Friday, January 17, 2014

Rocco Scarfone Steals Woman's Wedding Ring And What Really Happened To Joey Medaloni

I was told a story recently about how local mobster Rocco Scarfone collected debts on a business deal that went bad by forcefully taking the wedding band from the finger of the wife of the man with whom he'd made the deal. How would you ladies feel if this happened to you?

This is the kind of company Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny keeps.

Previously: Rocco Scarfone's criminal record.

Ever wonder what really happened to Joey Medaloni? While it's true that Joey was charged and convicted with falsifying his earnings in order to get bank loans to fund his business activities haven't you ever wondered how that was possible. After all, banks check references, right? Banks look at books, bank account statements, financial records-- there had to be some money somewhere to back up Joey Medaloni's claims otherwise the banks would have never loaned him the money in the first place.

Enter Rocco Scarfone. Rocco's primary business is and has long been money laundering. While published media reports list Mr Scarfone as the owner of Ham's Restaurants, the North Carolina Secretary of State and the Ham's Website still reflect ownership by the company founded by the late Charlie Erwin. As a reader e-mail me:

"As you figured our Rocco can't technically own a business due to legal/insurance issues. So he has silent partners. Bill Griffin operated much the same way. There might be a "go to jail" owner that gets a cut for being on the paperwork only, with Rocco and his other silent partners taking the rest."

In other words, Joey Medaloni, like so many others, took the fall for men like Rocco Scarfone and Greensboro's own Councilman Zack Matheny who is currently efforting city business deals on Scarfone's behalf.

Joey Medaloni wasn't italian. He was born in Reidsville, North Carolina and his real name was Joey Cain. He was a male stripper (exotic dancer) who came to Greensboro with hardly a penny in his pocket, hooked up with the local mafia bosses in need of ways to launder their money and took the fall when they eventually got caught.

That's what happened to Joey Medaloni and those are the kind of people the Greensboro City Council has long been in bed with.