Friday, September 5, 2014

Where's Ben Holder's Heritage House Pictures: Part 2

Updated: Saturday afternoon, of of the Heritage House photographs mentioned in the text below documenting the complete lack of police enforcement despite the fact that the City of Greensboro claimed the police were doing walking patrols inside the building.

That wasn't the only sign.

Another thing I'd like to note: upon further examination of the 5 files labeled Group 1 Photos, Group 1 Photos Part 1, Group 1 Photos Part 2, Group 2 Photos A and Group 2 Photos B I discovered what appears to be an attempt to inflate the number of photographs by showing multiple copies of the same photograph. (Or very poor record keeping.) All the photos found in the files labeled Group 1 Photos Part 1 and Group 1 Photos Part 2 can be found in the file Group 1 Photos making 2/5ths of the total photos. Begin original post:

A few days ago I posted Where's Ben Holder's Heritage House Pictures? and questioned why Ben Holder had provided no pictures to back up his claims of the need for inspections at Heritage House by himself and his merry band of mercenary code enforcement inspectors, aka college kids who had no idea they were being lead by a lunatic doing dirty deeds on behalf of City Council members working for connected local developers.

I also questioned why the City of Greensboro had produced no pictures.

 You'll be glad to note that while I've yet to figure out how to transfer them from disc to Internet the City of Greensboro has provided me with hundreds of pictures taken inside Heritage House by Greensboro City Inspectors but nary a shot taken by Ben Holder. That's right, Ben Holder signed a petition to have a property searched but has yet to provide any evidence that he or anyone else from his merry band of mercenary code enforcement inspectors has ever set foot on the property.

Why is that important? Because if Ben and his merry band of mercenary code enforcement inspectors didn't actually see the properties before swearing to get warrants then they have committed perjury-- a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. Got pictures Ben? Instead of texting Sal Leone you should be contacting me and giving me some straight answers you scared piece of shit. If you've got the balls to answer my questions without having Madam Mayor hold your precious little hand.

Looking through the pictures the place was a mess. Some of what I saw is attributable to slum lords. Some of what I saw can be attributed to bad tenants. Much of what I saw was attributable to nothing more than poverty. Have you ever tried to keep everything you own in a 1 room apartment? Been there, done that. If you have then you know keeping things neat and tidy is often an impossible task.

And how many of you have cooked a meal then rushed off to work and left the dirty dishes on the counter and the dirty skillet on the range not expecting anyone else to enter your home before you return? What would inspectors find if they picked the locks on your doors while you were away working 2 shifts just to make ends meet?

And dog poop? Has your dog never had an accident while you were away at work? These were the examples the City of Greensboro used to close Heritage House. And when that didn't work they made up lies about a water bill.

Oh, have no doubt, many of the pictures they sent us were horrid, bed bugs, roaches, filth, grime... but no one photographed the condos that were well kept, clean and in good condition.

A complete lack of law enforcement. There was also plenty of evidence in the photographs of a complete lack of law enforcement on the part of the Greensboro Police Department with graffiti on walls, vandalism throughout the common areas and signs on doors indicating that prostitution was going on openly. The Greensboro Police Department claimed they were working to solve the problem and yet prostitutes advertised openly on the front doors of their condos hourly rates and all? It's in the pictures folks, proving what I've said all along, Heritage House is a study in how cities design and build bad neighborhoods.

And the City of Greensboro, City Staff and the Greensboro City Council should be held responsible. I've more evidence I sent to Interim Greensboro Police Chief Captain Anita Holder just a few days ago that is going to blow you away. This poor woman has inherited a hornets nest. We'll discuss that when the autopost fires one day next week. (Gotta love that autopost, I can blog from the grave! Folks like Zack are hoping I live forever.)

I'm still trying to figure out how to convert photographs in .pdf format to .jpeg or .gif so they can be displayed on the web or how to get the file sizes made smaller so that they will transfer via my internet connection. If you go to Greensboro's PIRT Tracking System  and put in a request for a copy of PIRT # 3848 I'm sure Sarah Healey will be happy to provide you with a copy. She made an extra copy just in case she needed to burn more. Be nice to Sarah, she doesn't get to run the train or even ring the bell, she just spends her time putting the damned thing back on track.

And the code enforcement inspectors were thoughtful enough to put the advertisements for prostitution right on top helping to make the case against the City of Greensboro. ROTFLMAO!!!