Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who Is Chris Musselwhite And Why His Take On UNCG Matters: Updated

This morning the News & Record published the following LTE by Christopher Musselwhite which I have stolen and republished in its entirety including the advertisement that makes money not for me but for the News & Record:

Firings a reflection on UNCG leadership

"I’ve read with utter disbelief the accounts of the fired UNCG public relations office employees. It raises serious questions about UNCG’s leadership.

How could Paul Mason, the person who is responsible for public relations, have handled this situation so ineptly? This by itself should raise questions about his competency and judgment. Why are three people being singled out for such harsh treatment? If this standard is applied to every university employee, then who is left to run the place? This looks and smells like retribution.

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Why did this issue move beyond the campus? Do Mason and Chancellor Brady think the campus and city police have nothing better to do? People, this is a personnel issue.

Why is Brady distancing herself from this situation rather than modeling courageous leadership? You hired this guy.

How about, “I’m sorry this happened on my watch and I’m going to fix it.” Many UNCG employees and alumni are concerned and have every right to be.

Let’s hope this apparent climate of intimidation is limited to the university communications and not more pervasive. If you value this organization, I encourage you to speak up now.

Christopher Musselwhite"

Now why is Mr Musslewhite's opinion so important? Allow me to explain:

Chris Musslewhite is the President of the Center for Creative Leadership where the UNCG Board of Trustees often has their annual retreats.

The Center for Creative Leadership is a worldwide institution headquartered in Greensboro with campuses in Colorado Springs, San Diego, Brussels, Moscow, Singapore and more.

The Center for Creative Leadership is funded by, among others, the Joseph M Bryan Foundation-- one of the richest and most powerful non profit foundations in Greensboro and North Carolina. Mr Musslewhite wouldn't dare take any stand that wasn't supported by those who write his paychecks.

The Joseph M Bryan Foundation and the Center for Creative Leadership are also big financial contributors to UNCG. They have the power to make money scarce at UNCG.

Now taking into account who Christopher Musslewhite is and the influence he yields, Mr Musslewhite wrote in his letter:

"Let’s hope this apparent climate of intimidation is limited to the university communications and not more pervasive. If you value this organization, I encourage you to speak up now."

To which our embedded EzGreensboro.com investigator posed the following:

"My question is, for the most vulnerable workers across the campus who have already sought protection from workplace violence by consulting Human Resources and been told that making a complaint is not an option, to whom are they supposed to speak?"

That's right, "to whom are they supposed to speak?"

I urge for men like Chris Musslewhite to go the extra mile and call for the resignation of Linda Brady and the firing of Paul Mason as well as a complete investigation into employee relations at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

And Mr Musslewhite, should you not know, this is the website that first broke this story before the local media picked it up with our story, UNCG Using Threats And Intimidation Against Employees. We don't blog the news, we are the news.

Update: Tuesday October 21, 2014 Of course, when you're trying your best you still make mistakes and no matter how hard you try someone has to come along and act like an asshole about it. Take for instance Chris Musslewhite who contacted me for the first time via Google Plus this morning with the following message:

 "It is very interesting that Billy Jones will post my N&R LTE but will not post my follow up comments.  In fact if you look at all his blog there are no comments posted on any posting.  Is this because everything that is unfavorable to him is screened out or because no one takes him seriously enough to comment?

Mr. Jones please get your facts straight.  I am not president of Center for Creative Leadership, never have been and there's no reason for you to believe I am."

To which I replied:

"Mr Musslewhite,  

My e-mail is recyclebill@gmail.com    It is posted at the TOP of the page of every page of my blog. Had you actually contacted me I would have made the correction but until just now I was unaware that you were trying to contact me you stupid pompous asshole.  I screen out nothing on my blog but do require commenters to be registered. Did you bother to register? Most commenters use Facebook instead. Most are smart enough not to make the stupid assumptions you have just made.

I have just now updated my blog post to reflect your comments and my reply.

Fuck you, Moron, my thousands of daily readers will have a great laugh at your expense as I move that post along with your e-mail and this reply back to the top of the page.

-Billy Jones"

Apparently this idiot thinks his money makes him immune to what I do.

There Mr Musslewhite, you have your fucking correction, shit-for-brains.