Friday, February 13, 2015

Greensboro Seeks Mediation In Bediz Trial

I was the one who told you the Greensboro Police Department is seeking trumped up charges against Glenwood resident Bulent Bediz just 2 days after his arrest on January 3, 2015. Today I learned that lawyers for the Greensboro Police Department have asked Mr Bediz to accept mediation for his charge of assaulting a police officer.

Neither GPD nor City Staff ever bothered to answer my entire Public Information Request from over a month ago.

In over a month they never produced the following documents:
*911 CAD Report
I saw over a dozen officers there but apparently GPD doesn't know who they were.
*Use of Force Report
State law requires it be filled out any time force is used.
*Police Body Camera Videos
*Clarification as to "what parts of § 132-1.4. and 160-168 apply?"
 If you're going to make a claim that a great big statute applies you'd best be prepared to say what part of the statute applies. Otherwise you're just blowing smoke.

GPD claimed they had witnesses. GPD claimed they had videos. I got my hands on one of those videos made by Code Enforcement and gave it to Mr Bediz who gave it to his lawyer. Seems the video wasn't quite what they made it out to be. They never produced documents required by the State of North Carolina. There can only be one reason the City of Greensboro is asking Bulent Bediz to allow them mediation rather than a trial-- The City has no case.

I'm not Ben Holder. I'm not out to get the police. Unlike Mr Holder I don't have 20 plus arrests on my record and blame the cops for my own stupidity. My record is clean except for a few minor traffic violations. I believe our police department does the best they can under the circumstances. I really don't like to take on GPD but when politicians use police to do their dirty work I'm left with little choice. I hope our law enforcement officers understand and will work with me to put an end to this practice.