Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heritage House: Still No Mention of Paul Mengert

Today the News & Record is again pointing fingers at Sonny Vestal while ignoring Don Vaughan's business partner, Paul Mengert, owner of Association Management Group, Inc.the other property management company that co-managed Heritage House. Why? Why not bring up the fact that checks written on the Heritage House HOA account bear the exact same address as AMG?

And that address just happens to be located in a building that is owned by Paul Mengert and Don Vaughan? The same building where Don Vaughan practices law?

Could it be because the News & Record is covering for Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan who just happens to be married to Don Vaughan? Or are government officials lying to News & Record journalists? If Don and Nancy Vaughan have no involvement then why not print they have no involvement? Or is the News & Record saving that for later?

Everybody is ready willing and able to bury Sonny Vestal and I've no doubt he's dirty too but one of the sources used by the News & Record also told me:

"I always wondered where the money actually went because several homeowners there always paid and we know banks pay on there properties.. Never added up. Nina always went to Sonny's office to work with the money."

Now I ask you, why was Nina Coffey working in Sonny Vestal's office if She and Charles weren't in on it with Sonny? I trust the source the quote came from as the source has nothing to gain no matter who gets the blame. (full disclosure, I know the source personally, though not well) Yes, Sonny is dirty but he's not alone and it's time some more names got mentioned in our local media.