Friday, February 20, 2015

Zack Matheny's First DGI Conflict Of Interest

As reported yesterday in one of those off the wall alt weeklys that doesn't know it's really just a blog that litters once a week and today in the News & Record, Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny has announced plans to apply for the job as CEO of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated:

"Matheny said he doesn't see a conflict between being a sitting council member and DGI president, should he both get the job and decide to run again.

"The city funds DGI, but it's less than 1 percent of our budget," Matheny said. "I don't see a problem, but I guess it's still to be determined. Really, I think the voters should decide if they think there's a conflict."

Less than 1% of who's budget, Mr Matheny? The City or DGI? For while it might be less than 1% of the City of Greensboro's budget the $1,044,455 the City of Greensboro gave DGI last year made up over well 50% of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated's $1,285,355 budget. As a matter of fact: the BID tax paid by downtown property owners only amounted to $75,000.

And how much of that money does the CEO of DGI get paid? Well I can't tell you the current salary but in 2010 then DGI CEO Ed Wolverton was paid $103,828 and in 2011 Mr Wolverton was paid
$105,611 as CEO of  the Downtown Greensboro Foundation-- a wholly owned subsidiary of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated. The CEO of DGI holds both jobs consecutively.

Over a million Dollars a year in City funding and over $200,000 of that finding goes to pay one person-- can anyone not see Mr Matheny's conflicts of interest?

Flip burgers, Zack. It's the only thing you're qualified to do.

Correction: Mr Wolverton was only paid one of those 2 salaries.