Monday, October 6, 2014

UNCG Problems Only Just Beginning

What began just 1 week ago with a single blog post titled, UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees is only now beginning to make its mark. Thanks to the work of an embedded investigator and a handful of current and former UNCG employees the story our investigator has been working on for months is now coming to a head.

No longer is it just a local story. While the News & Record was reporting today that:

"UNCG trustees emerged from a two-hour meeting this morning showing support for Chancellor Linda Brady..."

WFDD in Winston-Salem was saying:

"Employees at University of North Carolina Greensboro say they’re concerned, outraged, and fearful in the wake of the firing and arrests of three longtime university staffers. A letter written by former employees accuses UNCG of mismanagement and ongoing harassment. "

The Winston-Salem Journal is covering the story too.

And the Rocky Mount Telegram picked up the story off the Associated Press. How many others will do the same?

How about the Raleigh News & Observer? Isn't Raleigh the state capitol, where all the folks who Linda Brady answers to reside?

Is jailing people how UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady plans to meet her published goal of cutting 59 jobs

They're talking about it in Myrtle Beach too! Hey, we crossed the state line!

The Washington Times They're not local, right?

Seattle? That's on the West Coast, right? Last time I drove there it was like 2800 miles from Greensboro, North Carolina to Seattle, Washington and took me several days. Now I write a blog post and the news gets there over night.

Here's the story in the Chronicle Of Higher Education.

 Of course not one of those newspapers or professional journalists bothered to seek out the real  source of the story. They just parroted what they heard just like the birds I sell at the flea market on the weekends. But even without credit where credit is due a single embedded investigator, a handful of former and current employees and one pissed off old dude with a blog have managed to put in motion a series of events that will force not only UNCG but the entire UNC system to review and rethink the way their employees are treated now and forever more.

One group that did give credit where credit is due is the local chapter of the John Locke Foundation-- someone I almost never agree with-- but in their most recent post they're not buying into the tales being pitched by the Brady Bunch either.

legal defence fund has been started. As the story grows donations could come in from around the nation outpacing the already tight UNCG budget upsetting the Brady Bunch's apple cart even further. Fashist leaders count on not being able to be out spent when it comes to paying for litigation. You can bet Brady and Mason never saw this coming nor did they see main stream media outlets giving it coverage.

To all who helped and continue to help be it by investigating, writing letters, sharing links, passing along tips or by any other means, we here at give you our thanks. Like us, many of you will never be recognized for your hard work but be sure we appreciate you just the same.

-Billy Jones, your friendly freelance, neighborhood Tyrannicide, now gone national and still unknown.