Monday, September 22, 2014

Heritage House Water Repairs

A week or more ago I submitted a public information request for water and sewer repairs concerning Heritage House. Today Sarah replied with the following message and attachments:

"Dear Billy:

Thank you for your public records request regarding water and sewer work orders for work performed in the 200 block of West Meadowview, 300 block of Village Green and all blocks on Sobar Street for July-August 2014.

Attached above are your requested records.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Sarah Healy"

Water Line Repairs 308 West Meadowview

Work Orders

Sarah's reference to the 200 block of West Meadowview is obviously a typo as I requested and received info for the 300 block of West Meadowview where Heritage House is located at 310 West Meadowview. Isn't it interesting that the only work done on the 300 block of West Meadowview, 300 block of Village Green and all blocks on Sobar Street for July-August 2014-- the block surrounding Heritage House-- is 308 West Meadowview, next door to Heritage House?

Isn't it also interesting that leaky water meter was repaired on August 6, 2014 and on August 12 Greensboro City Attorney Tom Carruthers wrote to Jeffery Faith saying,

" I think there was only one meter for both entities, and that a separate meter was installed for the Meridian last week."

And isn't it interesting that according to the Guilford County Register of Deeds, 308 West Meadowview was once owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Greensboro-- the same entity that once owned what we now call Heritage House and Meridian Convention Center?

And could it be that prior to August 6, 2014, all 3 properties shared a common water meter just as they did when the City of Greensboro owned all 3 properties as one?

And will Greensboro City Attorney Thomas Carruthers release enough information to prove me wrong in a court of law.

I replied to Sarah asking for the following:

"Sarah, please find for me the name of the person who reported the water leak at 308 West Meadowview, the date it was reported and who that person works for.

Thanks -Billy"

Sarah's reply,

"Greetings Billy,

I am reviewing the attachments that were sent to you – I thought it had that information in the document.

From Supervisor: jVounts, Josh
Requested By: jwiliiams, Gayie
Date Requested: {8/6/2014 5:47AM

From Supervisor: (Vounts, Josh
Requested By: [Martin, Kia
DateRequested: (8/6/2014 8:41AM

Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this.

Please understand, Greensboro's Public Information Policy forbids Sarah from answering questions, she can only provide documents, e-mails and such. I knew that before I asked. I e-mailed Sarah back:

The forms mention a Gayle Williams. I know of a Gayle Williams who is a former employee of Babcock-- a company recently sold by Sonny Vestal. One in the same?

The forms also mention a Kia Martin.

What I'm getting at is was this water leak reported by Maple Grove, the company at 308 West Meadowview or was it reported by City of Greensboro employees. I have reason to believe the work orders provided to you have been forged and or altered as witnesses have reported to me there was a long standing water leak at Meridian 312 West Meadowview.
Yes, I understand you're probably already at the limits of the PIRT policy-- I still think you're the greatest. Besides, breaking the rules to do what I know is right is what made me poor. You, on the other hand, have a baby to feed. DO NOT follow my lead. Seriously.

Just for your info I have included Interim Chief Captain Anita Holder in this reply.

Thanks as always for doing an excellent job and going above and beyond.

If I'm touching on anything that's impeding an investigation please feel free to let me know.


You see, this stuff gets messy. Especially when people like City Attourny Tom Carruthers insist on hiding behind laws that allow him to keep information like water billing secret but do not require that the information be kept secret. What is Tom Carruthers hiding and who is he hiding it for?

Was the water leak reported by Maple Grove, 308 West Meadowview? Was the person reporting the water leak working for Maple Grove or the City of Greensboro?

Maple Grove, 308 West Meadowview, Heritage House 310 West Meadowview amd Meridian Convention Center 312 West Meadowview were at one time all a single property owned by the City of Greensboro, operated by the Greensboro Housing Authority and known as the Village Green Retirement Home-- were separate water meters installed when the properties were sold off to developers or have the residents of Heritage House been paying the water bills for all 3 for all these years?

That might explain part of their financial woes of the Heritage House Homeowners Association, Inc. You would think the City of Greensboro would want the answer to that question to be made very public but so far-- no. Is that because the City has something to hide? Something that might upset the entire apple cart and all their intended plans?

Jeri Rowe claimed to have seen the numbers but made no mention of the HOA being paid by Maple Grove or Meridian? As you read above, Tom Carruthers admitted Meridian and Heritage House shared a water meter. I checked again with my source who forwarded me Tom's e-mail and as of last night Mr Carruthers has yet to say differently. Mr Faith has forwarded me several e-mails showing attempts to get Mr Carruthers to verify his statement but Tom has since remained silent. Silence is golden if you're a loon but if you've already spilled the beans it only gets you plucked and in the stew pot. Stewed loon anyone? If the City of Greensboro continues to refuse to release all of the information then how will we ever know the truth.

And frankly, Mr Carruthers, 2 months is long enough to forge any document you wish, is it not?

Like I wrote this morning, our team is already investigating a second Heritage House in the making. This is very real and not a single residential, business or commercial property in Greensboro is safe as long as these people are continued to roam free. If State and Federal investigators are not called in then it can only be assumed our current and former City Council is behind this.