Thursday, January 8, 2015

John Hammer's use of "liberal" is pejoritave and a sweeping generalization

The rhino has always had a subtle racist agenda


"I love the fact that so many liberals now believe that changing the number of elected officials on an elected board should require a referendum.

Should we hate, slur, scapegoat, resent, envy, stigmatize
or stereotypically generalize?

The system that we have for electing the City Council currently was not the result of a referendum.

Hammer is either appallingly ignorant and racially insensitive or a lousy newspaper editor.

I am done with that rag.

John Amberg 

The City Council made the request to the state legislature and the legislature passed it.

The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye
the more light you pour upon it the more it will contract

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

When the Democrats decided to increase the number of Guilford County commissioners to 11 so they would have a majority, the late state Sen. Bill Martin went down to Raleigh and had it done.

John Hammer may not be a racist, but he is a bigot.

Long Time Resident

There was no referendum and he didn’t get the Guilford County commissioners to weigh in on how they wanted to be elected because he knew the majority would not favor a system that would oust them from office.

It is an unmistakable lesson of history
that when one group of people starts to see another group of people
as ‘other,’ or as ‘different,’ as ‘undeserving’ as ‘inferior’
ill treatment inevitably follows

Air Force Reserve Major David J R Frakt

But since it is the Republicans who is talking about making a change to the City Council, the liberals seem to think we should throw legislative history out the window and do everything by referendum."

John Hammer

Does insult echo insecurity?

Barney Miller and Wojohowitz on Bigotry

I can't stand their language

Their country is hell

They are Nazis and bandits

Their fathers and grandfathers fought our fathers and grandfathers

Longtime editor of Crimean Pravda Mikhail Bakharev
Crimea's largest-circulation newspaper, "which often promotes the same views"...

On John Hammer, and taking a $1,000 contribution in 2009

Ed Cone on the Rhino racist cartoon;
"If Hammer failed to receive the benefit of a doubt, he has no one to blame but himself. Last week's coverage of the Rita Danish separation was as slanted a portrayal of the facts as the conservatives on council could have hoped for. His paper undoubtedly carries their water, and while he may not have intended such a blatantly racist act as perceiveed, the Rhino regularly contains content intentionally crafted to cast blacks and liberals in the worst possible light."

"This is not the first racist cartoon to appear in the Rhino. Deplorable, offensive and intolerable? Yes. Surprising? Not in the slightest. John Hammer can try to hide behind whatever he wants, but the Rhino always has a racist agenda, just sometimes it's so blatant it hammers you over the head.

People are outraged, as they should be. Now is the time to pressure advertisers to stop doing business with the Rhino. There are plenty of other publications in town that would never make this "error."

For more information on the campaign against the Rhino Times’ racism, visit
"The cartoon was racist, and so are lots of things that have appeared in their paper. But I agree with Laurie — whether they are racist or not it would be great if they stopped lying. Their apology is total b.s., but more importantly their regular coverage of events is so skewed that they demonstrate no regard for facts. Some "newspaper."

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