Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heritage House Public Information Request

 Ben Holder would never have the brains to look this deep into an inspection. Sent just seconds ago.


The City of Greensboro released a July 2014 3rd party engineering study that indicated structural deterioration at 310 West Meadowview.

Your mission should you chose to accept it: (Cue Mission Impossible theme song.)

I would like to see the following:

RUCO inspections-- all years.
3rd party engineering studies-- all years.
Documents pertaining to structural inspections done by the Code Enforcement and/or Building Inspections Department(s) going back to the year 2000.

This PIRT will self-destruct blowing up the City's excuse that it was the HOA's fault that the building had structural damages in 5 seconds or as soon as I receive your reply-- whichever comes later.

Stop music, play commercial.


It really doesn't make sense that a building remodeled and approved by City of Greensboro Code Enforcement and Building Inspectors in 2008-- a 6 story steel framed building first opened in 1974 and designed to last at least 100 years-- could be as deteriorated as the City of Greensboro is claiming it to be in 2014 if City of Greensboro inspectors had done their job correctly. Now does it Mayor Vaughan? Mr Barber?

Could that be because someone bribed City of Greensboro inspectors to look the other way? Are those same contractors and developers still bribing inspectors on other projects today. Would that be probable cause to open yet another investigation Chief Holder?  Being the developer was from South Carolina that automatically qualifies for the FBI, does it not, Chief Holder?

Any delay in getting this information to me will be seen as a continuation of the whitewashing of the investigation the City has been claiming to have been conducting and another reason Federal investigators should be called in.

Why only Federal investigators? Because Mayor Nancy Vaughan's husband, retired State Senator Don Vaughan is close personal friends with North Carolina Attorney General and SBI Commander Roy Cooper. Greensboro Police cannot be entrusted to carry out the investigation because Greensboro City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson's daughter, Lisa Johnson-Tonkins is Guilford County Assistant District Attorney.