Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Was Billy Jones' And Ed Cone's Involvement With Heritage House?

In the interest of full disclosure and to demonstrate how utterly clumsy Ben Holder has been in covering his tracks I'd like to explain the rolls Ed Cone and I previously played in the Heritage House Saga. While bit parts they are parts just the same and lots of tiny clues eventually add up to a story.

Sometime in late 2012 a woman e-mailed me saying she had learned from my blog that I was an admirer of Ben Holder's previous works and needed to get in touch with Ben badly.

Then, like now, I had no e-mail address that Ben responds to so I put her in touch with Ed Cone who I thought would know how to get in touch with Ben. She was very nervous that I included Ed in the chain.

Ben's very next post was his first post about the conditions at Heritage House.

Coincidence? I'm keeping the woman's name in confidence now just as I was then so you'll just have to wonder. But rest assured she never signed the petition to secure the warrant to search Heritage House.

Was Ed able to contact Ben or did Ed forward my message to someone else who then contacted Ben? Only Ed can answer that question. Or the person Ed might have forwarded the message to.

Ed, care to comment? True, 2012 was a long time ago, how long does my gmail keep old messages?