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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Contents

For those who might be late to the story or just tuning in after watching on WXII TV 12 (That is, if and when they run the story) I put together this table of contents that I'll leave at the top of the page for I don't know how long, so that you can more easily keep up with how the story progresses. At the bottom I've also included a list of links to other local bloggers who are working to end corruption in Greensboro. You'll note that throughout my story I provide links to sources and sometimes even video to prove what I'm saying is true.

Thank you for reading and please join me in ridding Greensboro of this scum.

I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 1
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 2
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 3
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 4
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 5
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 6 
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 7
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 8
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 9
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 10
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 11  
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 12
I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone: Part 13 

To be continued... Please come back and read again as the story continues.

-Billy Jones, your friendly, freelance neighborhood Tyrannicide.

Tyrannicide is the killing or assassination of a tyrant usually for the common good. The term also denotes those who kill a tyrant: e.g., Harmodius and Aristogeiton are called 'the tyrannicides'.[1]
"Tyrannicide" does not apply to tyrants killed in battle or killed by an enemy in an armed conflict. It is rarely applied when a tyrant is killed by a person acting for selfish reasons, such as to take power for themselves, or to the killing of a former tyrant. Sometimes, the term is restricted to killings undertaken by people who are actually subject to the tyrant.[2]

And just for fun:

Other Greensboro Bloggers Working To End Local Corruption 

George Hartzman
Jeff Martin
Triad Conservative

These bloggers cannot participate in my fight against Rocco Scarfone at this time but they continue to point out local corruption where they can. Together we have been fighting these battles for more than a decade while being ignored by the mainstream media at every turn and while we don't always agree it's time our voices were heard so that Greensboro can finally prosper after decades of despair.I hope you'll take the time to read them as well so that you may actually educate yourselves as to the width and depth of corruption in Greensboro's elite society. Also, if you're a Greensboro user of Facebook I invite you to join Real Progress For Greensboro.


sal leone said...

I am not sure if Rocco and his group know that they didn't scare you, all they did is add fuel to the fire. What was a local issue will soon be an area issue. I think there are hidden people behind the lawsuit, they want a trial then I am sure you will give them one, the people suing you need to remember something my mom once said, the more you stir shit, the more it smells. They want a public trial, they will get it.

Billy Jones said...

It's their call, Sal, I'm not backing down. Bessemer boys don't take being pushed.

Hugh said...

Billy, what Sal said about others behind the suit is worthy of consideration.

In my opinion, The politicos you've exposed over the years do not like you one bit and the safest way for them to get at you is via a third party; too bad for them their corruption incest is so bad they're stained with each others DNA.

Disclosure is fun when you have nothing to hide on your side and the other side has a graveyard for a closet.

I once saw a suit that was eventually dropped but the discovery process resulted in two divorces, one bankruptcy and one dissolution of partnership. You can bet they didn't see that coming.

Billy Jones said...

Indeed Hugh, I look forward to going to court against Mr Scarfone.

Anonymous said...

Why was Art Donaldson never sued by the City of Greensboro for ripping the city off for hundreds of thousands of dollars regarding the Hockey team deal/with Rocco Scarfone and Matt Brown?? So, he can just pack his little bag, go to his Smith Mtn. Lake oasis, and be free of a debt he ripped the taxpayers of Greensboro off ON - amazing Rocco and Art are two of a kind.

Billy Jones said...

Anon, I would love to know the same.