Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Yvonne And Walter Johnson Saga: Part 12

When I began the Yvonne and Walter Johnson Saga I know there were many others who the Johnsons had ripped-off whose names had never been mentioned in the NC Bar proceedings against Walter Johnson. It was with the hope that by documenting what was already public record that I might give other victims the courage to speak out. Today one of Walter and Yvonne's victims did just that:

"Add my name to the list of clients he neglected. I paid $700 and the state would not allow me to file against him. He took money for my civil case and did nothing with it. I only met the man one time when he put his manipulative office assistant to handle my case. She should be banned as well for working in any law firm. I pray he never practices law again. He is tainted my trust in lawyers. May he never practice again! As for his family, have mercy on them! I hope they make a name for themselves away from him."

Her name, Cherie (prounced Sherrie) Chandler, an employee of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Schools, Mrs. Hickory, North Carolina 2012, Mrs Western North Carolina 2013, mother of 4, certified Zumba instructor, public speaker and author of The Beautiful Life of Cheri Dawn Chandler.

Again I point out, Yvonne Johnson who signed over all her familiy's properties to a shell corporation headed up by her daughter, attorney Lisa Johnson Tonkins, went on to become Mayor of Greensboro and currently holds an at large seat on the Greensboro City Council while the three of them hid over half a million dollars in assets from their victims and the Internal Revenue Service.

And daughter Lisa went on to become Assistant district attorney and most recently was elected Clerk of Court for Guilford County despite the fact that along with her mother and father she conspired to hide assets from those who were wronged.

So to Mrs Chandler, I give you my thanks for speaking out. Greensboro gives you our thanks. If what you are saying is true and I've no reason to believe it isn't, then the Johnson's can't touch you without opening up an even bigger investigation. You see, Walter Johnson never went to court for his crimes and doesn't want to go to court now.

As to the rest of you who have been wronged by the Johnsons, we here at encourage you to speak out. Whatever you might have or have not done is past, you've paid the price. No one can hurt you now. But the Johnsons got away.