Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone

Update: In discussing this story with my friend and fellow blogger, Roch Smith Jr, I've come to learn that Roch and others feel I have mislead my readers in that the suit has yet to be filed and that I have only received a letter threatening me of a lawsuit by Mr Scarfone's attorneys should I fail to meet their demands. 1. It was never my intention to mislead and 2. when I telephone Mr Scarfone's attorney and said, "Sue me!" the lady who I was told was handling the case indicated she would do so. Coming from a duly sworn officer of the court I took that as a yes, I am being sued. Would any average citizen not think the same?

I also know that lawyers and judges in this country have a well known history of not letting the facts get before the public until long after the trial has ended. Or too often, long after the side with the least financial resources can no longer afford the fight. Mr Scarfone owns dozens of restaurants, night clubs and strip clubs-- I own 1 rooster and 6 laying hens. I guess you can see where that scenario will play out if allowed to do so. As you will see in Part 10, set to autopost on Wednesday, February 14, 2014, Mr Scarfone has a long history of dragging people into court.

You might also notice that I don't write like a journalist. I'm not a journalist, never claimed to be a journalist. I am in-fact a truck driver by trade turned poet, novelist and children's author now activist working to clean up corruption at the highest levels of government in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was in-fact because of Rocco Scarfone's associations with Greensboro's elected officials past and present that I targeted him. And the dumb son of a bitch (Part 9) fell for it.

I truly respect Roch's opinion. Had this come from someone else I might not have taken it so seriously but Roch has a long history as a local media watchdog. Unlike the local media, I won't ignore Roch in attempt to pass him off as just another blogger. Over the years Roch has helped me to become better at what I do.

Begin original post:

I opened my mailbox today only to find a letter from attorneys Rossabi, Black & Slaughter telling me I had recently published false and defamatory statements about Rocco Scarfone.

The blog posts in question are:

Rocky Scarfone, More Failed Greensboro Leadership

Rocco Scarfone Partners With Councilman Zack Matheny: Greensboro House Of Blues

Rocco Scarfone Steals Woman's Wedding Ring And What Really Happened To Joey Medaloni

I called Mr Scarfone's lawyers and told them to sue me. We'll see how Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny does in front of a judge. After all, I've got nothing to lose.

I'm looking forward to this.How about you?

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