Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greensboro "Found" $2.2 Million To Give To Rich Developers

From the Business Journal:

"Mayor Nancy Vaughan and City Councilman Zack Matheny said the council will consider a vote to support funding the engineering and environmental studies portion of the $22.5 million water and sewer project for the megasite at its March 3 meeting. The money would come from the city's water and sewer extension fund balance, which is part of Greensboro's water utility.

"This really fast-tracks this project, and time is of the essence," Vaughan said, adding that a separate motion would be needed to move forward with the work once a contract is approved."

I have railed against this for years. It feels as if no one was listening. No one cares. North Carolina has 18 Empty Megasites all measuring over 1000 acres each-- one of them located in Chatham County only 8 minutes south of the proposed Greensboro-Randolph Megasite. DH Griffin, the owner of the Chatham County megasite, has already started construction of another megasite in Ridgeway, Virginia just 45 minutes north of Greensboro on the NC/VA state lines.

Nationwide there are 180 or more empty megasites all vying for that 1 auto factory.

The Greensboro-High Point MSA is #4 in the nation for comparable MSAs in EMPTY industrial sites. And Greensboro's leaders think we need to build more. 

 There's also an empty megasite in Moore County. That's also in the Piedmont Triad. There's a megasite being built near Lexington in Davidson County. And Zack Matheny is pushing to use Greensboro tax dollars to expand an industrial park in Kernersville (Forsyth County) to make it a megasite as well.

We need to fill up what we've got before City Council fast tracks our working class into bankruptcy.