Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Watching The News & Record Squirm

Ever wondered how the reporters at the News & Record get their stories? Well when they're not reading EzGreensboro.com they're mostly making things up.

For example: recent articles about the International Civil Rights Museum have turned out to be pretty much all fiction. Yes, the ICRCM is riddled with problems but nothing like as many problems as the N&R keeps telling you. I mean, honestly I believe Skip Alston is a thief and a liar, and every time I ever met Earl Jones he was drunk, slurring his words and hanging on to what looked to be young prostitutes but the ICRCM is a lot bigger and a lot more important than Skip and Earl will ever be. Skip and Earl won't live forever but the legacy of the Civil Rights movement will.

Take this e-mail that was recently sent to ICRCM board members:

"Dear Community: A public information request was made by the News and Record for the documents that were shared at the last Civil Rights Center & Museum board meeting. 

Since they will be made public, I wanted to share them with you as well, please see the attached DRAFT.  I hope you will see that the museum leadership is working very hard to increase revenue, manage costs/expenses and stabilize our finances.  We are grateful for your support and how you all have rallied around the museum during this critical time.  Because of you, the attendance for the Annual ICRCM fund raising gala is nearing "Sold Out" status.  We will continue to keep you informed. 

We are in the process of a turnaround and part of that is clarifying our vision.  We haven't completed that process yet, but feel confident about the direction we are heading in.  The schematic outlines our short term options and long term components of sustainability required to grow and is capable of building a strong institution.  We have engaged external expertise to develop best business practices regarding legal protocols and revenue enhancing through a solid business plan.  Stabilizing the museum financially continues to be our priority. 

Thank you!

Deena Hayes-Greene"

As you can see by clicking on the draft there's not really anything there except a format from which to build on but the News & Record has been writing negative stories and plans to continue writing negative stories based on no more than documents like this. And does the News & Record EVER produce the actual documents they mention in their stories?
I do, on a daily basis.