Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nancy Vaughan Has No Plan And No Clue

In today's News & Record Nancy Vaughan claims she needs time to come up with a plan to help Greensboro's poor people:

"Vaughan urged the audience of about 100 people to give her a chance to come up with a plan.

“We didn’t get here overnight,” she said. “We had this poverty summit to talk about the issues and to bring them to the forefront. We didn’t have this summit because I already have the answers.”

but long before Nancy Barakat Vaughan became Mayor of Greensboro, myself and others were telling her these problems existed. What did Nancy do?

She gave away $60 Million Dollars or more to build a downtown performing arts center that when finished will belong not to the City of Greensboro but to a private corporation owned by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

Nancy openly defended incentive programs that gave away money to anyone who came along..

She gave $2 Million Dollars in incentive grants (money that will never be repaid) to millionaire developers George House and Milton Kern to build the Downtown Wyndham Hotel despite the fact that she knew all along that the feasibility study was faked.

And when I asked City Council to address the issue, Nancy and the City Council avoided it altogether. And despite several e-mails HVS Global Hospitality, the company that prepared the feasibility study, has never answered my e-mails 6 months later. Nancy Barakat Vaughan is a liar. Had Nancy wanted this issue cleared up she would have made sure it got done. Instead she simply hoped it would go away.

Nancy and I talked face to face at Bernie's BBQ on East Bessemer about the Walker Sanders/John Lomax trip to Bermuda in 2012 in which Greensboro tax dollars were said to have paid for the trip. Nancy explained to me that it should be no problem for Dabney Sanders to provide the Action Greensboro meeting minutes that Dabney refused to provide to prove Dabney didn't steer the contract to John Lomax. But Dabney and Nancy left out the part about the drafts and contracts being managed not by Action Greensboro but by Action Greensboro's wholly owned for profit subsidiary Greensboro Downtown Greenway LLC which has no board of directors and no meeting minutes. But Nancy knew all along. And in 2012 Dabney Sanders, wife of Walker Sanders who controls the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, was the sole project manager of Downtown Greenway LLC. (Don't even bother to take down your link, Roch, I've already taken the screen grab.)

Nancy knew all about it because of hubby Don's long time involvement with Dawn Cheney and Mike Bosco. The only reason Nancy is involved in City Government is to help Don get his client's real estate deals pushed through. She's not here to help the poor and working class, never has been. Nancy's one claim to fame is a NIMBY act in her own neighborhood to stop developers in her own neighborhood before she ran for City Council. Then Nancy found a rich lawyer, married him and got out of that neighborhood. All Nancy Vaughan cares about is Nancy.

Nancy pushed over 400 people from their homes. That's just a land grab in the making. Several of those people are homeless today. The City claims not so but when we ask the City to provide evidence to the contrary the City is unable to do so saying the City has no records, no case files.

Nancy is currently supporting a plan to destroy an entire neighborhood and push hundreds, if not thousands of poor people from their homes. That's how Nancy deals with poverty.

No Nancy, we didn't get here overnight and when it comes to the issues, you are the issue. You've known about the problems of corruption that enable the Fascism that is bleeding Greensboro to death since long before you became mayor of Greensboro and all you've done is continued the failed, corrupt policies of Mayors and City Councils before you for your family's own gain. Giving to the rich does not in any way, shape or form help the poor and working class-- it hurts us! Corporate welfare at any level of government is still corporate welfare and what you've done to date is steal from the poor.

But there are solutions and tomorrow I will again start spelling them out. I suggest you pay very close attention as this will be the only means by which you can redeem yourself.