Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Faked Heritage House Police Investigations

After yesterday's e-mail conversations with Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Mike Barber in which both of them called on GPD Chief Anita Holder to investigate Heritage House City Council and I received a reply and an attachment from Chief Holder:

"Mayor and Mr. Jones, I did ask our detectives to investigate the claims of criminal activity as it pertains to the HOA’s operation of Heritage House.  Please see the attached document regarding same.  We consulted with others to make sure our interpretation of the law was as clear as possible.  In brief, this is a civil issue, not a criminal one based on information we have at this time.

Anita Holder"


 Read that attachment very carefully. Notice it says that

"$80,440 paid towards water, sewer and garbage collecting since July 2014."

July 2014? That wasn't a typo. From the City of Greensboro water liens website: Click on the photo to view it full size.

Someone has been paying off the Heritage House water bills. As a matter of fact: as of now the bill is current. Who would pay off the bill on a condemned property? The Heritage House Homeowners Association? No mention about it on their blog. As a matter of fact: according to every media account published thus far the Heritage House HOA is broke. A good Samaritan? Or a rich developer planning on buying the building for pennies on the dollar and in a hurry to get the job done?

Correction: Monday morning I was mistaken in writing that someone is paying the Heritage House bills. The attachment shows it is the Greensboro Police investigators who are implying that $80,440 has been paid since July 2014. The screen grab from the Water and Sewer Department says exactly the opposite. This puts the validity of the GPD investigation in question. Return to original post:

I replied with the following e-mail to Captain Holder.

Can your investigators explain Paul Mengert's involvement or why checks used to pay the Heritage House water bill bear the address of Mr Mengert's company, AMG?
Why was Heritage House using 2 property management companies at the same time?
Why are payments to AMG not listed in the document given to the N&R by the Coffeys:
I've posted the dots, tell your people to draw the lines....
And yes I know Nancy is full of crap and really will not force an investigation. I've already trapped her and Barber so lay low and wait it out. Sooner or later the Feds will step in.

She never replied. 

I again e-mailed Captain Holder to send her the information about the water bill and ask her who was paying it off.

Again, she never replied.

Today the News and Record writes: Police won't charge Vestal:

"Barber said that because investigators and lawyers issued their opinions before new information about Vestal’s role came to light, the police department shouldn’t consider the matter closed.

“I applaud the effort of those police officers in the field,” he said.

“But our administration has displayed a half-hearted effort to investigate malfeasance or misfeasance regarding Heritage House."

You know what's really strange, Margaret Moffett, who wrote that News & Record article was live witness to the entire chain of e-mails I'm speaking of and never used any of the quotes from the Mayor, Councilman Barber and Chief Holder that I've been presenting to you-- she continues to keep the Mayor's name out of it.

Well, to be fair, she did use this one from Mike Barber which I reported yesterday:

“I’m certain a thorough investigation has not been completed because I’m aware of a number of people that have not been contacted or interviewed,” Barber wrote Friday in an email to Holder and other City Council members.

“For me, going through the motions is unacceptable.”

But she didn't mention that I initiated that chain of e-mails with the following e-mail to Mayor Vaughan and the rest of City Council because they don't want everyone knowing who is really pushing for the real answers.

  "Why isn't Sonny Vestal scared of an investigation? Because he, like Mayor Vaughan, knows the Greensboro Police Department will never risk it:

But lots of people read my blog and while I might not have the story 100% correct, I keep putting up more and more dots for others to connect.

Eventually lines will be drawn.

Think about it.


And Mike Barber's e-mail? I replied to that as well:

"Councilman Barber,
Is it then safe to assume you will add a complete and thorough Heritage House investigation to the agenda of the next City Council meeting?
-Billy Jones"

Barber never replied either. This whole thing was staged just as everything the City has done with Heritage House has been staged but they weren't counting on Jeffery Faith discovering that the water bill had been paid and reporting it to me. 

And remember: to date, not one of 9 members of the Greensboro City Council has made any public effort to stand up for the rights of individual property owners. There is no intention to investigate and a cover-up is being perpetuated right before our eyes and not 1 of the 9 members of the Greensboro City Council is willing to speak to the issue truthfully.

As always, I saved all the e-mails just ask.