Thursday, February 12, 2015

Charlotte Mayoral Veto Stories; "Charlotte is the only city that gives a mayor that power"

"From 1995-2009, McCrory served as Mayor of Charlotte."
"McCrory likes to point out how he's worked with a City Council controlled by Democrats to get things done. But he also talks about using the veto -- Charlotte is the only city that gives a mayor that power -- to reject more than 20 items approved by the council...
Charlotte Mayor Vetoes New Budget

The city council approved a budget last night that was proposed by democrats, but it was vetoed by Mayor of Charlotte Pat McCrory.  The budget called for an increase in the property tax to pay for community safety and street improvements.

A white, Roy Carroll and friends backed mayor in Greensboro 
could about control the spending habits
of overzealous Council members trolling for campaign cash, 
while approving initiatives for the mayor's "constituency"
also for campaign cash, which could create an entrenched ruler
like Pat McCrory from 1995 to 2009.

The democrats needed one more vote to override the veto.
Council Overrides Mayor's Veto, Buys North Charlotte Neighborhood Store

"Charlotte city council overrode the mayor's veto Monday night, paving the way for the city to buy a convenience store, Parkwood Foord Mart, in the struggling Belmont neighborhood. Mayor Pat McCrory said, "I did not veto this to go against the neighborhood. I vetoed it to transfer money to other neighborhoods."

This appears to be a story of how a mayor 
can just about control a legislative body
comprised of ideologically opposite members.

Charlotte City Council Overrides Mayor's Veto On Streetcars

 Charlotte city council Monday night overrode the mayor's streetcar veto.That means the city will spend $4.5 million on a design study.

The streetcar line would run through some of the busiest parts of Charlotte--from the Beatties Ford Road area, through uptown, and to Eastland Mall.

Mayor Pat McCrory had vetoed the project saying now is not the time to spend millions on just a study.
McCrory would rather focus on the tax hikes he fought, including vetoing the 2006 budget, which included what officials called the city’s first property tax increase in 20 years.

“I vetoed a rental car tax increase in Charlotte,” he said. “I vetoed a property tax increase in Charlotte. I vetoed budgets that increased taxes.”
Mayor threatens to veto budget over police in schools