Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Owl Is Watching

"On October 16, Provost Dana Dunn told the faculty at UNCG, “I would urge you that if you can give this a little time, information will come forward. Right now, you have very incomplete information. So do I.”
Susan Safran, Chair of the UNCG Board of Trustees followed this by saying, “When the evidence comes out, I hope you’ll understand the actions we took.”
The time has come that the truth must be told.
Provost Dunn, you have had two months since that statement to familiarize yourself with the situation. Chairwoman Safran, the evidence is out and it has only clarified the specious nature of the charges and the firings. 
The only conclusion that the faculty and staff at UNCG can draw from this is that they were lied to."

Please continue reading The Owl Is Watching by Sophie Scholl.

Editor's thoughts: There's been some discussion among staffers here at about the fact that Sophie Scholl is obviously not the real name of the writer and the fact that I don't yet know the identity of the real writer but continue to post the story. Let me begin by saying that under most circumstances I detest writers hiding behind anonomity or pseudonyms. Most people who do it are simply cowards and nothing more.

That said, there are times when it becomes necessary to do so. The ongoing story of the UNCG 3 and the story of Ms Billeci, Now Billy, About That Post, have established the fact that UNCG retaliates against employees for standing up for their rights. This is one of those times when anonymity becomes sadly necessary.

Is Sophie Scholl's version of events factual? EzGreensboro team members and investigators from various local media outlets have thus far been unable to fund anything we could prove to be a lie. No one has published any account to the contrary of Sophie Scholl's version of events.

That, my friends and readers, is as close as myself or anyone else can come to answering that question.

Of course, the University, Paul Mason, Linda Brady or anyone else involved could publish their version of events. I'd even post it here if any of them desired to send it to me. Or post it to the UNCG website and send me the link if you don't trust me not to tamper with the wording of the story.

But something tells me that when Sophie is finished her's will be the only complete narrative.