Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jim Goodbody Is Paul Mason

A few days ago I published Jim Goodbody, Another Paul Mason Shill? Well thanks to some of our readers we've been able to learn a bit more about the mysterious Jim Goodbody.

Not only does Jim Goodbody's Facebook Profile include dubious information about where he worked. (The Boy Scout camp he claims to have worked at since 1969 did not yet exist in 1969 as it was built to replace Camp Wenasa in Browns Summit, NC when that property was sold to developers. As a matter of fact: land for the Woodfield Scout Preservation wasn't even donated until 1989.

Paul Mason was hired by UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady who was under intense pressure because of her efforts to expand UNCG into the Glenwood neighborhood. Mason started work on April 1, 2014 where he immediately locked himself inside his office where he started using his Jim Goodbody profile to run down discenting voices in online forums at least as early as May 4th if not earlier.

Using multiple names and fake identities in online discussions has long been considered standard operating procedure in the for-profit public relations industry in which Paul Mason was touted as having been so successful before being hired at UNCG. As you can see in the screen grab of Jim Goodbody's Facebook profile below his photograph has obviously been altered.

And this quote from his Facebook page dated May 29, 2013, the only post to be found on Jim Goodbody's page, gives us clue as to how his mind works:

 "§ 14‑122. Forgery of deeds, wills and certain other instruments.
If any person, of his own head and imagination, or by false conspiracy or fraud with others, shall wittingly and falsely forge and make, or shall cause or wittingly assent to the forging or making of, or shall show forth in evidence, knowing the same to be forged, any deed, lease or will, or any bond, writing obligatory, bill of exchange, promissory note, endorsement or assignment thereof; or any acquittance or receipt for money or goods; or any receipt or release for any bond, note, bill or any other security for the payment of money; or any order for the payment of money or delivery of goods, with intent, in any of said instances, to defraud any person or corporation, and thereof shall be duly convicted, the person so offending shall be punished as a Class H felon."

There remain to this day rumors that Paul Mason, aka Jim Goodbody, has previously forced workers out using the same tactics he unsuccessfully attempted to use against the UNCG3. That's right, the charges were dropped today paving the way for lawsuits, restitution and possible charges against Paul Mason.

 I'm sure investigators from the State Bureau of Investigation on Industrial Drive here in Greensboro will have no difficulty confirming this when they seize the computers used by Mr Mason at his office and elsewhere.

Update: Friday night, all Hallows Eve. As evidenced by the screen grab below taken this morning, Jim Goodbody, aka Paul Mason as been busy deleting his comments.  Not a very bright boy is he?

And to think, Linda Brady actually hired this guy to run a public relations department. Does UNCG actually pay Paul Mason to spend his days using comment threads on the Internet then going back to delete the evidence? It sure appears that way. Would that not be considered a theft of time?

Someone should report Paul Mason to the SBI or God forbid, Campus Police.