Thursday, October 9, 2014

So Who Was The UNCG 3rd Party?

This morning the News & Record reports:

“There’s a sense that I have that the university doesn’t have my back ...,” said David Nelson, a professor of music theory. “There’s a sense among a lot of my colleagues that it’s a ‘gotcha.’ ”

Charles Maimone, vice chancellor for business affairs, replied: “I think you have articulated the concern that many people have.”

I didn't need a vice chancellor to tell me that. The closest I've ever been to UNCG was the girls' dorms as a late teen in the 1970s and my inbox is filled with e-mails expressing that same sentiment.  Take for instance this tip I received last night concerning yesterday's meeting at UNCG:

"Today at the forum held for UNCG staff to 'clarify' secondary employment issues, the chief of UNCG police said that the information came to the attention of the UNCG police from a 'third party.' So, there is another version of the story to add to the others already floating around out there. It would seem they should at least pick a lie to stand by."

A third party? And who might that 3rd party be? And was that 3rd party the person or persons who took the issue to the Guilford County District Attourny's Office?

And when the issue arrived at the Guilford County District Attorney's office was it handled by assistant District Attorney Lisa Johnson-Tonkins whose mother is Greensboro City Councilwoman and former Mayor Yvonne Johnson and has been very supportive, in fact cozy of Linda Brady's efforts to gentrify the Glenwood community? The same Lisa Johnson-Tonkins who is set to become the next Guilford County Clerk of Court?

If so how can we possibly expect Chris English, David Wilson and Lyda Carpen to get a fair trial in Guilford County, North Carolina?

Just questions that someone needs to be asking and the public has a right to know before some kangaroo court decides the fate of not just 3 UNCG employees but the entire UNCG family.