Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jim Goodbody: Another Paul Mason Shill?

Since taking down the previous Paul Mason shills on I've noticed a new commenter appear in the threads claiming to have all sorts of previously unpublished information concerning the firing of the UNCG3 and assistant vice chancelor Paul Mason.

He calls himself Jim Goodbody (facebook profile) claims to be a graduate of the University of Virginia, UNCG and Grimsley High School.

He claims to have worked for Woodfield Scout Preservation in Asheboro, NC. which is owned by the Old North State Council located at 1405 Westover Terrace here in Greensboro. I was unable to find any references to Mr Goodbody having ever worked for the Boy Scouts of America or the Old North State Council even though his Facebook Profile indicates he was hired in 1969.

Perhaps someone can clear that up?

Jim Goodbody's Facebook profile also indicates that he is currently an employee of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation but when I used the Employee Directory Search at the
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation website I was unable to locate even one single employee named Goodbody. That's right, not even one, not a Jim, James or anyone else.

Perhaps someone can clear that up too?

Perhaps someone can also address the fact that those who claim to be in the know concerning Paul Mason's innocence all see to be non existent? 

And why is if, if Linda Brady and Paul Mason are telling the truth, do they feel the need for online shills?

And Jim, if you really are Jim and not Paul Mason, Facebook tracks your IP address and gladly turns it over to the SBI to use in their investigation along with the screen grabs. You can run but you can't hide.