Sunday, December 7, 2014

Zombie Survivability: Finally, Something We Rank High At

In the past I've repeatedly referred to the ever growing lists Attention CEOs: Why You Don't Want To Bring Your Company And Your Family To Greensboro, North Carolina, AKA: Greensboro Sucks and More Reasons CEOs Will Want To Avoid Greensboro  but today I'm happy to announce that North Carolina ranks #4 in the list of The best and worst places to survive the zombie apocalypse:

"4. North Carolina with a survivability score of 62

Guns, military bases, hospitals and Walmarts – North Carolina has ‘em in spades. It also has several urban centers and a high population density, but, again, GUNS. Perhaps the best place to hole up during the apocalypse is Asheville, NC, which has the highest concentration of breweries in America."

Damn, beat by Asheville again!