny Vestal and Vestal Property Management.

Take for example Jeri Rowe's blog post The Ripple Effect Of Nothing Said where Charles Coffey was quoted as saying,

"No money was stolen."

 Or as Nina Coffey is quoted in saying about Vestal Property Management in Jeri's article, From association leaders: Hard memories of Heritage House:

"The Coffeys contend is that the shutdown of Heritage House was not their fault, and the Vestal Property Management – contrary to what the owner said a few weeks back – collected the money and paid the bills for Heritage House. But no money, Nina says, was misappropriated.

"They did a fantastic job for us," she says."

But in the most recent article, Coffeys: Vestal In Control,  the Coffeys have changed their tune:

"Coffey said the couple’s personal financial situation was so bad in April that they didn’t pay the dues on their own units, which would have amounted to thousands of dollars.

He said Vestal Property Management never tried to collect that money.

“Sonny was not doing his job,” he said. “You cannot pay the bills if you don’t collect the dues.”

So was money stolen or wasn't it? Did Vestal do his job or not?  And how can Charles and Nina Coffey explain no mention of  Paul Mengert, and Association Management Group, Inc. on their Financial Breakdown as supplied to the News & Record when the Heritage House HOA checks as shown below bear AMG's address 614 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro?


And will the News & Record make all their archives again disappear from the Internet as this story gets closer and closer to the highest positions of Greensboro government?

Don't worry, this time we made copies.

Update: Friday morning. The News & Record continues their assault on Sonny Vestal but fails to point out the obvious connections to Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan like her 2009 Disclosure Form on which she admits to being a partner in a company called VM LLC.

And who else is a partner in VM LLC? According to the North Carolina Secretary of State that would be none other than Paul Mengert, who also owns Association Management Group whose address, 614 West Friendly, can be found on the check above.

According to the News & Record Editorial Sonny Vestal says,

"Bring it on."

when asked about an investigation but Sonny knows the Greensboro Police Department will never investigate anything with possible connections to any Greensboro mayor or city council member. GPD Chief David Wray, the last police chief to attempt to investigate crimes tied to City Council, ended up fired, lost everything he owned and for a time blackballed. Chief Wray told me personally that his mistake was trying to investigate in-house but calling in the SBI also came with risks if he was wrong and retaliation was sure to follow. Understandably, since then, no police officer in the City of Greensboro has dared look into anything done by members of Greensboro City Council and the office of Chief of police has turned into a revolving door, musical chairs job with chiefs only filling the position long enough to finish collecting their retirement and get the Hell out of Dodge unscathed.

And who could blame them? After all, not everyone is like me and has the luxury of having already lost everything and no chance of getting it back only to turn to a life of Tyrannicide so the rest of you don't have to.

Update 2: Friday afternoon. I e-mailed the following the Mayor Vaughan and City Council:

 "Why isn't Sonny Vestal scared of an investigation? Because he, like Mayor Vaughan, knows the Greensboro Police Department will never risk it:

But lots of people read my blog and while I might not have the story 100% correct, I keep putting up more and more dots for others to connect.

Eventually lines will be drawn.

Think about it.


Mayor Vaughan replied to myself, City Council and GPD Interum Chief Captain Anita Holder:

 "Mr Jones, I would welcome an investigation. And then I will await your apology. 

Chief Holder, I encourage GPD to take a detailed look at the heritage house financials and any other associated matters. The sooner the better.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan"
I then replied to all and added a few recipients:
"Be sure to include things like why GPD walking patrols were abruptly ended at Heritage House and the fake crime reports Mike Barber waved in front of the media.
Be sure to include Tom Carruthers' statement that Meridian only got their own water meter in August.
Be sure to include Sharon Hightower's relationship with Drew Brown and her past criminal history of fraud (haven't posted that one yet but it is quite interesting how someone on food stamps just a very few years ago could afford to be retired today when she is far too young to collect social security. Disabled maybe, retired no.)
Make sure you include the reasons the increase in crime at Heritage House coincided with the changing of the Commander of the Southern Division.
Make a note to look into why the City of Greensboro ACTUALLY sold that property in the first place.
Ask yourself how a building that passed City of Greensboro building inspections in 2008 could have so many structural flaws in 2014? Were the inspectors bribed in 2008 or was the latest inspection a fraud? How does a steel framed building deteriorate so quickly?

Don't forget to have your document forensics experts look into why Ben Holder listed Skip Alston's name first, followed by Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Mike Barber on his application to become a contract mercenary code enforcement officer for the City of Greensboro. What? GPD doesn't have experts in document forensics? I bet the FBI does. After all, we've got lots of e-mails of Ben Holder bad mouthing Skip, Nancy and Mike, don't we Nancy?
Don't forget the audio recordings of Ben Holder. We've been holding them for later but you'll probably want them now.
Don't forget the 89 posts I've written to date just filled with links to documents, e-mails and more:
Oh, and don't forget what the others who "reply all" add to this list as I prepare to update my blog post a second time and start a new local media feeding frenzy.
And Nancy, since you've a long history of lies and promises I challenge each and every member to hold the Mayor to her word and add this investigation to next week's City Council Agenda so that all 9 of you can vote in favor of the FULL INVESTIGATION myself and others have been calling for since day 1.
Well Mayor Vaughan, how does it feel to be hooked in the mouth and reeled up towards the surface?
May the feeding frenzy begin.


PS, Notice I didn't refer to the Mayor as a sucker fish..."

Will Nancy Vaughan keep her promise? Why did it take me almost 2 months of goading her to get her to call for the investigation we've known was needed all along? Sure, if the investigation proves Nancy innocent then I'll apologise but she will still need to answer as to why she postponed the investigation for so long, putting people on the street and taking property away from its rightful owners before any investigation ever took place.

For that Nancy owes us an apology.

By the way, I don't think I've made mention of it before so here goes: The City of Greensboro claims to have helped the Heritage House refugees they forced from their homes but when I submitted a public information request asking for redacted case management files of the over 400 people forced out of Heritage House the City's reply was that no such files existed.

In other words: out of sight, out of mind, just as I predicted they would become.

Look for more updates to come as e-mails are still coming in.

Update 3: Friday afternoon, Councilman Mike Barber sends the following reply:

" On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Mike Barber <> wrote:
I'm certain a thorough investigation has NOT been completed because I'm aware of a number of people that have not been contacted or interviewed. 
For me, going through the motions is unacceptable. 

Sent from my iPhone"
To which I replied:
"Councilman Barber,
Is it then safe to assume you will add a complete and thorough Heritage House investigation to the agenda of the next City Council meeting?
-Billy Jones"

As of  4:30 PM I've received no confirmation from Councilman Barber. Did he drop his iPhone in the water hazard or lose it in a sand trap on the golf course? Or is Councilman Barber, like Mayor Vaughan, full of shit? I still have the e-mails and can forward them to anyone who asks,