Monday, September 1, 2014

Heritage House And Visions Entertainment Shooting

What do Heritage House and the recent shooting at Club Rio, aka Visions Entertainment have in common? I would have never found it in a million years had I not been looking for something else. If you guessed a lot of lies on the part of the City of Greensboro you'd be correct. Not that I'm making any kind of stand in favor of Club Rio but when City Officials are in the habit of lying it tends to blow up in their faces making their jobs harder in the long run and causing citizens to suffer the consequences.

Remember the 2880 police calls to Heritage House that turned out to be 1400 calls that turned out to be 700 and something calls? Well in doing some research on the club on West Market Street where that shooting took place just the other day I discovered the Greensboro Police Department has a previous history of inflating call numbers. As a matter of fact: one of the reasons that club is still open today is because Beecher R Gray, Administrative Law Judge in Wake County ruled in favor of the club owners' 2013 appeal based on those same sort of falsified police 911 calls. I'm beginning to see a pattern of making it up as they go along. See attachment:

I didn't say it, Wake County Judge Beecher R Gray said it when he ruled in favor of the club and showed how the City of Greensboro falsifies its numbers just like was most recently done at Heritage House when Councilmen Mike Barber and Zack Matheny waved those numbers about and demanded Heritage House be closed. Just like the City of Greensboro lied about the water bill at Heritage House.

Also, I find it hysterical that media reports have represented the Kim family, owners of the strip mall, almost as if they're victims in this. These are the same scum that founded Kim's Mart on Phillips Avenue and spent decades destroying my neighborhood before becoming commercial slumlords and renting to the likes of Skip Alston's buddies who the City Council tried to give the Bessemer Shopping Center plus $2 Million Dollars just last year. Don't you find it interesting how the same names keep popping back up in scandal after scandal? Skip Alston Was Ben Holder's #1 reference for his contract inspecting properties for the City of Greensboro and solving the Heritage House issue.