Thursday, October 16, 2014

Free The UNCG-3

The faculty from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has distributed a petition and is asking the Guilford County District Attorney to drop the charges against the UNCG-3. Yes, I knew about it as someone posted it to my Facebook page but I never had time to post it here.

The Letter from UNCG Faculty as well as John Newsom's News & Record article about it can be found by clicking the link.

One of the things I found troubling about the N&R article is the following quote:

"Also Wednesday, the UNC system office said it is helping the university deal with the events surrounding the firings and arrests of three people who used to work in UNCG’s University Relations office."

This seems to signal that higher-ups in Chapel Hill and Raleigh have no intention of doing anything about the problems that currently exist at UNCG. This is especially troubling when you consider this next quote taken from the same article:

"Wednesday’s meeting laid open fissures between some faculty members and the administration of Linda Brady, UNCG’s chancellor since 2008. Several faculty members said they distrust the administration, especially in light of the treatment of the three former employees.

In the spring, the Faculty Senate surveyed professors on morale. According to results released this month, 85 percent of those who responded said UNCG had a “definite” or “serious” problem with morale. Their biggest concern was salary. Professors also said they disagreed with the administration on budget priorities, the amount of funding for faculty positions and a vision for the university.

“The fabric of trust had worn pretty thin by the time this incident occurred,” said Anita Tesh, a nursing professor and associate dean of the nursing school. “God only knows what (survey results) would look like if it was done right now.”

The investigation being done by into working conditions actually began last Spring when our embedded investigator decided to take up the cause. What I would be interested in seeing are survey results for similar surveys done before Dr Linda Brady became chancellor of the university. If such information were released it might in-fact be very telling. Should any of our readers know how to get their hands on such documents, I'll damned sure make it public without telling anyone where it came from. After all, Tyrannicide requires I keep my contacts secret.

As for public relations at UNCG, the university has come under sharp critism for Dr Brady's ongoing gentrification of the Glenwood neighborhood and the building of a $90 Million Dollar recreation center the majority of students will never use. Building the Taj Mahal is expensive and financing it with hundreds of dollars in increases in annual tuition costs per student is extreemly unpopular. Add to that the fact that much of Greensboro outside of UNCG stands against these excesses and you can quickly understand how Dr Brady was expecting the impossible from her marketing department.

And when the marketing department failed to do the impossible the infamous hatchet man, Paul Mason, was brought in to clean house.

To make matters worse, the UNCG-3 will be unable to get a fair trial in Guilford County. Linda Brady has very close ties to the Greensboro City Council and among them is the storied councilwoman Yvonne Johnson who along with her husband have defrauded dozens of poor people. (The documents are there, folks.) Councilwoman Johnson's daughter, Lisa Johnson-Tompkins is Guilford County Assistant District Attorney and is currently highly favored to win the race for Guilford County Clerk of Court. Lisa was also involved in her mother and father's fraudulent dealings.

This is why this cannot be allowed to rest and why I'm asking those of you from UNCG to remain with us after your fight is won.