Thursday, March 12, 2015

Carolina Peacemaker's Afrique Kilimanjaro on the NAACP Redistricting Vote

Alston said that under Senate Bill 36 
there are three minority-majority districts 
and that two other districts have substantial black populations, 
meaning those councilmembers cannot ignore the issues 
important to black voters.

John "Roy Carroll's Boy" Hammer

"Greensboro's Bullies

Members of the Greensboro NAACP’s Executive Committee ... recently held a called meeting and voted to support Senate Bill 36, which redistricts the Greensboro City Council.

...The committee allowed the premier organization on voting rights to be bullied into supporting a plan that diminishes the voting power of all Greensboro voters and failed to support a city-wide referendum on the issue.

...The vote to support Bill 36 by the NAACP Executive Committee was far from unanimous, actually 11- 9. 

Did the Executive Committee vote under the impression
Roy Carroll's District 7 would be a minority represented district?

If so, who gave them said impression?

...Who are the alleged bullies who pressed the Executive Committee to support Bill 36?

According to some members in attendance, Executive Board members Melvin “Skip” Alston, Earl Jones, Hurley Derrickson and Gladys Shipman, president of the Greensboro Branch were on a mission to deliver the souls of Black folks to state Sen. Trudy Wade.

Billy Jones

[Eric would run in Roy Carroll's District 7,
 one of the three Skip Alston says
will have a minority councilman]

Besides serving on the Executive Committee, I’ll bet you can’t guess what other interest(s) these four protectors of civil rights and voting rights have in common. 

They are all board members of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum...

One cannot credibly talk about civil rights or voting rights and claim to celebrate those ideas at a museum based on those principles and then feverishly work to undermine the voting power of the people.

What is the possible exchange or benefit gained by these individuals, and a few others who have worked so hard to keep this bill from going to a citywide referendum?

...I would not be surprised if state funding for the cash-strapped Civil Rights Museum is a part of the deal.

Melvin “Skip” Alston, Earl Jones, Hurley Derrickson and Gladys Shipman
...were on a mission to deliver the souls of Black folks 
to state Sen. Trudy Wade.

Afrique Kilimanjaro

...This effort on behalf of the local NAACP Executive Committee, under the vocal direction of a few bullies, severely undermines the voters of Greensboro and takes a swipe at our Democracy.

It’s downright disrespectful.

Power belongs to the people, not to the bullies or the politicians."
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