Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Schools For Fools

A letter to the editor by Alex Seymour

My rant for today involves solicitations coming home from the schools. My 2nd grader has brought home after two weeks of school solicitations from private businesses that would total thousands of dollars if we would have paid any attention to them. What does this have to do with educating my child? I called Guilford County schools office and talked to the Communications head bureaucrat who talked down to me repeatedly, then after a lot of questioning admitted that she has been working of a new "flyer" policy for months and Guilford County now gets kickbacks from a internet company that screens the advertisements, collects money from these businesses and that allows them to advertise through the teachers directly to the captive children that have been taught to listen to their teachers. Why are we paying administrators to advertise to our children? Why do our teachers need to waste their time handing out paid advertisements? I know money is tight for the education system but does selling our children down the river of overspending and pushing them to sell junk food or go to "spirit nights" at fast food places and ice cream shops serve any purpose other than kickbacks for somebody?

Originally posted to Elect Alex Seymour.