Monday, December 22, 2014

I Was Going to Wait Until Tomorrow...But: REALLY?!?

"I thought I was done for the night, but I just can’t walk away from this…this pathetic attempt at a response. Linda Brady should be laughed out of the city. Is she really Andy Kauffman? Surely there is a hidden camera somewhere just waiting to leap out and yell “surprise!”
I’m referring to the latest salvo limply tossed by UNCG in the ‘moonlighting’ debacle that Mason engineered.
Brady has now complained that the use of personal equipment by the employees in order to do their job was actually not them attempting to do what they needed to do for the betterment of UNCG but actually a problem because:"
Please continue reading I Was Going to Wait Until Tomorrow...But: REALLY?!? by Sophie Scholl as she makes it quite apparent that UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady is lying.

By the way, there's been no response from Linda Brady, Paul Mason or anyone else from UNCG to my request they tell their side of the story. As always,