Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rocco Scarfone Locks Police Out Of Buckhead Saloon

I'm hearing that recently, when the Greensboro Police Department was called to investigate a drunken brawl inside the Buckhead Saloon, owner Rocco (Rocky) Carmine Scarfone locked the police outside and refused to allow GPD to enter.

Witnesses are saying a bouncer who worked for Scarfone hit a man so hard that the victim's eyeball was knocked from his head.

Witnesses are also saying Scarfone was drunk. It is illegal in North Carolina for bar owners to drink in their own bars as the owner of a bar is always considered on duty when on the premises. The fact that Mr Scarfone ordered the doors locked proves he was on duty even if others question otherwise.

Mr Scarfone also reportedly refused to show police the video of the incident.

Rocco Scarfone is the owner of Ham's Restaurants and along with Robbie Perkins, the Greensboro House of Blues. The majority of recent late night and early morning shootings throughout downtown and the rest of Greensboro's clubs have been at clubs owned by Mr Scarfone.

Mr Scarfone threatened to sue me in the past. Rather than back down I published 13 chapters about Rocco Carmine Scarfone including his vast criminal record and long time ties to organized crime. Punk ass Scarfone and his two bit lawyers decided they're rather not face the judge and never took me to court. Proved me right.

Sue me again Rocky, I dare you.

Now a former Greensboro Mayor, current Mayor and numerous city council members as well as the Greensboro Police Department are all bending over backwards to accomodate our local gangster any way they can.

And you wonder why City Council seems powerless to deal with violence downtown and in our neighborhoods.